Abundant Mind is a product offering subliminal visualization videos, that they claim can lead you to abundance in all aspects of your life, by helping you:

  • Attract Wealth
  • Improve your living standards and live a life of luxury
  • Become a Money Magnet
  • Attract a Beautiful (or Handsome) Partner
  • Find true love
  • Leave pain and suffering behind
  • Become Fearless
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Achieve total healing

That’s a lot of things for one technique to achieve. So naturally, the questions probably going through your mind right now are:

  1. What the heck is subliminal visualization? and
  2. How can it help me achieve all these things in my life?

Let’s deal with these questions first, before I delve into my review of this product and detail my experiences regarding how it enabled me to overcome a number of roadblocks between my present life and the life I always dreamed of.

What the heck is Subliminal visualization?

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The results offered by Abundant Mind are achieved primarily by the application of a technique known as subliminal visualization. Let’s break that down to understand it better.


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A quick Google search tells us that “Subliminal” means “a mental process below the threshold of consciousness” or something that “affects a person’s mind without their awareness”. In the context of affirmations, Subliminal, therefore, means a process that will directly impact you subconsciously, with no conscious thought necessary. Subliminal messaging, or direct messaging to the subconscious, is not simply a theory. Recent studies have proven the value of subliminal advertising in altering the behavioral patterns of people without their knowledge. For instance, during a film, messages asking people to buy either:

  1.  popcorn; or
  2.  potato chips

Were displayed at random times for less than 0.1 seconds (i.e., too short for the conscious mind to even register what was displayed, but long enough for the subconscious to understand and act on the message). Sure enough, when people were offered a choice between popcorn and potato chips after such films, 90% of those that saw the popcorn message opted for popcorn, and a similar percentage of those exposed to the potato chips message opted for potato chips. Shockingly, none of these people knew that their choice had already been made for them through subliminal messaging. When asked why they picked either popcorn or potato chips, most of them pointed out that they simply liked one better than the other, or were in the “mood” for one or the other. Clearly, subliminal messaging can be incredibly powerful in altering our behavior, even without our awareness. After this example, you are probably beginning to understand the value subliminal messaging might have in training your subconscious to respond to stimulus’ in ways that attract more success into your life. And best of all, this happens without you even being aware of it!


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Sounds exciting so far? Wait till we get to the second part. You have probably already heard of “visualization”, as it is a process that is increasingly used (and abused) across specializations. Let me define it anyways. The word “Visualize” means “to form a mental image or to imagine”. In other words, visualization literally harnesses the power of imagination in the human mind, to guide it in your preferred direction. In other words, visualization literally harnesses the power of imagination in the human mind, to guide it in your preferred direction. Before you dismiss this as some new-age mumbo-jumbo, let me also tell you that visualization is one of the few mental conditioning techniques that is proven to work. Scientific studies have confirmed that visualizing favorable outcomes before an event increase the chances of the favorable outcome ensuing, and top athletes across all sports today employ visualization as a key part of their preparatory process.

Studies have further shown that visualizing certain outcomes actually triggers the same neural pathways as experiencing an outcome for real. In other words, for the most part, Your neurons cannot tell the difference between a visualized success and an actual success. Therefore, visualization is literally practicing being successful, before becoming successful. By making yourself experience success this way, you strengthen the neural pathways that would guide you to such success in the first place. You can think of visualization as a short cut, as a way to make your mind experience success and understand how it is achieved, without actually having to be successful.

Does it work?

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I can tell you from experience that visualizing successful outcomes in minute detail makes actually achieving such outcomes infinitely easier. I have applied visualization techniques before interviews, athletic events, and even romantic dates. On each occasion, I went from being my nervous, awkward self to having complete self-command and confidence, as I already knew what I was going to say and do, and how I was going to be successful. Visualization, of its own accord, does, however, have certain roadblocks. Firstly, it does not account for unexpected events. More than once, a surprising turn of events has ruined the confidence I built up using visualization and left me as my former nervous wreck of a self. Secondly, to be successful, effective visualization requires a lot of practice. You need to be able to imagine every detail of the situation you are about to walk into, and all the likely possibilities and your reactions to them. Further, it requires a concentrated mental focus for sustained periods, which many people fail to achieve. Indeed, as many as 8 out of 10 people cannot visualize properly. That is the reason typical vision boards are ineffective and perceived as a scam – it isn’t any problem inherent with the process, its simply that the visualizations aren’t real enough, or tangible enough.

