There are a lot of guys out there who feel insecure about the way their voice sounds.

Although people often don’t think about this seemingly insignificant trait in a person, your voice is something that makes an automatic first impression whenever you meet someone new.

It is the thing that establishes your presence and many times it is the quality that influences people’s opinion of you right before they get to know you.

Before hitting puberty, boys are always told that after a certain age they will experience several changes, and one of them is developing a deeper voice. But what if your voice never went through any significant changes at all?

For men who have a more high pitched voice, they might go their entire lives feeling insecure or self-conscious over something that in theory cannot be changed.

But what if I told you that there is a groundbreaking product out there that offers a solution for men just like you?

This particular product is called Deep Voice Mastery, developed by Rudy Haynes, which can transform your voice and give you a more deep, timber and crisp voice in a matter of days. Rudy Haynes himself was once self-conscious about his voice and up until age 32, he had a high-pitched squeaky voice.

All throughout high school and college, he felt uncomfortable going to parties or meeting women because he would often get laughed at over his voice. After years of being made fun of, he decided to look for a method to deepen his voice naturally.

Over the years he developed his own method to permanently lower his voice, and now he is sharing that method with men just like you through his Deep Voice Mastery Program.

What is Deep Voice Mastery?

Deep Voice Mastery

Deep Voice Mastery is an e-book program that aims to deepen your voice in just 9 days.

In this e-book, Rudy Haynes offers a number of techniques and exercises to help men of all ages attain a deeper and more baritone pitch in their voice.

The tips, tricks, and techniques presented in this course are easy to use. Not only will you learn how to develop a deeper voice, but you will also learn about the anatomy of your voice box and vocal chords. You will even learn how to avoid putting a strain on your voice and attain a lower pitched voice naturally (and permanently).

How Does it Work?

On Rudy Haynes’ website he openly states:

“It’s your vocal chords that are responsible for the raw tone that comes out of your mouth.”

And with that said, Rudy’s program specifically focuses on strengthening the voice box and larynx in order to help you develop a deeper voice.He claims that the voice is something that can be permanently modified with the help of proper exercises and techniques.

When you buy your membership, you will gain access to a 9-day plan that will provide step by step techniques to change your voice.

Within the 9-day plan, you are provided with a number of “mini systems” that address different aspects of lowering your voice such as the 7 step system and the morning routine. Both of which provide exercises to deepen your voice and “wake up” the voice box every day.

Rudy also goes over the 10 step system to give your voice flexibility and prevent it from cracking while you talk and the 3 step voice training to find your own unique low pitch.

These are just a few of Rudy’s techniques and there will be several more listed on his program once you buy your membership and sign up.

It is important to note that without consistent practice during the initial stages of your development, there is the risk of losing your progress. With this in mind, consistent and dedicated effort are key in order to make the most out of this program.

Bonuses Included with Deep Voice Mastery

Along with your purchase, you also receive a few bonuses to take your progress to the next level.

Some of these extra perks include:

  • The Voice Tutor 2.0: This is a software that will track your progress along the way and give you insight on how much your voice has changed as you carry on with the program
  • How to Gain Confidence e-book: This e-book is provided for gaining confidence once you have finished the program. This book will provide you with tips and coaching to boost your overall self- esteem and help you with your newly developed voice.
  • The Men’s Guide to Dating Women: This is a 70-page e-book focusing on dating advice. Here you will learn about flirting, how to dress for a date, proper dating behavior and much more.

Get Your Deep Voice Mastery Today, And You’ll Be Developing A Deeper And More Powerful Voice Soon!

Membership Extras

With your membership, you will also receive a number of extra features such as:

  • Unlimited e-mail support.
  • Downloadable worksheets.
  • Extra exercises.
  • Instructional videos.

Overall Benefits

I am sure that you are probably asking yourself what makes this product so special or what sets it aside from all the rest. First off, the product has a 98% success rate, but along with that there are a few other benefits included in Deep Voice Mastery, such as:

  • An interactive software will estimate the abilities of your current voice and then regularly track your progress throughout the course.
  • You decide your own unique pitch. In other words, you prevent yourself from speaking too deep and instead find a natural yet low tone that works for you.
  • With just 3-5 minutes a day, you will be able to gain results. Unlike other programs, you do not need to spend hours of your day on the exercises.
  • The course is 100% virtual and there is no need to purchase any additional CD’s, books or software.
  • You can take the course at any time of the day all from the comfort of your home.
  • You will gain self-confidence, reduce social anxiety, and see an overall improvement in your personal life.
  • Once you have developed a deeper and crisper voice, you will gain the respect you deserve and more doors of opportunity will open up for you.

Customer Reviews

Hundreds of men have been able to attain the results they have always wanted with Deep Voice Mastery. This is a system that truly works, just take a look at some review from Rudy’s satisfied customer’.




Would you Recommend this Product?

With all the benefits, bonuses, and the simple fact that you can take part in this program from the comfort and privacy of your own home, I would definitely recommend Deep Voice Mastery.


Although most people might not knowingly do it, they do in fact assess a person’s worth by the pitch and tone of their voice. Unfortunately, our society has taught us that a man with a meek, shrill, and high pitched voice equals a lack of confidence or dominance in his life.

