You are a loser.

How does that feel?I will never be able to achieve anything significant in your life. You are a disaster. You are useless.

I will never be able to achieve anything significant in your life. You are a disaster. You are useless.

How many times have you heard these phrases? Or different ones, but with the same meaning? And here is another important question. It doesn’t really matter how many times other people told you something of this kind. But how many times did you say the same terrible thing to yourself?

I am a loser. I don’t cost anything. My life isn’t worth a penny.

And if you do think that way with all your brain and heart…then it is true.

But imagine a totally different life.

What are your biggest dreams about? Do you want to be able to travel the world? Moreover, do you want to not only have enough money to get to the destination. But also have enough time to actually enjoy the paradise?

Imagine your heart racing when you finally open the door to your new house.

Or your families eyes when you treat them to a luxurious gift.

But what goes above it all… Imagine the face of your boss. The man you have been working for decades. How much stress, how much time you have gifted to this devil for an average salary that is just enough to keep your blood going through your body.

Imagine the face of your boss, when you come into his room (maybe even without knocking). You enter and you have only one thing to say. I quit. And it is not a reckless decision. It is the ticket to your freedom.

Meet Simon Stanley.

He is just an average man with an average life. He had that work we all have that we hate. Moreover, he slept on the sofa at his parents’ house. Ouch.

He was used to thinking of himself as of a loser. Someone who has absolutely no abilities. He is just an ordinary man. Sometimes he couldn’t help but feel like the world’s biggest failure. And, of course, from deep inside he felt that something needs to be done.

Then one day he discovered a secret. A secret that drastically changed his life. He found a real ‘treasure map’ hidden inside his brain… Simon Stanley then started seeing the world through the millionaire’s eyes.

But how is it even possible to change so fast?

He found out what his real problem was.

I problem that he had nurtured within for all these years. Simon Stanley was stuck on that coach hating his life. And the only reason for that was…that his brain was trained to keep him there!

Simon grew up in a working-class family. Right from his childhood, he started to feed the thought about his future. It felt like what is going next has already been written before Simon was even born. He had to get a job at a factory or something and be grateful for it.

And the Universe didn’t ever care about what you want to be. Because it was telling you what you will be.

It is a common situation in our world. Are the words above describing you?

Your brain is trained to think like a worker. And all you have to do is make it always think…like a winner.

Don’t look at the world through the eyes of a poor man. Embrace the things you see with success and rich bursting from your eyes.

After all… If a negative mindset has enough power to keep the poor man poor – imagine where a positive mindset can bring you?

Yeah, great. But a positive mindset is not enough to become rich, right?

Certainly. But it is just the beginning. And we are able to review what will happen next thanks to Simon Stanley’s example.

He had no idea of how this thing is going to work at the beginning. But the first thing he had done – is open up his mind and start thinking in a different way.

You will suddenly start seeing a major change in the way you know see the world. And in the way you see yourself. Simon began feeling more focused and confident and then…

New interesting people started appearing in his life. Literally, from out of nowhere.

Simon Stanley started searching for different ways to earn money online. Next, he went to every self-improvement workshop he could find in London. And these were not just some gatherings. These were lessons from the best experts that had a successful online business and were earning millions of dollars.

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Simon’s life was changing. But these amazing improvements didn’t help him put real money into his pocket.

A winning mindset can’t be left there, floating alone. It has to be strengthened by some sort of an action system…

That is when Simon Stanley created the Freedom Income Formula. A two-step money-making guide that will help you earn a fortune. And multiply it!

But before getting to the formula, you have to know the three important personal paradigms that will help you make the formula work.

It is just like the scheme we have talked about – a positive mindset (the paradigms) plus the 2-step formula.

And that is the right way to mind blowing success.

The 3 Crucial Paradigm Shifts

1. From hard work…to focused work.

In some jobs working a couple of extra hours really can bring you some extra bucks. But is it really worth it?

Spending the limited resource you have (I mean time) on something that can hardly make you free.That is why people who actually earn a lot of money prefer to increase the quality of their work rather than the quantity.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you will spend. What does matter – is what you actually do during the time. You can start making a fortune by spending…minutes per day!

As ridiculous as it may sound, but it is true.

2. From ‘It takes money to make money’ to ‘A free money business’

This one is as old as the society. Maybe before you really did need an amount of money to start a business. All these loans, partners and permits…

But we are living in a digital era now. And sometimes all you need to start – is simply your name and the amount of money big enough to buy a cup of coffee. Or, in some cases, not even a penny!

3. From ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ to ‘Wealth opportunities everywhere’

The problem is that most of the people continue to treat money as a scarce resource. But that is not true.

There is enough money in this world and soon this enough will start floating into your hands! 233 billion dollars are exchanged daily between people. That is a lot!

And as soon as you start thinking of money as something not rare, but abundant – money will begin to flow all around you.

The fortune hidden inside your brain. How to unleash more money every day.

The time has come for the Freedom Income Formula

Simon Stanley is ready to share all his secrets, because…well, on the Internet there is enough room for everybody!

Simon likes to call back the memory when he had earned his first dollar online. He got off the chair and started running around the whole house, screaming with happiness. And this is what you are about to experience!

But we will be talking not about earning $1. We will be able to earn hundreds and even thousands. Every. Single. Day.

It sounds insane, I know. But there are so many ways to make money on the Internet, Simon will just show you how…

Still wondering what these two simple steps to success are?

Well, these steps are taught in an entertaining and quick way by Simon himself in the Freedom Income Formula videos. And so many reviews proved them to be extremely effective!

Step 1. Establish a list of customers.

Oh, come on. What on Earth does that mean? Nothing to be afraid of.

Simon will teach you how to create a special ‘bait’ that is going to attract hundreds of people right to you. Because what you are going to be doing is selling things to people that want to buy these things. That is genius, isn’t it?

Step 2. Communicate with your list of customers.

Communication is crucial. And in the Freedom Income Formula Simon will be showing you how to create short messages that grab attention and create desire. These methods have proven to be effective. And it is so easy to start – you simply need to buy the program online.

Now, there are different packages and you will surely be able to find something that suits you. The reviews on the program are remarkable. Sure they are, most of them have been written from a new house or an exotic beach with a few glasses of PinaColada 😉 It is so great to celebrate the success.

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  1. Nicholas G. Rife

    It is all about the mindset and I think this program explains that really well. If you think rich, you will be rich. Of course, it needs to be said that thinking itself is never enough. but you act according to your thoughts.

  2. To be financially strong is something that everyone wishes to be. If you are in the list of people dreaming of earning lucratively then this piece of writing is a must for you.

  3. I found the book to be motivational and interesting right from the first page to the very last letter, the strategies mentioned in this guide are similar to a treasure trove that is simply waiting to be unlocked. I liked the concept of the guidebook that discouraged hard work but encouraged smart work.

  4. Marjorie Mannino

    It is very true that as ladies, we never know how to make good money for sure. SO most of the time we depend on the people around us. I am glad that I am learning to stay independent all through. Thanks for this my people.

  5. Marcelene Anderson

    Please contact me. I want a refund. The program did not meet my needs.

  6. Since people could learn something in the videos, especially about themselves, I am willing to say it is a legit program. Offers more training, education, and help for people

  7. Brendan Ignacio

    No money is involved to learn the Freedom Income Formula. Per the instructions, you watch a video, check your email for the free gift, and get started on the road to wealth.

  8. Actually possible to make that amount of money with this program. Skip hard work and turn your attention to focused work.

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