When things don’t go on the way we wanted or our life just keeps on going downhill, it is normal for us to lose hope. Still, this pushes us to become desperate to try things. We also tend to try meditation, studying astrology, or believing in the law of attraction. If none of this works for you or you feel that these are just a waste of time then, God Frequency can be the one that can solve your problems.

The God Frequency is a simple manifestation program that only needs 15 minutes of your time. By following this program, you can manifest God’s blessings and make you live the life you always wanted. In this God Frequency review, we will discuss what exactly is this God Frequency, how it was discovered, and how can it help you change your life without the need for lots of money.

God Frequency Program: How it Started

God Frequency How it Started

Marcus lived a miserable and sad life. He had been divorced three times, with the last one dealing a great impact on him.

He always struggled to make a living, lives in a crummy apartment, and had overwhelming loneliness ever since his wife and kids left him. This results in engaging in a bad habit. Also, he ended up losing hope for a better life. So, he decided to end it.

The Encounter

On the day that he had decided to take his life, perhaps God made a way to help Marcus change his life. He was on his way to a hardware store to buy some rope. That day, he was planning to hang himself.

However, when he got there, the hardware store still had 20 minutes before they opened. That time, he saw a coffee shop next to it. He then felt strange energy that is pulling him in to enter that coffee shop.

Marcus decided to have coffee while waiting for the hardware store to open. This marks the beginning of a change that will happen to his life.

He spotted a man who is sitting at a little round table. The man stood out from the crowd since he had a tattoo of a priest’s collar on his neck. The man was also meditating with his eyes closed. He had some earbuds, and his whole image was an odd thing to do in public.

The Manifestation

God Frequency Manifestaion of the Product

The man then bent down to tie his shoe and he started laughing and said “that was fast.” After tying his shoe, he had a $5 bill in his hand and went to the cashier to order.

Marcus was intrigued and got in line behind the man and asked him about what kind of meditation he was doing. The man replied that he was not meditating, but he was trying to tune his brain.

The man forgot his money at home. So, he was manifesting a cup of coffee. Then, he suddenly found a $5 bill lying on the floor.

The two then started to talk about manifestation and how Jesus manifested his miracles. It turns out that the brother is an ex priest named Jacob X.

Jacob X

Jacob X was a Catholic church priest. In 2017, he was invited to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis for his excellent service in his church. Around that time, biblical scholars at Oxford University discovered new writings about the secret teachings of Jesus to his brother James.

The teachings were said to be “Jesus reveals information about the heavenly realm and future events.” This made the priest Jacob to be very excited to know about it.

However, when he tried to ask the Pope about this, everyone in the room just became silent. He was also told that it was heretical and he should not bring the subject ever again.

The God Frequency Program

An elderly priest told him that those writings are part of a secret code. This code shows how to manifest miracles just like Jesus did.

Hence, this is when he first learned about the God Frequency. When you tune in to this frequency in your mind, you can manifest God’s blessings and control your heart’s desires.

Jacob knows that he should not let this opportunity pass. That is why he once again asked the pope about the teachings.

However, because of this, the ceremony for his excellent service has been canceled and he was sent back to the US. When he got back, his priesthood had been revoked.

He realized that the God Frequency manifestation is heavily protected by the church. Hence, they do not want information about this to get out as this can be used for evil deeds.

They refused to have media contact. They also didn’t want a press release in order to hide this secret.

Still, Jacob knows that this can help everyone who is in need to manifest God’s blessings in their life. Hence, he shared this with Marcus.

The God Frequency made the life of each other start going uphill. Now, as business partners, they built the God Frequency program. And this program had great results.

What is the God Frequency Program?

God Frequency 15 Minute Daily Habit

Just like what the ex-priest taught Marcus, the God Frequency Program is a way of changing brain frequency. All you have to do is simply listen to the god-frequency binaural beat for 15 minutes.

According to Jacob, there is like an antenna in people’s brains that is basically broken. Hence, others can’t tune in to the right frequency to manifest God’s blessings, just like Jesus.

Moreover, most of our brains are wired to negativity. Because of this, negative information weighs more heavily on the brain.

This, in turn, prevents the manifestation of God’s blessings. But when the brain is tuned to the God Frequency, which can also be called theta waves, the person can manifest just like how Jesus manifested in the Bible.

Putting the brain into a state where the theta waves can be tuned in can be done by mastering a high level of meditation. However, this is very difficult.