Putting the Pieces Together

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Ok so now you know the meaning of “Subliminal” and “Visualization”, but you’re probably still confused about how these two concepts come together, and how “subliminal visualization” works. The innovative way in which these two concepts are juxtaposed is, to me, the most impressive selling point of this product. Combined, these two phenomena can help you program your brain and your subconscious to achieve an incredible level of success.

The 5 Breakthrough technologies

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This product combines no less than five different technologies to create a visualization tool with unprecedented effectiveness. These tools, which can be ineffective individually, combine to literally break down the walls of your subconscious mind to deliver a message loud and clear – that you want to be successful and happy. These 5 technologies are:

  1. High definition themed videos to accompany your visualization The most crucial factor which separates effective and ineffective visualization techniques is how real and tangible the visualized scenario feels. In this regard, the competition typically offers still images suggesting successful outcomes. You might begin to see now why most visualization products are so ineffective and don’t work – the desired imagery simply isn’t real and relatable enough. In contrast, this product offers immersive high definition videos to truly allow you to melt into the visualization experience. When I tried it out I was startled, I could feel myself actually present in the imagined scenario, achieving all those things. What’s more, the video makes this immersion basically effortless. Which means no more worrying about whether you’re imagination is detailed enough, you will get the desired results every time.
  1. Subliminal Messaging I discussed the effectiveness of subliminal messaging previously. This product enhances the effectiveness of its visualizations by simultaneously sending subliminal messages to your subconscious programming it for success. This is all done while you visualize, without you even being aware. Together with visualization, this trains both your conscious and your subconscious to be in an optimal state to manifest success, health and happiness.
  1. Powerful Affirmations Ah, affirmations. Few topics spark such vehement opposition as well as staunch support as affirmations do. Yet at its core, affirmations rely on a seemingly simple and uncontroversial scientific principle – human beings, and indeed most animals, learn most effectively by repetition. Affirmations simply apply this concept to the mind – repeat (or affirm) a positive, powerful statement to yourself repeatedly, and your mind gets programmed to believe it is true. Subsequently, when your brain is required to act, it manifests those skills which you have repeatedly affirmed to yourself. Simple enough, right? Not quite. Affirmations can be a double-edged sword, with a seemingly positive statement also having certain negative connotations you might be unaware of. Thus the power and effectiveness of affirmations in changing and improving your life depends largely on which affirmations you choose to employ. Adding to its repertoire of brain reprogramming tools, this product offers proven-to-work, highly effective and powerful affirmations. I have employed affirmations before but without much success. I blamed the technique, figuring it was just an overhyped method that was a scam at its core. With a bit of research, however, I realized that affirmations do work, I had simply been doing them wrong all this while. I am very thankful that I didn’t give up on affirmations altogether, but tried the ones in the product with an open mind. After using the affirmations included within this product, I was finally able to consistently achieve the results I was aiming for. This revelation alone made this product a worthy buy for me.
  1. Binaural Beats This is one of the lesser-known, though by no means obscure, technologies employed by this product. Binaural beats are again very simple, conceptually, to understand. They rely on the intimate connection between the auditory nerve and brain activity. Studies have shown that the brain is most receptive to deep learning and fundamental rewiring of its neurons (i.e. reprogramming of the sort we hope to achieve) when it is in an alpha wave state. However, achieving the alpha wave state will usually require years of practice in relaxation and meditative techniques. Most people, despite their best effort, remain in the more excited, and less receptive, beta wave state. Enter Binaural Beats. These are sounds or beats programmed to maintain a frequency that directly and effortlessly allows your brain to enter an alpha state. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is backed by solid science. Now, you might recall the concept of resonance from high school. It is basically referred to like the sudden and drastic increase in vibrations when an external frequency matches, precisely, the natural frequency of an object. Since the alpha state is one of the natural states of the brain, sending auditory signals at precisely the frequency of an alpha state generates a drastic shift in brain activity towards the alpha state. That is how Binaural beats work. By directly allowing your brain to enter an alpha state, these exponentially magnify the power of all the other techniques to reprogram your brain. Talk about synergy. Indeed, a number of reviews have pointed out the potency of such beats in promoting learning in areas as diverse as art, sports, and academics.
  1. Meditative Audio Soundtrack I just told to that Binaural beats eliminate the need for extensive meditation. Now I’m telling you this product also offers a meditative audio track to accompany its powerful visualization and subliminal messaging tools. Overkill? Not quite. You see, meditation(or, more precisely, a meditative state of mind) extends beyond simply an alpha wave brain state, and offers numerous other benefits to the reprogramming process, including:
  • Increased calmness and composure – this allows you to logically, precisely and effectively deal with situations that may come in between you and your goals. Emotional, erratic and overexcited decision making is one of the biggest roadblocks people face to manifesting a life of their dreams. From experience, I can tell you a meditative state of mind all but eliminates such roadblocks.
  • Increased receptivity to ideas – most of us, even those who are self-proclaimed “open-minded”, operate based on a set of fixed, subliminal beliefs and assumptions about how the world works. In effect, we are very close minded about these things without even knowing about it.
    Imagine the number of opportunities you could capitalize on if you were truly open-minded. A meditative state of mind requires you to objectively look at your own thoughts and beliefs, enabling you to actively challenge long-held beliefs, and break through to new levels of understanding.
  • Better retention of neural changes – reprogramming your brain for success is great, but it is little use if your brain reverts back to its “default”, non-successful programming every time you are confronted with a hurdle. Here, a meditative state of mind makes a huge difference, as changes that you bring to your mind consciously and mindfully have far more resilience than ideas incidentally programmed into your brain.


