The secret to keeping a woman is to make her laugh

We all know that as a man, it can be very difficult to impress a woman. Or you may find yourself impressing her, but how do you maintain that? Well, the secret is to make her laugh.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go learn a bunch of jokes and recite them to her. She won’t be happy with that! The humor needs to come from you – and it needs to be uniquely you.

High Status Humor eBook

But how do you do that?

There are many books out there that can teach you jokes to use. But this isn’t always the best way to go. High-Status Humor is an eBook that teaches you humor in a natural and effective way.

There have been so many reviews on this eBook that are mostly positive. Why? Well, the eBook boosts your confidence and that’s the secret to keeping your humor up. And as a result, keeping your woman happy.

I’ve purchased the book and you’ll find my personal review of it below.

This book essentially shows you all the things you need to know about being the alpha male. You will naturally take the lead when you’re with your lady, and the book gives you the cheat code for this.

The essence of the book is that you need to be funny, and that’s it. Let’s look a little closer at the book…

Get the woman you want with humor

What is High-Status Humor about?

Zach Brownman, the author of High-Status Humor, has created an eBook that has step by step guidelines to help you learn natural humor.

The thing about this book is that you have to put a lot of effort in to see results. You need to incorporate your learnings into your social life and ensure that you follow the rules strictly.

You don’t want to be single, we all know that there are so few people that want to be. So don’t be the quirky nerdy guy on the sidelines, take the plunge and win the woman!

This book isn’t about instant gratification, it’s more about useful tips that help you get the one you want.

It is a book that is quite instructional and really shows you how to get the woman of your dreams. You need to know where to start and have patience with it. Soon you’ll end up being prince charming if you do it right.

Humor will get you the perfect woman

How does High-Status Humor work?

When you purchase a book like this, it’s important to know just how it will work. My review goes over this so that you can see how best to take on this challenge.

The book basically tells you everything you need to know about the stuff that matters. It describes where you are, where you should be and how to get there if you put in the relevant time and work.

With High-Status Humor, you can have women around you and have them wanting to be with you so easily. You just need to put in the effort to ensure your humor is learned and practiced beforehand. Once you get them to laugh, you will see that your confidence lifts and they react to it positively.

The PDF eBook is easy to read and takes you through everything you need to be for your woman. The entire book gets you through a transition process of becoming an amazing comedian.

Get your woman to burst into laughter, and you will win her heart.

Laughter impresses women

What can you get out of High-Status Humor?

This is one of the most important questions to answer. Especially prior to buying an eBook like this one. So, the book sounds great, but what can you get out of it?

The book gives you a psychological take on women and what they like. This means that you can tap into their minds and give them what they want, quite easily.

The PDF book gives you the ultimate goal and step by step instructions on how to build towards that goal. You want to ensure that you have this book so that you can keep track of your progress. More importantly, you want to be able to get the book and do it right.

So, I’ve taken the time to list out a few points as to what the eBook has to offer so that you can decide if it’s for you or not. Remember that creating humor is simple, but using it to win a woman is much more complex.

Build confidence and get the woman you want

The kind of humor

There are different types of humor and it’s crucial to remember that you need to keep to the correct one. So, you need to learn the basics and spontaneously be funny with a woman. This kind of humor isn’t the humor you hear from a comedian on stage. It is subtle, witty and fun.

When you look at the type of humor you wish to use, you need to realize that you need to keep your humor type in control. Don’t switch between different types of humor – the ladies won’t love you for that. This book teaches you how to do that.

How to make it work

You may find that you’re naturally quite funny, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need the book. The book shows you how to use humor in a unique way. The idea is to catch people unaware and get them to pay attention to you. This is a skill that the book teaches you. Be witty when people least expect it. Be the leader of your social life. And don’t be cheesy!

Once you learn how to be humorous, you can use it in so many different ways. You need to use it safely so that you don’t make a fool of yourself. Remember that once people are impressed with your humor, you need to maintain.

Niche and very specific humor

The use of humor, especially to women, needs to be very specific. You need to keep your humor targeted and try to not be forced when you around the ladies.

The eBook allows you to understand what type of humor to use for a specific type fo person. The idea is to keep her entertained but not bore her with too much humor. The PDF book has been designed for this and this is why you need to learn the basics thoroughly. Soon you will find that you’ll be an expert a humor.

Get the woman of your dreams with humor


  • Once the book is purchased it is given to you as an eBook. This means that it downloads instantly after your purchase it. The book is also in PDF format, so you can read it from almost any device. This saves you time and makes reading convenient for you.
  • Almost all of the reviews that I have seen of High-Status Humor are positive. People say that this is one of the best books in its category. This is why I decided to purchase it myself.
  • The book is instructional and is very easy to understand. It is built so that you learn the lessons easily and achieve your goals efficiently.
  • The book has a money back guarantee if you would like to return it within 60 days.
  • You just have to invest one or two hours a week in learning this to see results.


  • You will need an internet connection to purchase the book.
  • You are required to have a device like a laptop, tablet or mobile to read the content.

My final thoughts on High-Status Humor

We’ve come to the end of my review and I have to say that I was very impressed with High-Status Humor. The book is so simple but has such power in it. It really looks at how a woman’s mind works.

It also teaches you about how to be funny, when to crack a joke and what kind of joke to crack. Your confidence is built so well with this book. That confidence is also shown to women and they are intrigued by it.

The book is not about how to cheat the system and how to win women over illegitimately. The book shows you how to use humor authentically. Remember that you need to have specific humor with women and not overdo the comedy.

The book teaches you how to charm women the real way. They won’t be impressed with you for just a day. Instead, they will be impressed with you for life. Learn how to use wit and be a socialite that’s always in the limelight.

Anyone can become a charmer, you just need to follow the instructions carefully and be dedicated. If you’re looking to become the right kind of funny around the ladies – this is the book for you.

Click here if you’re ready to get started using High Status Humor to attract beautiful women – learn how to seduce them with your words today!


  1. Clark A. Rice

    All men should have access to this guide and will find things really simple when it comes to keeping women. High status humor has high improved my confidence among other things. Now i can freely talk to women and keep them.

  2. Randall Martin

    This is a book that will show you the things that you are supposed to do to make sure that you become the alpha male that will not have to struggle that much when it comes to getting the ladies. This is the cheat code that you have been looking for.

  3. Gene Peterson

    This is a book that will show you the things that you are supposed to do to make sure that you become the alpha male that will not have to struggle that much when it comes to getting the ladies. This is the cheat code that you have been looking for.

  4. Jeffery Williams

    This video course teaches men how to attract women and use humor to exhibit high social status, like celebrities usually do. The course offers a variety of high status characters that you can play.
    In addition, its creator, states that program will push you to expand your personal “social tension barrier

  5. Molly Green

    You will need to be funny and this is it. You have it all here and that is why you need to use this one. It will make you the best at this and that is why you will succeed.

  6. Right now, being single is something that you do not want to be unless you are some quirky scientist who is about to crack the light-speed travel conundrum.

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