But with God Frequency, you can tune in your brain just by putting on earbuds and listening to an audio track. In just 15 minutes of this sound bath, you let the sound waves travel from your ear and tune in your brain to the God Frequency.

The Science Behind the God Frequency Program

God Frequency Two Sides of the Brain

The God Frequency Program and how it works are also backed by several scientific pieces of research. The first the two sides of the brain work differently as seen from EEG.

Those who are the creative type are dominant on the left side of the brain. Meanwhile, those who are analytical are dominant on the right side of the brain. The God Frequency works by letting the exact frequency of the sound waves enter both sides of the brain.

Binaural Beat

This method of using technology to change the frequency of the brain is also admitted by Harvard researchers to be a way to manipulate cortical synchronization. This solution is after a sound wave therapy known as binaural beats.

This is where slightly two different tones are proved for each ear. That’s why stereo headphones must be used when using the God Frequency program. The God Frequency sound bath program revolves around this binaural beat method.

Because of listening to two different tones, the brain receives these sound waves as the beat frequency, which is why it is called binaural beats. This is how the brain is manipulated for cortical synchronization.

Music And Mental Fatigue

Another scientific explanation as to why the God Frequency binaural beats can help with the manifestation is also how sound or particularly music reduces mental fatigue. This, in turn, can help with our mental health and alleviate our stresses.

All of us have our favorite music or beats we listen to when times are rough. This sound intervenes with our brain.

Hence, we tend to be mindful and have the chance to throw those negative emotions. This affects our mood and focus.

Eventually, our anxiety and negative feelings can be relaxed. There have been studies that binaural beats of God Frequency can help synchronize brain activity.

This is why the God Frequency reviews state that this habit of tuning your mind’s frequency can also help lead to having a happy life. It will give us a positive outlook on life.

Product Inclusions and Benefits

God Frequency Benefits and Inclusions

The Love Frequency

Aside from the God Frequency, the purchase also comes with a special bonus called the Love Frequency. These are special binaural beats that can help in manifesting better relationships.

The Love Frequency was included as a bonus. This is because like the God Frequency Program, it can help people who are broken. But this time, it is centered around love.

How It Helps

When we have our hearts broken, some tend to build a wall to distance themselves from other people. Others tend to become afraid to try to enter a relationship again because of past experiences.

These bottling emotions, as well as negative thoughts, make a person have their brain programmed to defend themself. Hence, their mind refuses to be involved in a relationship again.

With the Love Frequency, people can get pass through the scars of the past. Hence, this can help people improve their life.

It affects how they interact with their spouse, family, friends, or co workers. This, in turn, can significantly improve their relationship.

Just like the God Frequency program, the Love Frequency is an audio track that can help manifest God’s blessings. But this time, it is all about love and relationships.

God Frequency Review: Where To Get The Program

You can get the God Frequency Binaural Beat Program from their website. There’s a registration option to register for those who want to create a subscriber registration account. Using your subscriber account, you can buy the program using your credit card on their website.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

God Frequency Money Back Guarantee

Also, the creator of the God Frequency Program also offers a 365 day money back guarantee. He aims to have 100% satisfaction with those people who will purchase the God Frequency Program.

Hence, if you think that the God Frequency Program has no results for you, then this refund policy will only need you to shoot a message to their email address. You can also contact them through their official website.

Moreover, you will then be given a money-back guarantee. You won’t be asked any questions, and you will get back 100% of your investment.

The creator offers this refund policy with the confidence that the God Frequency Program is effective. They claim that it can truly help people with whatever they are facing in their life right now.

Up to today, more and more users read and leave positive God Frequency reviews. Other God Frequency reviews on their website read that the program helps them in the manifestation of God’s blessings.

God Frequency Reviews: Conclusion

The God Frequency Program sees too good to be true. At first, you may have some doubts about how this kind of manifestation program can give blessings to your life.

But as magical as it sounds, the God Frequency program is backed by scientific research, especially about brain waves, cortical synchronization, beat frequency, and sound waves. You can learn m0re about this scientific research on their official website.

Overall, the God Frequency program can work like urgent manifestation prayers. By conditioning your mind with sound wave therapy, you can manifest blessings in your life. Hence, you can improve your well-being.

It just needs 15 minutes of your time, which is loved by users of this program. That is why up to this day, many positive and satisfied God Frequency program reviews are being posted on their official website.

We hope that this God Frequency review gave you the facts and knowledge you are looking for. Refer to this product review if you are thinking of purchasing this product.

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