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Now, a number of reviews end with a verdict on whether to buy a product or not. Instead of doing that, however, I will end this review simply by detailing my actual experiences with it, and then leave you to make your own verdict. In theory, this product combines a number of techniques, each of which should help you achieve the goals that I described at the beginning of this review. But did this product actually help me achieve such results in practice? You bet it did. Within two months of using this product, I had got myself a raise, an increased grade in a class, and met a truly wonderful person (I’m hoping she could be the one). Luck? Maybe, but it seems unlikely. All the technologies used in this product are marvelously crafted to work synchronously to deliver the best possible, real-life outcomes. When I practiced them wholeheartedly, not only was I more successful, my very outlook on life began to change. I became a more optimistic, determined and positive person. I began seeking and finding opportunities in places where I never thought to look before. I even discovered some hidden talents. I began seeking and finding opportunities in places where I never thought to look before. I even discovered some hidden talents.

Therefore, to conclude I would say this. Even if all this product does is change your mindset towards life, such a change is so intrinsic and fundamental that your entire life will change for the better. Think of this as a way to enter into the most effective mindset which maximizes your chances of making the most of every opportunity that comes your way in life. Think of this as a way to enter into the most effective mindset which maximizes your chances of making the most of every opportunity that comes your way in life. And finally, never underestimate the power of the mind to deliver the results you want in life. I almost did, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t have achieved the results I did if I hadn’t decided to apply this product with an open mind.

Get the Abundant Mind to start opening yourself up to possibilities, and achieving all your life goals with ease!


  1. It is amazing how the way you think helps you in coping up with stress around you. I’m the type of person who gets overly stressed on the smallest issues which needed to stop. But because of this program, it trained me to calm down and think positive.

  2. Peter A. Overman

    Our brain can be able to do a lot of things. But it is true that we limit the mind all the time. I have been able to identify the things that I have not been doing correctly. I can now be able to have the best out of my mind. Things are changing for better.

  3. Carmen S. Cain

    We use 7% of our brain, some more, some less (+- 1%). Now just think about what it would be like to boost your brain by 5%, or more… The word mind-blowing comes to my mind. Buy this product and you won’t regret it or stay forever trapped in the average state of mind.

  4. Maria Mitchell

    I don´t know exactly how this things work, but it looks like my brain is actually resposible for finding the right partner and even being luckier… Fascinating.

  5. Harold Santana

    Our beliefs and thoughts shape our reality. Books on mind power have always been my favourite and have always fascinated me. This looks like a great guide on how to think and be, so that life truly feels abundant and positive.

  6. This is the most amazing fact! I knew that brain has connection to many implications but never knew it would be connected to finding the right partner. Another thing is, the book seems to be very enlightening indeed!!!

  7. Ted C. Curry

    The abundant mind is a really amazing system. It is designed better than any system i have ever seen. There are many techniques in this guide guide that work very well with your mind. When i first got it, i never thought it would work. Now i am surprised.

  8. In theory, this product combines a number of techniques, each of which should help you achieve the goals that are described at the beginning of this review.

  9. The program is basically teaching your brain how to become more positive and to ensure that only good things happening to you and to your family. The only thing that you need to do is to invest in this great program.

  10. Abundant Mind will help you realize your dreams. These videos are for all those that feel like something is pulling them back or those that have given up on so many things like success and love.

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