Let’s talk about sex.

Great. Now, that I have got your attention we can talk about a thing that is not really sex.

How about porn addiction or chronic masturbation?

Doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? Sometimes it is difficult to admit that you have a problem with either one of those. And it is fine to masturbate. It is ok to watch porn. But it is healthy until the addiction starts replacing real-life relationships.

If you ever had issues with your girlfriend (or boyfriend), because of your spending too much time watching porn – it is a signal for you to start taking measures.

What is the wrong solution?

Many people think about the problem this way. ‘It is not that I want to quit, but I have to. So, if I stop doing it for long enough, the desire to watch porn will go away on its own’.


Thinking that way is giving you an initial negative mindset. It feels like you are sacrificing something. Rather than freeing yourself from the addiction. It is simply not enough to try to avoid porn. And it is no surprise that so many people get back to their addiction in no time with such a method.

What we have to do – is to destroy the connection and feelings you have between watching porn and yourself. These associations created around porn should be turned the other way round.

Yes, that’s right. We have to start with your brain. And end it there as well.

But first, let’s see what happens to your brain when you watch porn…

The whole blame should be on dopamine. It is a chemical that is responsible for making the so-called ‘reward system’.

The first times you have watched porn you liked it. The chemicals and hormones responsible for pleasure were released into your bloodstream and brain. Now, a habit has formed.

Even if the porn you are watching is not even an average level, your brain will begin the chain reaction. You will still have the feeling of pleasure.

That is why it is so hard for you to give up. Pleasure. You are in a constant search for that dopamine.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • It’s difficult or nearly impossible to get a physical partner to excite you, but you can always masturbate while watching porn.
  • You find it hard to maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Too much masturbation. You always want it, but start to get little or no satisfaction at all.
  • The development of social anxiety. Maybe you have already struggled with this before. But excessive porn can make anxiety even more severe.
  • You constantly feel tired and lack motivation
  • You have a general anxiety
  • It may be difficult for you to concentrate, your pronouncing is worsening and the short term memory becomes weaker
  • You are craving for more extreme porn. Or even porn that isn’t about your sexual orientation

If you have at least a few of these symptoms – it means that you are in real trouble.

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Why is it so serious?

The severity of the disease can vary from one person to another. And only an absolute minority is convinced that all of their problems are because of excessive porn.

That is because, firstly, we were convinced that there is absolutely nothing bad in watching pornography from time to time.

And one more thing that is actually present next to any kind of addiction. Denial. We refuse to understand that our problems can be caused by our own behavior. Many even deny the existence of the problems.

But the reality is that the sooner you accept the truth – the sooner you will be able to recover.

What can you expect from the Sexual Reboot program?

The lads that have successfully finished the program tend to call themselves ‘rebooters’. So what you will be getting is the priceless knowledge from the rebooters combined with professional advice. All that can be found on the Sexual Reboot forum.

Moreover, you can expect…

1. To reboot your whole brain.
The sexual reboot consists out of two parts. Firstly, you would have to quit porn and abstain masturbation for a while. Secondly, you would have to reintroduce porn-free sexual stimulation and relationships with real life sexual partners.

2. Strengthen yourself.
Let’s admit it, you are turning your head towards porn because you lack the necessary mechanisms to cope with it. That is why before trying to cure any addiction, you have to start from strengthening yourself from the inside.

3. Use your energy the right way.
There is nothing new in what I’m about to tell you. But if you don’t masturbate for a certain period of time, you will be full of sexual energy that needs to go somewhere. Learn to use it the right way.

4. Finally, find the right path.
Now you know that you have a problem that needs to be solved. You can totally focus your attention on it and see the solution in its whole entirety.

5. Open your eyes.
You will now have a sober view of what was earlier covered by the satisfaction of watching porn. And that does not mean sacrificing one kind of pleasure. It means that you will become free.

The easy and eefective way to quit your porn addiction.

Can quitting really be easy?

