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What is Economic Collapse Really?

Well, there has been no real definitive definition for this term which has so far been used to refer to the possible bad economic situations that might happen to cause a prolonged depression, bankruptcy, unemployment and eventual death rate rise culminating in a population decline. Sounds terrifying and that is […]

Beating the Shy Bladder Syndrome

Also known as paruresis, this is where people find it impossible to pee in front of other people. They will experience that feeling which is a deep seated fear that may be caused by different things. The shy bladder will hound you for days unless you can get over that. […]

Fix Your Debt Crisis Quick and Efficiently

In life, we are forced into tight spots and corners by crippling problems that do not leave but attack you relentlessly. That way, you are forced to take measure to ensure that you stay on top of things. This is the time that you will: Mess up your credit card […]

Do You Want to Grow Wealth? Here’s how

There are so many people out there who would be great millionaires today or successful persons but they are not because of the financial errs that they made. Learning to be disciplined on how you manage your money is not an easy feat to achieve for very many people. However, […]

Benefits of Reiki

Many may be asking the question what is Reiki and what are its benefits. Many times people suffer from things they cannot explain nor have control or. In other times we find refuge in methods that are not the same as what we are used to. What Is Reiki? Reiki […]