Modern day diseases

You break a leg or arm, visit a doctor, he patches things up, and you are pretty much good to go. Sure, you wait a while, and maybe it hurts and itches during warm nights. But it all ends within a few months, depending on how serious the fracture is.

But having a fractured mind is a totally different thing. And just to be clear, I shall use the word “mind” in this review, but that term can also mean “brain”, “soul”, “state of being”… There are few problems involving the diseases that plague our modern society.

First and foremost, you can’t see your disease. You can see a fractured arm, bacteria or virus under a microscope, but you can’t see depression or anxiety. It is simply impossible. Sure, you can do brain scans, but you cannot observe these states on mere chemical and neurological level.

Secondly, there are various solutions to your problem. Most people visit psychologists and psychiatrists, have sessions and deal with their problems with professionals. While this method works for some people, a large portion of psychiatrists are far from being professionals.

Often times they fail to cure their patients and simply deal with the symptoms, prescribing pills that only manage the condition.

Thirdly, people with modern diseases (like depression or anxiety) don’t know how to deal with it. Moreover, they live in denial and refuse to tackle their disease from the start.

The constant anxiety

I’ve found that the most important thing is the acceptance. We perceive these diseases as unnatural as if human beings shouldn’t suffer from them. I guarantee you that they are perfectly normal, just as it is perfectly normal to catch a cold.

Naturally, they aren’t the same, but it is the same premise. Also, most people think that they are alone with their disease. They don’t get the support from their friends and family, which makes them feel like strangers in the world. This is really problematic because this kind of behavior can only amplify the problem,  whether the person is struggling with depression or anxiety.

But to deal with anxiety, one must know be able to articulate the current state of his mind. For example, anxiety is very hard to explain. I would say that the closest thing to anxiety is fear. However, fear is something that is very evident. You can be afraid that you are going to fail your exam or you are afraid of some kind of animal.

But unlike fear, anxiety has no specific object. You are constantly shivering, afraid of the future, of the unknown. Anxiety can present itself when you have to choose between A and B, afraid that both choices will have negative consequences. And the more you delay the choice, the bigger the anxiety becomes.

Panic attacks

Most psychological disorders are followed by panic attacks. The worst thing about them is their timing; they can happen anywhere at any time. However, many people experienced panic attacks in their lives because panic attacks aren’t uncommon things.

Taking into consideration the modern way of living, the constant pressure, the stress and the overall insecurity add up and build up over time. But if people already suffer from some form of psychological disorder, these panic attacks are unfortunately amplified.

Furthermore, they happen almost on daily basis. The thing is that panic attacks negatively impact one’s life. You lose confidence in your own ability to bear the everyday pressure. Suddenly, you mystify the panic attacks (unintentionally), you expect it like a child expects Boogyman in the dark.

It is far from being a pleasant experience.

How do you deal with these things

More and more people are starting to use online CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). That’s right, online. Moreover, health organizations worldwide recommend CBT as the treatment of choice for both anxiety and mood disorders. More importantly, most patients are putting good reviews for this kind of therapy.

Indeed, many studies now show that online CBT is as effective as face to face therapy. But, it is important to find the right kind of therapy. You can’t just dive into things like this, and this is exactly why I wrote this review, to give people an excellent online CBT.

It combines various mediums, from reading to listening, and will certainly help you to overcome your problems; I’m talking about CBT4PANIC.

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CBT4PANIC is a complete online CBT treatment plan for anxiety and panic disorders created by professional CBT therapists.

It includes 4 steps, each representing 4 ways for you to follow.

Step #1: Read

This step includes 4 concise, easy to read, humorous and jargon free e-books. By simply reading these books you will already see the progress with your panic attacks.

The whole purpose of these books is relaxation, humor. Often time psychiatrists worsen your condition because they take it too seriously. These books are about sincerity and care, and there is a big difference between being sincere and serious.

Step #2: Watch

Those who prefer watching over reading, you can watch the same content with these videos. Having these videos is like having your own private therapist at any time you want. Furthermore, these are high-quality videos and you will always find something new when you rewatch them!

Step #3: Listen

This is my favorite step. You can listen to your content any time you want. Also, this step has emergency audios that can really calm you down when you need it. As I’ve already said it, the problem with panic attacks is their sudden appearance.

Having this audio books is like having a panic-proof vest.

