Most people believe that a person who owns firearms are dangerously violent and aggressive people. But there were no studies that prove such claims. Some countries do not approve of civilians owning one, and it’s quite hard to have one!

There are countries that forbid people not related to the military and the like, to use one. Why? Because of wrong mishandling. Did you know? Countries who don’t allow firearms have a larger death rate than those who approve to legalize the ownership of guns?

Sounds surprising but it’s true! Every year, studies will look at the statistics and causes of incidents and deaths. So, if you’re in the United States of America, people say you can freely own one!

woman practicing in a shooting range

Sadly, it will take months of screening and training before you can get your hands on your license. I, for one, is someone who doesn’t have time to go visit a firing range every twice a week due to work.

Work has taken a toll on my life from Mondays to Fridays, sometimes until the weekend! Well, if I do have some free time, it should be spent with my family or just be at home.

Is there another way to learn? There might be but we will talk about it later. First, why do people want to own a gun? How is this so important? And what is the best solution for those people who wants one but doesn’t have time to train and take tests?

Importance Of Owning Firearms

Firearms are seen as a dangerous tool to kill people. When a person sees one, they will back out immediately while others believe that people who use it are violent. But little do they know the importance of owning one.

• Getting ready for the worse
Every event in our life comes unplanned and surprisingly unexpected. What if the worse events occur? Such as the start of the apocalypse or burglars at night.

The best way to overcome this is through surviving with a gun, you’ll get a better chance than with no weapons at all.

Gun shop

• Secure and Protect
In the face of destruction or potential dangers, owning a firearm is the best way to survive. It may be a way to protect your family and friends or the means to feel secure in an unknown place. Whatever may be the reason, being ready is the best decision you won’t regret.

• Strong survival tip
We will never know what’s coming until we’re in the current situation. Having a gun in your compartment or bag is a way for you to have a second chance to survive. There are many ways to use this weapon, it’s even possible to create a bonfire!

• Less accidents
People believe that when you use a gun, you are more prone to fights and accidents. Yes, it’s true that the highest death rate or injuries are caused by stray bullets. But in terms of self-defense, you will be more ready than other people.

These are some of the reasons why people want to own a gun, to put it simply, it’s a way to protect and defend your property, family, and friends. This is to certify that no one will mess with you and you can defend when authorities aren’t present.

Website of Concealed Carry Classroom

All About “Concealed Carry Classroom”

As I mentioned before a person can even own a gun he/she needs to possess a gun license. This permit certifies that the individual can bring the weapon anywhere in the context of using it only when necessary.

Such situations like; emergencies, threatening events, can be given a pass. Normally, it takes months to get your license which is bothersome for those who don’t have time to go back and forth to the respective government training camps.

Before you receive your license, you will have to be exposed to a firing range several times a week. Then, the need to take a test will follow through. You shouldn’t have a barely passing grade, it needs to be almost perfect.

firearm license

So, what’s the quickest and easiest way to have your gun license? Through the program by Jason Hanson called “Concealed Carry Classroom”, you won’t have to go to a firing range! All you need is a working TV and a comfortable place to study.

Have any clue? Well, this guarantees that people who don’t have time for any of the real requirements can go through this. You just have to do the following:

Purchase and Watch
First off, purchase the Concealed Carry Classroom in order to know more. Inside this are a set of tutorial videos, including an mp3. This is to certify that you can learn whenever and wherever!

Once you have watched the tutorial videos, you will be provided a test questionnaire to answer. It won’t take a whole day for you to finish since it’s a 20-item exam.

The next step is your certificate, you will have to print a certificate for yourself with the provided signature of high personnel. Then, get notified if it’s acceptable or legitimate.

Lastly is waiting for your acceptance or confirmation that you can use a firearm on your own will, legally. Remember that there are rules such as to retake an exam in order to update your license.

Detail of the hand of a woman holding a BB gun and targeting

How Is Jason Hanson’s Program Different?

Obtaining a gun license isn’t as easy as people say it would. It takes a huge amount of time and thousands of dollars to train and be accepted as a certified gun carrier expert. The best solution is to use the Concealed Carry Classroom.

Most reviews indicated one word, convenience. It is perfect for those who are too busy with work and personal life. Those people who don’t have a firing range near them or just simply, someone who wants to own a gun but doesn’t have extra money to splurge on training.

When you buy and watch the tutorial or lesson videos, there is a high guarantee that you’ll be quite well informed and ready on holding a gun. Is this possible? Yes! The author created this in order to help his fellow countrymen.

