The book reveals secrets that you can use to alter anyone’s behavior. From the book, you will learn persuasion methods that you can use in various situations of your life. Having taught the belief, you will be empowered to affect anybody’s behavior and accelerate your success both in your personal and professional life. You will achieve his success and still make the person you are persuading feel that they are getting the better part of the deal.

The effective methods that you will learn in this book are legal and ethical, and they are based on years of clinical and research studies.

Michael Lee

Michael Lee is an expert in various fields:

  • Neurolinguistics
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Copywriting

He is a self-improvement guru who has devoted many years of research into studying human psyche, eventually coming up with a guaranteed plan about how you can use the power of speech to your advantage.

How to be an expert persuader


The chapters

  • Persuasion essentials and mindset
  • Persuasive methods that will make people like you a lot
  • The most used yet misunderstood secret language in the world
  • Press the panic mode and get what you want instantly
  • Authority domination
  • Social force of herd mentality
  • Reciprocity: show generosity first, the rest will follow
  • Unstoppable commitment
  • Relentless consistency
  • Scarcity supremacy
  • Power of participation
  • Wonders of comparison
  • Powerful techniques to substantially boost your sales through the roof
  • How to handle and give criticism nicely
  • The art of persuasive attraction
  • Ask, and you shall receive
  • Expectations become reality
  • How to be an impressive hypnotic communicator
  • How to win arguments and negotiations
  • Conditions that foster persuasion

A sneak peek into the book

Chapter one


Ask yourself what people think about you. The importance of this reflection is that you must be perceived positively before you can persuade anyone. Know the status of the person you wish to influence. Also, are aware of their desired state.

It would then be easy to convince them to move from where they are to where they ought to be. Determine the mood of the individual you want to persuade. A person is likely to be more receptive if they are in a positive mood.

Seek to know the person a little bit:

  • Their personality
  • Qualities
  • Interests
  • Weaknesses
  • Strengths
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Fears
  • Fantasies
  • Hopes
  • Desires

Never assume or disrespect the other person. Assuming that the other people share your world view, (likes, behavior, and attitudes) because it is disrespectful. Remember that every individual is different. Learn to get people’s attention. Many things are competing for the other person’s attention. People have learned to ignore information that is not helpful to them.

Learn to tell people what they need to hear. So, grab people’s attention, make them feel good about themselves. Emotions are crucial. The chapter also teaches you that will encounter challenges in trying to persuade people. Not all people can be convinced.


How do you overcome the challenges?


  • Be believable. Establish trust so that people trust you and your message
  • Know your purpose. You must be very clear about the reason why you want the other person to agree with you. List several reasons you feel that it is important for the other person to agree with you.
  • Develop a winning mindset.
  • Stimulate your mind to create a positive mindset and image. You must believe beyond all doubt that your attempts at persuasion will succeed.
  • Develop confidence.
  • Look inside of yourself and locate the strong abilities that you have and seek to improve them even further. List the various instances when you have used your power of persuasion successfully and bank on that success to boost your confidence.
  • Employ affirmation and visualization. Persuade others and let your feelings communicate that you mean it.

Remember that your approach matters. Good looks are associated with sincerity, respect, intelligence, and confidence. People will unconsciously judge your capabilities and personality purely by how you look.

Chapter two

Chapter two will teach you that to persuade people successfully; you must first win their hearts by ensuring that they like you. Therefore: Learn how to make friends quickly. The friends you will have people that support you.

Know how to identify people’s likes and problems. You can learn what people would like or the problems they are facing by watching out for the keywords in their speech:

  • Want
  • Wish
  • Like
  • Need
  • Help
  • Hate
  • Dislike
  • Hope
  • Problem
  • Confused

Learn how to agree with people first and then get what you want out of them later. People will only bond with you if they can establish that you agree with them. If you encounter someone that is thoroughly disagreeable, you can work around by agreeing with the first and then gently inserting your persuasion.

  • Be charismatic. Charisma will help you to magnetically pull people to yourself. It will bring people to you effortlessly. So, focus on people and concentrate your effort all your efforts in pleasing them.
  • Use people’s names. People love to hear their names being spoken because this enhances their sense of individuality.
  • Be courteous. People love to be told ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’
  • Compliment people. Give people sincere compliments. The person of praising people is to make contact with them, make them feel good and establish common ground with them.
  • Be pleasant and smile at people. A smile lifts people’s moods and makes them like you.
  • Make people laugh. When you make people happy, they will like you and be more receptive to your ideas.
  • Build trust. Be honest with people and admit when you are wrong. When you are honest, people will trust you more.
  • Learn to guide people to cooperate with you. People will be cooperative if they like or trust you. Let people know that you are on their side and you care about their wellbeing.
  • Share your secrets. Showing vulnerability to other people will make them not only trust you but also open up to you.
  • Empathizing with people’s situations makes feel that you care and you will influence the much more easily. Chapter three

Chapter three

Chapter three is dedicated to body language and how you can use your body language to persuade. Some of the body language you can use to influence includes:

  • Use of your eyes
  • Enhancing the quality of your voice
  • Minding your facial expressions
  • Controlling your hands and feet.

You will also be taught how to tell when someone is lying. You can tell by watching out for the following indications:

  • They speak quickly in a high pitched voice
  • They are not able to maintain eye contact with you
  • They focus their eyes elsewhere and only look at you from the corner of their eyes.
  • They have their arms crossed in their chest
  • They keep their faces
  • They keep changing their position and poses.
  • They cannot stop tapping their hands.

The chapter will slow to teach you how to breathe deeply to calm yourself down. You will persuade more quickly in a relaxed situation.