Step #4: Email

CBT4PANIC also includes personal support via email. You can contact the support if you have any question about these guides, when you need to clarify something or if you don’t understand them at all.

It is important for people with anxiety and panic attacks to have full support, not only of their friends and family, both of their therapists.

What do you get when you buy CBT4PANIC

When you summarize everything, you get a lot of content if you purchase this product.

  • 8 easy to read CBT workbooks
  • 56 powerful step by step videos
  • Reassuring emergency audios (you can listen to them online or download them to your mobile device)
  • 64-page pocket book and DVD (just carry this pocket book anywhere you go; it is a pocket book after all!)
  • Professional therapist email support

4 amazing bonus CBT workbooks

All in one Easy Read
This version binds 4 e-books into one distilled ebook. Think of it as a reminder of all essential recovery techniques that you can find in 4 books. It is very easy to read and follow, and you will memorize it very quickly. In a time of crisis, this book can be a life saver.

The Panic Dialogues
The book contains 100 pages of actual, authentic dialogues between a therapist and a lady using CBT for panic disorder. It also contains special “self-talk” scripts. These scripts will help you easily deal with any panic attack.

Obsessional Thoughts
We often overlook one of the fundamental problems of panic disorder: obsessional thoughts. Some people call it the “vicious circle”, a circle of thoughts that keep on spinning, and a circle out of which is hard to escape.

This book will teach you simple but effective cognitive and behavioral techniques that will help you overcome your problem for good.

Miracle of Mindfulness
Not being afraid of your past or the future, and simply living in a moment: that is the best way to beat any psychological disorder. This book is a true mind opener, and once you understand it you will literally perceive the world on a totally different, spiritual level!

Who should get CBT4PANIC?

Basically, anyone who is suffering from so called modern diseases should definitely try this program out. It is really unique and looks at things from a different perspective. More importantly, according to many positive feedbacks and reviews,  it is very effective.


In terms of credibility, many psychology journals such as American Psychiatric Association and Canadian Journal Of Psychiatry Clinical Guidelines are starting to realize the effectiveness of CBT treatment.

People like the fact that they can read, watch or listen to things that will help them with their problem. More importantly, the help is always available. Also, you are not completely shut off from the healing process, and that is a very important thing.

Being engaged in your own recovery and actually learning the techniques to achieve recovery will make you stronger. That way you will actually overcome your problem, not just solve it.

Just remember that you are strong enough to deal with your state of being, and the CBT4PANIC will support you in every step of the way. Who knows; maybe one day you will be the one helping others with their depressions and anxieties.

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CBT4PANIC Review: Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help YOU?
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  1. Salvador McClain

    I badly needed this CBT4PANIC. I had panic attacks often. That was really painful for me, my family, friends, and colleagues also. With its help, I am improving.

  2. Change is possible when you use the right methods. I never thought that this would happen to me. I thought that it was something permanent that would be difficult to get rid off. I am more than happy that this guide has proven otherwise for me. It is few months now since i started using it and the change is great.

  3. Millenial lifestyle has had its negative effects on every person’s mental health, we need effective ways to combat this serious and often overlooked problem. And this is a very good step in the right direction.

  4. I think a lot of people would benefit from this problem but they are unaware of it. They are unaware of both the problem and the solution. I’m not saying that CBT4panic is the only solution, but it worked for me and I had serious panic attacks. Try it if you suffer from panic attacks or severe anxiety.

  5. There are many disorders in the world today but the problem is not many are aware of how they can treat them. Anxiety and mood or panic disorders affect millions of people today around the globe. Despite the fact that there being various treatments, the danger of using just any is the relapse. According to various online reviews is that CBT plan otherwise known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very effective.

  6. CBT is Clinically PROVEN to be THE most effective treatment in the WORLD for what is wrong with you. It is SAFE, natural,drug free and is fully endorsed by the MAJORITY of the World’s Health Organisations
    It is grounded in the HERE and NOW. The past is explored but not dwelled upon. The aim of CBT is to turn you into your OWN therapist and teach you skills you can apply to any difficulties that might arise at any time in the rest of your life.CBT4PANIC was created by a group of dedicated Professional Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and Psychotherapists with extensive training and years of expertise working both in the private sector and for the British National Health Service.The main treatment plan is divided into 4 concise sections
    a. Understanding Panic & Anxiety
    b. Rapid Recovery Skills
    c. Practicing Recovery
    d. Maintaining Recovery

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