Money is important. It is not everything but it is important. Very important.

That is a fact that nobody can deny.

You have worked extremely hard for you. In the event of an economic crisis, have you ever sat back and thought who will be responsible for protecting your hard earned cash and along with with it, your constitutional rights?

Multiple years of formal education say that the government is responsible and will do so in a manner that respects you and your property.

Bill White begs to differ. White is a former army officer. He is the author and editor of a survival and preparedness website called Survivorpedia. He says that this is not going to be the case and he is blowing the lid off what he considers to be a huge government conspiracy surrounding an economic collapse.


His research has led to the finding that in the event of a total economic meltdown, the government will be unable to come to the rescue of its citizens. Chaos and confusion will reign supreme and every man will have to fend for themselves.

In addition, White says that when the government is unable to meet the obligations and needs of its citizens it has the right to turn to those same citizens and take whatever provisions they have diligently stocked up and divvy them up as they see fit.

Does this sound fair to you? Is this the fate that should befall a true patriot? If your answer is no, in part or in whole, this is a product you will strongly want to consider buying.

Conquering the Coming Collapse


The Conquering the Coming Collapse is a step-by-step e-book guide that sets out to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and skills that will enable you to survive, thrive and protect yourself, your family and loved ones in the event of an economic collapse.

In addition, the guide teaches you how to survive not just for a short period of time but for multiple years after the crisis has begun.

This is extremely key according to White, also the guide’s creator, as the effects of an economic crisis are much worse than those of a terrorism-related event.

The Proof


White reviewed the cost of medical care, taxes, inflation and unemployment rates amongst other socio-economic indicators. They all confirm his fears that an economic collapse is inevitable.

Moreso if that government does not make drastic changes. The government shows no signs of making these changes anytime soon. It is up to you to be prepared.

Let us look at a brief summary of some of the proof that White has collected to illustrate his growing concerns.


According to White, if you have a sneaky suspicion that the middle class, although being the minority, pay the most in taxes, you are right. Many people in the middle class are one paycheck away from financial ruin. If they are the ones supporting the majority of the population then collapse is inevitable as this tax arrangement is clearly, unsustainable.

Unemployment Rates

You have heard the government say that unemployment rates are at an all-time low. Yet, your family members, friends, neighbors, and even random strangers keep complaining that there are no jobs. Where is the disconnect?

White states that the government has changed how the employment rate is being calculated. They only count those individuals who are getting unemployment benefits. You do know that unemployment benefits are capped and do come to an end whether you found a job or not right?

Inflation Rates

As with the unemployment rates, White says that the government is also manipulating the inflation rates. They are doing so by not taking into account the increasing cost of items like gasoline and medical care costs. Items which you know when you do your monthly budgeting, eat up the bulk of your finances.

In addition, White says manufacturers are in on it too. He says that they are manipulating the size of their products. You may have already noticed this. White cites the peanut butter jar as one of the examples. The original bottle had a flat bottom whereas newer bottles have concave bottoms. The result is that you’re paying the same but getting less for your money.

But I Have Other Survival Guides


The Conquering the Coming Collapse program picks up where most survival preparedness guides leave off. Those guides tell you what to collect but not what you should do first when the crisis strikes. They also don’t tell you how to protect the things you have worked hard to have ready because as mentioned earlier, the government has a right to take them. They also cater to mainly a younger generation.

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Who is Pablo

Throughout the course of the sales video, White makes several references to an individual by the name of Pablo. Let me tell about him and why he is extremely important to this narrative.

White realized that survivors give the best, most practical advice. Advice that true seekers crave. He did not want to confer with an armchair survivalist. He wanted to get advice from an actual survivor. Pablo is one of those survivors. He survived and thrived through a four-year collapse of his country’s economy in the late 90s. That country is Argentina. You may be familiar with its economic tale of woe.

White not only talked to him but compared his advice to others he had read about and received. There was no comparison. Pablo’s advice provides solutions to actual problems that an economic crisis will create. Most other advice caters for hypothetical situations.

Senior Citizens

In addition to providing a lot of hypothetical advice, White finds that there is a segment of the population that always gets overlooked when it comes to survival. That segment is senior citizens.

Senior citizens are left to fend for themselves as if they are no longer able to contribute to the community and society at large. White disagrees with this approach. Pablo is a senior citizen. He survived and thrived and others like him can do the same.

White made sure that his program caters to the senior citizen demographic. In addition,

What You Will Learn


Upon review, White is offering information on the following (note that this is not an exhaustive list):

  • A checklist of the essential items you, your family and your loved ones will need in order to survive.
  • A plan of action for what to do when at the onset of an economic collapse. This will form the foundation of your success.
  • Defense strategies employed by the US Special Forces in the protection of their bases that you can use to protect your home.
  • A simple, easy to follow method for providing heat for cooking and warmth.
  • Detailed instructions on activities that make your property look less appealing to intruders.
  • Effective self-defense techniques that can help you to subdue advancing assailants.
  • Key strategies on how to store enough food to meet your nutritional requirements.
  • Water purification techniques that will eliminate 99.9% of all harmful bacteria.
  • A handy reference book detailing a list of plants and herbs that can be eaten for sustenance.
  • A reference listing poisonous insects and plants found in N. America that you should avoid.

What If I Buy It and Don’t Like It

If you purchase this product and it does not live up to your expectations, rest easy. The purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. After you submit a cancellation via email, White says that you will receive a refund with 24 hours.



There is a quote that says that today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement.” In the event of an economic crisis, the goal of The Conquering the Coming Collapse guide book is simple. To ensure that you will not become a sacrificial lamb put forth on an altar of a collapsed government. Also, it seeks to protect you and your family from being left with only the following three unattractive options.

  • Borrow
  • Beg or,
  • Steal

Knowledge, especially knowledge that has been fire tested as this has by White and Pablo, is the ultimate is power  The knowledge you get from this great buy will have you surviving and thriving. You will no doubt become the envy of friends and foes alike.

With great risk comes great reward. So sure is White that you will benefit from what he has put together that he added not only the 60-day money back guarantee option to sweeten the deal but he strongly suggests you should read only the first chapter and then compare it to other information on the world wide web. You will find that you are in possession of a most invaluable reward. A reward that is yours if you click the link below.

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  1. It is so funny that the author’s surname is White. Just saying.
    I’m not entirely sure, if you can actually conquer any kind of collapse, but to build something while everything is being destroyed – so Rhett Batler.

  2. This subject is delicate and it had to be discussed by someone. I am glad that I found this helpful article.

  3. I am Pablo (for Kanye fans).
    Well, frankly, we should be able to put all jokes aside. Because the end will be coming and the real question is whether you are prepared or not. That is crucial.

  4. Cindy R. Carvalho

    All these economic crises are so visible and rampant these days and it is scary that something much bigger might come right after that. It won’t hurt to prepare for it, would it? This one is so substantial and I’ll keep this in mind.

  5. Kevin Newland

    I refuse to be left with only three options – beg, borrow or steal. I will not live in fear. Preparation prevents fear.

  6. This is perfect. I really feel prepared for anything that might come no matter what. The author of this guide has put together information that is really useful. Keeping people informed on how to get themselves safe in care or any trouble in the future. It is such an intelligent move.

  7. Kurt Farris

    Conquering The Coming Collapse is also designed to empower the prepper to understand the mental state of a survivalist. The decisions you make prior to the onset of such a survival scenario will be the largest factor when calculating your chances of survival.

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