  • Match breathing patterns, speaking style and posture with that of your respondent to establish rapport.
  • Sit in a comfortable manner
  • Establish eye contact as often as you can
  • Smile genuinely and exude confidence.

Chapter four

Chapter four will teach you how to use the power of association. You use the power of association by associating your product with the latest trend. You can subscribe to sites that will alert you when new patterns emerge. You could also use anchors.

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Chapter five

Chapter five revolves around the power of authority. Therefore, establish your authority in your field of choice. If you do, you are more likely to persuade others.

Chapter six

Chapter six is dedicated to the principle of herd mentality. Herd mentality works when the person you are trying to convince associates or admires a particular group. You can use the herd mentality to sell your brand. Get a lot of testimonials, and you will quickly sell your ideas.

Chapter seven

Chapter seven elaborates the principle of reciprocity. When you give people something, they will want to return the favor. You can, therefore, start with making your motives right and the rest will follow.

Chapter eight

Chapter eight revolves around the principle of commitment. Beyond asking people to do something, you ask to go further and commit. Futurity can mention that they wanted to do this or that. You will also learn that commitment is more binding when it is put in writing. You can apply the principle of responsibility in business by:

Staging contest son who can submit the best story about using the product. Selling items that advertise your brand:

  • T-shirts
  • Pens
  • Caps
  • Mugs
  • Key chains. Put your logo in the items that you are selling.

Chapter nine

Chapter nine revolves around the principle of the law of consistency. You will learn that buyers will always obey the law of uniformity. When they buy a particular product, they will convince themselves that they have bought the right product.

Chapter 10

Chapter ten will teach you about the law of scarcity supremacy. When you let out the perception that your service is scarce and only a few select people will manage to get it, the perception will be that the product is more valuable. People always want things that they cannot have. The more they feel that their freedom to acquire an individual item is restricted, the more they want to have it.

For example, putting the age restriction on a movie increases the curiosity amongst the people of that age. You can invoke this principle by telling buyers that only a certain number of products will be sold.

NOTE: People will pay much more for products that they perceive are not readily available because scarcity breeds urgency.

Chapter eleven

Chapter eleven revolves around the power of participation. You can invoke the power of participation in your business by getting your customers to spend more time with you by engaging them or by allowing the customers to take the product home for a number days and then they can pay for it later.

Chapter twelve

Chapter twelve will teach you the wonder of comparison. People desire to possess certain attributes or services when they see them in people that they admire. Use the power of comparison to selling your brand. You could use similes and metaphors. However, ensure the timing is right and be realistic.

Chapter thirteen

Chapter Thirteen asks you to first love and respects your prospects. Treat your potential customers as friends. Do not sell solely sell the purpose of making money .eek to build relationships. Above all, do not put your reputation in jeopardy.

Chapter fourteen

In this chapter, the main lesson is how to handle criticism. Understand that you cannot satisfy everyone. You must learn how to deal with harsh remarks and offensive words. Do not retaliate. If you retaliate, you will only irritate your opponents even more, and they will fight back harder. Endeavor to learn from criticism. If there is any truth in it, seek to correct yourself.

Chapter fifteen


Chapter fifteen will teach you how to persuade attractively. This technique is better applied to single people. You can use your body to attract someone:

  • Smile often and sincerely
  • Give genuine nonoffensive touches
  • Learn to have a sense of humor
  • Maintain eye contact

Also, learn useful conversation openers. The principle will work for a man who has the following qualities:

  • Exhibits authority and confidence
  • Has a healthy relationship with friends and family
  • Shows ambition and passion for succeeding
  • Has a great sense of humor
  • Has an exciting personality
  • Makes the women feel safer in his presence.

Chapter sixteen

This section will teach you that effective persuasion calls for you to have a clear goal. You cannot know where to start or how to say it.

Chapter seventeen

This chapter teaches you that expectations become a reality. When you express the hope that someone will do something, you will have already boosted the chances that they will live up to your expectations. Learn to use the principle of hope by using presuppositions.

Chapter eighteen

Chapter eighteen will teach you to be hypnotic communication. It will teach you how to use the right words and at the right times to get people hooked. For example, you can choose words that appeal to your buyers ‘emotions. Also, learn the importance of listening as part of communication.

Chapter nineteen

This chapter will teach you how to win arguments and negotiations.

Chapter twenty

Chapter twenty will show you to how to boost yr. Ability to persuade:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Protect yourself from manipulation.

How you will benefit from the book


You will learn how to tell when a salesman is lying to you. You will save yourself from becoming a victim of dishonest sales people.

  • You will be taught the reason why revealing not only the strengths but also the weaknesses of your product can work in your favor and boost its marketing.
  • The pdf will teach you the hidden marketing messages that influence the minds of the customers.
  • You will be taught how to draw the ultimate testimonials from your customers
  • You will learn creative rates tactics to boost your sales.
  • You will be empowered to turn any wavering customer to into dedicated fan.
  • The most important activities that you should undertake before you can convince anyone.
  • You will be taught how you get people around you to treat you like a VIP.
  • You will learn how to regulate a persuasive scene.
  • You will learn how to outdo your competitors in making more sales ethically.
  • If you buy the eBook, you will be taught how to tell how people feel about you since many people would not want to say something offensive in your presence.
  • The eBook will teach you how to encourage people who are stubborn.
  • The eBook will enlighten you on the resistance formula you can apply to cushion yourself from criticism.



One review felt that the methods in the book are easy to comprehend and use. The review considered that the pdf was helpful and there was no chance that it was a scam.

Another review indicated that the book has been especially useful to business and salesmen. The review gave the book a rating of 9.4/10.

Other reviews indicated that some people make the assumption that all people were outgoing. Although several reviews were dissatisfied with the pdf, here was no indication that it was a scam.

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