Author: Kerry Green

The Porn-Apocalypse Begins

An entire generation is going to lose more than just their ability to function in bed due to the rampant porn culture that has permeated society rendering even teenagers less than useless in bed. There are cases of boys as young as 15 having erectile dysfunction caused by the porn […]

Ways to Better Your Conversation

Our way of communicating with other people means a lot in day to day life. In most cases, people who do not know will judge you depending on your way of conversing. How you go about talking to people especially strangers is very important. For those who are business people, […]

Beating the Shy Bladder Syndrome

Also known as paruresis, this is where people find it impossible to pee in front of other people. They will experience that feeling which is a deep seated fear that may be caused by different things. The shy bladder will hound you for days unless you can get over that. […]