People have told us once in a while that an entity is looking after you every step of your life. But they are an entity which the naked eye cannot see. How cool is it to have your own Spirit Guide assisting you away from harm? It is a pity we cannot communicate with them in order to ask for their opinions.

Maybe we can? Because I found a way and surely you can too. I would like to share how I have done it and where I found it out. Living life with a family who believes in spirits and guardian angels, to the point that I want to be able to talk to them. I study and gather all the information I can obtain about invisible entities until I found “How To Awaken Your Spiritual Guides” by Steve Jones.

The book has given me more information than any other researches I have done for years. But before we can get into details, it is highly important to do a few things. If you do not possess even one criterion, then you should practice and take time to do the following:


Start to believe
If you are only interested in knowing if it is true or not. Then chances are, your spirit guide will not keep in touch. Doubt is a factor which many people has complications on communicating with their guardian angel. To do is to believe, is the mindset in this practice.

Calm state of mind
Our intuition can be the answer to be able to get hold of your spirit guide. But before that, you need to learn how to meditate and practice to have a clear mind. This is by eliminating negative thoughts (or any) and make your mind blank.

Natural Environment
People who have done and communicated with their guardian angel successfully feels that the energy is stronger when you are out in nature. This is where you are surrounded by trees and mountains.

If you believe you can do these three factors, then it will be easier for you to keep in touch with your spirit guide. But you need to do more than that, which is why Steve Jones’ “How To Awaken Your Spiritual Guides” will teach you everything you need to know.

About “How To Awaken Your Spiritual Guides”

The author, Steve Jones, is a clinical hypnotherapist whose aim was to aid people who have a problem, mentally or physically. He believes that through hypnotism and medications, his patients would be able to succeed and past through their problems. But little does he know that there is a more effective way to be successful in life. A way to avoid all the troubles in life, or decisions we might regret in the end.

Website of How To Awaken Your Spiritual Guides

Because of his love for research, and the continuous feedback from patients who told him that it IS possible. It is possible to attain everything you want with someone who has been with you from your toddler stage to now.

 In this book, you will be able to;

  • Decide with the help of your guardian angel (Especially when all else fails).
  • Eliminate negativity in life.
  • Other options for the problems which you have overlooked.
  • Communicate with your spirit guide who has been with you since birth.
  • Enhancing your ability on your field, in order to be successful.
    and many more.

This is a guide to overcome problems which come crashing done on you, how to copy it, with the help of your spirit guides.

Start Talking And Using All Your Spiritual Guides To Guide You To Success, And Get How To Awaken Your Spiritual Guides Today!

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Contents Of ‘How To Awaken Your Spiritual Guides’

Meaning Of Spirit Guides
This chapter will give an overview of the history of guardian angels. The reason behind they was purposely there to look after you. You will also know when these kinds of entities come out and appear themselves. The module is more informational and simply an introduction before moving on to the complicated parts.

Responsibilities Of Spirit Guides
In this module, you will learn the limitations of your spirit guides (such as seeking revenge from other people is prohibited). You will also understand the six rules every spirit guides need to follow in order to push you away from harm.

Your guardian angel also has the power to give you their opinions on the right path you should take. This applies to the kind of career you need to take or to accept a marriage proposal’s from certain men. Your spirit guide can help on whatever issues you are concerned about.

False Spiritual Guidance
More importantly, when you buy the book, you will learn the ways in protecting yourself from harm. Once you are able to communicate with your guardian angel, some entities will intrude. Some can harm you to the point of destroying your life. So, in this chapter, you will learn how to obtain a protective shield not only for you but also for your loved ones.

Preparation For Awakening
Yes, we all have spirit guides but when your connection with them is not that strong, the message you want to convey will not be received fast enough. In this chapter, you will be aware on how to communicate efficiently and effectively. To have no miscommunication and make an action immediately.

Connecting To Your Spirit Guides
Once you are done with strengthening the connection with your guardian angel, you need to know the other aspects to communicate more effectively. Here, you will have a rundown on the other factors such as place, time, day, and other needed rituals to call for your spiritual guide.

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Signs Of True Connection
When you are able to communicate, the results will soon be drastic. The opinions of your spirit guide will be quite different so there will be times where you doubt their decision-making. But, there is no fuss because the relationship should be stronger. Trust is key to have a successful relationship if you do the positivism in your life will prosper.

Interpreting Spiritual Guidance
Another complicated aspect is the language. The language of humans and spirits are completely different which is why sometimes, miscommunication occurs. You will learn how to avoid such mistakes by knowing the codes.

Take note, your spirit guide does not specifically tell you the decisions you need to make. You still have to interpret what they mean. And this is what the chapter will teach you, to understand your guardian angel’s advice, quickly.