There are also a number of people who are just plain judgmental and having to deal with them on a regular basis can be a waste of one’s time and energy.

With all of this said, why should you have to settle when you can take charge and make dramatic yet permanent changes to your voice?

Given the fact that this product delivers noticeable results in just 9 days, I would highly recommend Rudy Haynes’ program.

In Closing

Rudy Haynes knows the struggle of having a high pitched voice and having to deal with ridicule, lack of respect, and awkward social situations. Up until age 32, he experienced many of the struggles that you have, but he decided to take matters into his own hands and develop a method to help people struggling with their voice.

If you are struggling with a high, squeaky voice, with Deep Voice Mastery you will be able to transform your voice into a deep, crisp, and confident one.

The changes that you will experience will be apparent in just 9 days and with consistent effort and dedication, you will make even more dramatic and permanent changes.

In closing, why not ask yourself the following questions:

If you had a deeper voice would you have more confidence? Would you have the courage to go after that job you always wanted or have a better romantic life?

What would you give to no longer feel embarrassed about your voice? But most importantly how much would a strong, deeper, more timber voice be worth to you?

These are all things to think over because in the end, don’t we all deserve to feel free, uninhibited and happy?


If you want to make a change in your life that matter to you, go ahead and sign up for the Deep Voice Mastery Program.

With a 60-day money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose if your feel that this product is not up to your expectations.

Take the first step and get the voice you have always wanted. You deserve it!

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  1. I am truly impressed by these techniques as these have helped me to get more projects as a voice-over artist. I used these techniques to audition for a lot of projects and I got selected on the same day. In fact, one agent told me that I voice modulation was quite effective as I could make my voice sound rich and deep. I am now expecting a number of projects in the pipeline!

  2. Having a shrill voice with the body of a bulky man is embarrassing, ask me I know. I thought there was no way to get a deeper voice but internet helped me find this absolutely amazingly effective product.
    Kudos to the makers!!

  3. I used to get laughed at because of how “tiny” my voice sounds like for someone who looks masculine. That definitely hit my ego hard and I’ve been searching for ways to actually change that. Then, I saw this and they thought I was just a late bloomer. Thanks!

  4. I have always desired that I sing for the girl that I love. AT times however, I do not get to understand what it takes to know the voices. So when i came across this amazing guide, I was so happy for sure.

  5. As a man there is nothing sweet as knowing that you have a deep voice. In fact, the lady in your life will love to hear that. So to me this guide is just to help get to know how I can enable the voice be better.

  6. Theresa Ritenour

    My husband was always insecure about his voice, even though it never bothered me. I purchased this for his last birthday, and the happiness in his eyes was priceless. Also, his voice got deeper over time, and I have to admit that I really like it the way it is now. 5/5

  7. My man loves the deep voice for sure. So when I came across this piece of work, I must agree that it has given me the tips I never knew of. I am hoping that it keeps sharpening my voice.

  8. I am self-conscious about my own squeaky high-pitched voice.I feel embarrassed because of my voice, especially when talking to women, so I tried setting out to discover how to deepen his voice. My brother, introduce me to this system. This Voice deepening system will transform your voice in as little as 9 days. There is no doubt in mind that a deep, timber, crisp voice can open the door to opportunity.

  9. I admit I used to have a strange voice; it sounded like a broken object, people were getting annoyed when I was talking to them and wanted me to keep it short. After I started the program things changed dramatically. I am so pleased with the way my voice sounds now. Incredible!

  10. David Springer

    I thought your voice is natural and you cannot change it. Wait until I came across this guide. I was a bit skeptical at first but I decided to try it anyway. The results were awesome. Now I can proudly address my peers with that rich baritone voice that I never had. What about my confidence? It’s up there just because of my rich voice.

  11. These book recommended thesame exercises,. They’re simple isometric exercises and it’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to see noticeable growth from them in a matter of days. It’s more likely that you’ll need to do these exercises for weeks or months to get significant results.

  12. The Deep Voice Mastery is an eBook that has been created to help you transform your voice. The product provides the best techniques one needs to use to deepen their voices.
    If you are a man with a pitched voice then do not worry since this guide will deal with all that.
    It is an eBook that has received approvals from very many people who have used it in the past which is one of the reasons why I am reviewing it today.

  13. Roy Cassidy

    The Deep Voice Mastery is an eBook that has been created to help you transform your voice. The product provides the best techniques one needs to use to deepen their voices.
    If you are a man with a pitched voice then do not worry since this guide will deal with all that.

  14. The performance of this program is great. It has offered me something that i have been looking for, for a long time. Thank you to the author of this amazing guide. Easy to follow and very effective in every way. It can work for anyone. My voice is now deeper than i ever imagined.

  15. Marjorie Mannino

    The weekend after i started these voice exercises I went out clubbing and the chicks were literally all over me. If you have a wimpy voice like i did, the book is worth ten times its price for sure.

  16. Deep Voice Mastery program is designed to unleash the hidden talent of potential singers. Improve your sound pitch by enhancing the output through your vocal cords and get your dream voice by following the tips as explained.

  17. This Deep Voice Mastery review is based on the real experience of a customer named Johnny. Johnny is a man who was self-conscious about his own squeaky high-pitched voice.

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