Ok, we have already figured out that simply making yourself stop watch porn is the hard way and not always the best one. Now you are able to review other methods. And they are much easier to follow!

In the method covered in the Sexual Reboot program, you will be destroying your beliefs connected with porn step by step. And as soon as your beliefs change your behavior will start changing automatically.

But such a result would be achieved thanks to increased awareness and deep reflection. And all of this is not possible without complete honesty at least with yourself.

Is porn addiction a symptom of a bigger problem?

You might be asking yourself the question of why so many people get back to the bad habit after a couple of months of abstaining? Because this method doesn’t fix the reason behind the addiction.

If you fail to fight the root cause of the problem, then you will continue coming back to it. Because deep inside it is still a thing that brings you pleasure.

The aim of the Sexual Reboot is to not just take the porn away from you and ask you not to masturbate for a certain amount of time.

The program will be dealing with the cause that is hidden deep within. And in the end, you will stop watching porn not because it is bad for you, but because you don’t need it anymore to feel happiness.

Are you interested in any of the reviews given by the rebooters?

Here are some of them.

I had been trying to recover on and off for almost a year now, so I really wanted this book to be good. It did not disappoint. I was able to understand the addiction and the mindgames we play with ourselves which made things much easier.

Stop the Easy Way is actually hilarious in places. I didn’t expect it. The tone is playful at times but that doesn’t take away from how informative it is.

The feeling to look at porn didn’t magically disappear when I finished the book, but I interpreted the feeling in a different way, which made it easy to resist. After a week I had no problems at all and knew I could complete my sexual reboot without relapsing.

You now have the opportunity to buy the Sexual Reboot program and start helping yourself immediately.

You can download and read the book from any convenient device. Whether it is a phone, laptop or tablet. You will be getting more than seventy pages of pure knowledge. It is written in a fun and engaging way, yet without any fluff. You will be getting only the essential information that you need to recover.

You will be getting more than seventy pages of pure knowledge. It is written in a fun and engaging way, yet without any fluff. You will be getting only the essential information that you need to recover.

The change that you will experience in yourself can be so great and dramatic that it is even hard to predict. But it will certainly be to the better. And that’s without mentioning all the new or forgotten emotions you will be able to experience from sexual contact with a real person.

Just in case you are still afraid that maybe this method is not entirely for you…

There is a full 100% 60-day money back guarantee. Certainly, we are all extremely different. And the author of the Sexual Reboot program totally understands it. It’s possible that the method can be effective for thousands of people, but will fail to work on one single one.

If you happen to be the poor lad – don’t worry. We have got your wallet covered. But we doubt that you would ever need it because one hundred percent of the Sexual Reboot reviews are positive and full of gratefulness.

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  1. I am embarrassed to admit that my boyfriend watches too much porn. It has affected our sex life greatly. This review has shown me that help is available. Thank you. I will definitely try out the product.

  2. Salvador Murphy

    My sexual drive decreased to a great extent. I was addicted to watching porn. My wife divorced me because I couldn’t satisfy her.
    Thankfully I came across this program, I have restored my sexual drive in a fewer week. Looking forward to proposing my ex-wife again 🙂

  3. Clotilde Bachand

    Sexual Reboot is a well-written, researched, simple program for anyone who is dealing with porn addiction, chronic masturbation or erectile dysfunction induced due to porn. The program is not a scam, it will guide you on your journey towards reclaiming your mental and physical health and getting over this addiction.

  4. The guide also includes input from hundreds of individuals like you, who have also suffered from this problem and have managed to face it and get over it successfully.

  5. The book will guide you on how you can channelize your energies into productive work – this helps keep you busy and also gives you confidence as you succeed in other aspects of your life.

  6. Verna Schwartz

    This is basically a book about the ways that you can stop yourself from watching porn. It has subjected so many people to so many things that they did not want. That is why we take care not to get too much of it. The thing is that this is hard to quit just like drugs.

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