Areas Of Life To Explore
There is no limit to when you can call your spirit guide. It is just advisable to communicate surrounded with nature but if circumstances are not to par, your guardian angel can still come to you. Even if you are up in the air, bungee jumping or as low as the ocean floor. Your spirit guide will do anything to be with you for good and for worse.

These are a few chapters which you will be able to read, and it is up to you to decide to push further or not. But trust me when I say that it will change your life forever.

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There are more positive reviews of the book, but more importantly, even professionals have approved on the book’s contents. It has aided them to guide their clients on the right path by recommending the book for them. When their clients to go back, the feedback was astonishing. Who could ever believe that a simple book can change your life forever? A life which was once confusing and nerve-wracking changed completely to a journey worth being on.

More and more reviews from fellow customers who tried it out exclaimed their delight on the ‘How To Awaken Your Spiritual Guides’ A particular person named Michael said, “This has been life-changing. Not only did it help me in performing well at my workplace, but my guardian angel has aided me to be promoted. Not only that, my spirit guide showed me a new light. A life which I did not think is possible. Now, I have a beautiful wife with two amazing children. I am sure I will pass this down to my children someday! Thank you so much, Steve Jones!”

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Based on my review of Steve Jones’ book, How To Awaken Your Spiritual Guides, it has given me a never-ending journey to success. I continually seek for my guardian angel’s help on life-changing decisions. Decisions which is too difficult for me to decide alone. Believe it or not, you are missing out an opportunity of attaining the goals you desire, fast and effective.

On my first few tries, I failed miserably, my bond with my guardian angel was not that strong. So, our communication was hard to decipher but with time and commitment, I was able to comprehend his messages. And, little by little, I have seen my life improving slowly.

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  1. Who knew awakening your spiritual guide can change life to this extent. I am so much more aware of my surroundings and myself now and in addition to this, I have immense luck with me now. Everything included in this book is aimed at bringing success to each part of your life. A great experience!

  2. Having your own personal advisor with you 24/7 is the best investment you can make. And you won’t know if this works unless you try it. This book helped me go through my worst periods, and I’m very grateful I found it.

  3. Tyree Gilligan

    The power of believing in something bigger than yourself (whatever you wish to call it) cannot be discounted. Life is simple but it is not easy. We all need help to get through and tapping into the spiritual unleashes great power to push you forward and not give up hope. A well-instructed program that is easy to follow. If you a ready to take the journey you will enjoy this program and get great use out of it.

  4. This driving force, is most often than not connected to our psychological selves. A connection that is deeper than we can actually dare to imagine.

  5. Halina South

    This guide might come in the form of a friend, a book of encouragement, a video or even an audio. Today, I take this opportunity to present you with such a guide.

    Research has it that the people having a positive guiding influence incorporated into their lives tend to find solutions to challenges a lot quicker. They also lead a life that is happier with lots of success when you compare them with those without a guide.
    This program has the ability to awaken the consciousness of your mind enabling you start speaking freely to spirit guides of your own. In ancient Greek, these spirit guides were referred to as messengers who bore knowledge and truth to humanity.

  6. Clarence Pratt

    Spirit guides are entities designed to help and advise you on this physical plane of existence. Your guides—everyone has more than one—were given to you before you were made flesh. They are non corporeal beings, assigned by the universal mind to travel alongside you while you exist on this earth. They are responsible for helping you navigate your way through life, expand your realization of your higher self, and make your journey easier. Spirit guides advise, nudge, comfort, and of course, guide. Their purpose is not to do things for you or make your decisions; they are there just to guide and inform. They are kindly entities, specifically concerned with your good—nothing more.

  7. This program has the ability to awaken the consciousness of your mind enabling you start speaking freely to spirit guides of your own.

  8. Doctors don’t necessarily have all the answers. While they often do a great job in helping people; they do not have the answers to a fatty liver. After reading this book one comes to realize that there is hope; an answer that is easily implemented. A must read for anyone with a fatty liver. Doctors should be encouraged to read this as well so they can give their patients the latest information.

  9. Making use of the insight, you can actually be able to acquire a better understanding of what the program, How to Awaken Your Spiritual Guides has to offer.

  10. When you get stuck in a fear-based thought or pattern you can turn to your guides to help lead you back to love. When you want to receive their guidance, all you have to do is be willing to surrender your fear and see with spiritual sight.

  11. I have been trying to solve a personal problem the last few months, but although I have tried everything, nothing seemed to work! Until I found this book… I couldn’t fell free; I used to feel like if I was the victim of an oppressive system, but after reading this book I could understand that the spirits is the most important in life.

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