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What Will You Receive?

Below are six freebies you will instantly receive when you purchase “Concealed Carry Classroom”:

1. The Covert Guide To Concealed Carry: Confessions of a Former CIA Officer

This revolves around the story of military personnel who teaches the right way to conceal firearms in public places. So as to avoid any panic or fights that may happen. It will also tell you how to be a professional gun handler.

2. 108 Point Home Security Checklist

If you want to be safe and protected in the confines of your home, this book will tell you everything you need to know. From basic self-defense to technologies which helps detect an intruder. This is your ultimate guide to a safe and better home.

3. Defensive Pistol Targets

There are thousands of different guns, some are for hunting and others for self-defense. One of the longest time guns used by many is pistols. This is a small handy gun which you can hide under your clothes, and perfect for defense.

women on gun training

4. 30 Day Urban Survival Guide: What You Need To Know To Be Self-Sufficient For 30 Days

If ever the end of the world comes or you’re basically just stranded in a deserted and dangerous place, this book will teach you the basics of surviving for a month. Through the type of natural food, you can eat the way to call for help.

5. 7 Ways To Keep Your Family Safer This Year

A family that stays together, lives forever. There are seven types of factors you need to be ready in order to make your family safe from harm. These are weapons, food, shelter, plan out, and many more.

It will aid you and your family to organize and cooperate in the midst of disaster and chaos.

6. Simple Home Defense Secrets That Could Save Your Life

There are different ways to defend yourself from the use of weapons to martial arts. But did you know there are simple ways (weapons or techniques) which you can use to defend yourself? Not only that, it’ll be inexpensive since you can find it in your house.

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Feedback From Gun Owners

Reviews from thousands of people, men, and women, indicated their pleasant surprise when they can obtain a gun license the easiest way! It also shows how it helped them have more time with family and works.

Jason Hanson yearned to help those people who want to protect and feel safe by using a gun. But cannot because of financial difficulties or lack of time to train in a shooting range. So, he took a few years off to study and make his job as a trainer, legally.

Through this, it gave more people the opportunity to own a firearm, in the context of following the same rules in the government. In my review about the Concealed Carry Classroom, you will be surprised how it can help you learn complicated things in just a video!

a group of people practicing how to shoot

People believe that the best way to learn is through the application. Application is when you do the certain activity and learn from it but the Concealed Carry Classroom proved that it’s just a preference of a person. But if you make yourself want something, you will obtain it.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the program while it is still available online! Don’t forget to share this information with your friends as well! Because as I have mentioned, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Join the Concealed Carry Classroom by clicking this link – find out how you can legally carry your gun in up to 28 states, starting today!


  1. Brian Miller

    The Concealed Carry classroom is a program that you need to take interest to for many reasons. If you have never handled a firearm but you have interest in it then you need to take part in concealed carry classroom.

  2. This class was very well structured and worth every penny. his class was great and George is great teacher. Everyone needs to know how to properly use a gun and when and when not to use it, George will guide you from A-Z about weapon safety and laws.

  3. Mindy Wilkerson

    This course filled an important gap in my knowledge base. I have mentioned numerous times here on the blog about my lack of combatives skills. In fact, even a person who is involved in martial arts or other such skills may not get the chance to integrate such skills into a weapons-based environment unless they take a course like this. I had high hopes for this course and definitely delivered.”

  4. Daniel Polito

    Highly recommend this class. Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff and instructor. Made me feel real comfortable with the safe handling of firearms. Will be bringing my wife an 24 year old daughter to this class. Proper knowledge of the use and safety of firearms should be number one priority if you plan on having a firearm at home for personal protection.

  5. Richard Toups

    Class very interesting and provided great advice. The class was informative, well taught and ample time was given for hands on instruction. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

  6. Many people learn to handle handgun in illegal ways and many gun holders are not certified by the state government. I would recommend that you register to take this course for your own safety and for you to stay on the right side of the law.

  7. This is to certify that no one will mess with you and you can defend when authorities aren’t present. You shouldn’t have a barely passing grade, it needs to be almost perfect.

  8. Lula Hagar

    The officers who are given the mandate of training you in this course are currently commissioned police officers and experts who have been certified to deliver the services. With this in mind, there is no way that this program could be a scam.

  9. Jesse Haynes

    This training course can be professional and comprehensive to you if you have the need to obtain a license and permit to handle concealed gun.

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