Are you afraid of the recent burglary threats in your area? Do you plan to go for a camping trip out in the woods with your little ones? And are you worried about their safety?

Keeping ourselves and our loved ones’ safe is the most significant thing to all of us. No matter what we do and where we are, we want to ensure the safety of ourselves as well as the ones we love, especially in the dark.

In that retrospect, Strikelight is one of the best innovations of the recent times as it not only helps protect yourself and your family from dangerous intruders but also provides powerful light to navigate in the dark.

How Did I Learn About the Strikelight?

Just like you, I was unaware of the product and what it did until a friend of mine, who I must tell you, is a total outdoor person, read about the Strikelight and checked its reviews, and bought one for himself.

On our camping trip a couple of weeks ago, he introduced me to this super mini torch light and told me it could protect me and keep me safe, even when I am on my own.

Honestly speaking, I am not a speculating person – I do not believe in things and reviews unless I have tried something myself. And, it so happened, that the same camping night, I had a chance to!

While all my buddies were busy in their dreamland, I had to answer the nature’s call. The Strikelight was close by so I grabbed it instead of my torch and thought it will be a good chance to give it a go. And, I almost blinded my own friend thinking it was some animal or attacker in the woods who was trying to follow me or eat me alive.

Even though he recovered from the shock, the very next day, I decided to go ahead and buy the Strikelight, for now, I had tried and tested the product already.

And, thus, I have decided to share my thoughts and review of this product, so that all of you out there like me can learn about this amazing torch light and its various benefits and uses.

So, what is this Strikelight?

The Strikelight is an easy-to-carry, survival tool made up of highly durable waterproof shield aircraft aluminum body which uses the best technology when it comes to brightness.

This tactical survival tool is your best defense, which when used at an attacker or intruder, can drop the enemy like a bag of potatoes within just a few seconds.

The bright light also helps you navigate your way through the dark or in the woods, or to track down a member of your group who may have lost his way.

What are some of the important features of the Strikelight?

Though there are numerous advantaged and benefits of the Tactical Torch that I could have mentioned in the review, here are some of the most significant features of this must-have survival tool which make it extremely helpful and an absolute necessity in your tool kit:

Blinding Light To Defend The Attackers

  • Rock Solid Aluminum Body that makes it totally unbreakable
  • Field Tested, High-Quality Gear which ensures that it will never fail to support you
  • 360-degree Visibility that allows you clear vision of the path you walk on
  • Waterproof and can be used under water as well which enables you to use it even when you are on a boating trip in the middle of nowhere and in the dark
  • Easy-to-carry, a portable mini structure that fits easily in a bag or tool kit and can be taken anywhere
  • Blinding brightness which can be used against attackers of all size and kind
  • Multiple uses – flashlight, survival gear, boating light, lantern

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Why I Recommend the Strikelight?

As mentioned, it is your best option as a survival gear against attackers, intruders, and even animals. Aside from the obvious benefits, the torch also helps you in:

  • Using it as a blinding weapon during emergencies such as safeguarding yourself or protecting your loved ones against human or animal attackers
  • Using it with different light modes – full brightness, force, and stroboscopic as and when required
  • And using it as a torch when camping or pitching a tent in the dark, boating, trekking, or during sudden power cuts
  • Using it as an alternative rather than beating up your attacker in panic and hence, avoiding any physical injury or violence.
  • Using it as a navigation light or to track someone from the group/family who may have lost their way and separated from you

Last but not least, one of the primary reasons I bought the light is because it comes with a 100% money back guarantee and gives me a 60-day period to use and experience the product. At the end of the trial period, if I am still not convinced, I get to return the product for a refund! Isn’t that cool and thoughtful?

Was There Anything Else That I Received with the Strikelight?

Yes, of course. When you buy the Strike Light Tactical Torch, it comes with:

  • Plan B Defense Guide
  • 30-Day Survival Guide
  • Wile Scavenger Training Guide

Plan B Defense:

The Plan B Defense guide is an excellent survival guide. Not only teaches you how to defend yourself in times of dire need but also the moves and techniques that you can use as a last resort to save your or someone else’s life when everything else fails.

The guide trains you on several survival and defense techniques. Take down your attacker, no matter how small or big they are.

It teaches you the skills you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. Gives you the power to know that you are not weak. With tricks such as “Black Zone” and “Sleight of Hand”, you always have an edge over your opponent.

30-Day Survival Guide:

The second guide that comes with your Strike Light kit is this ultimate 30-Day Survival guide which teaches you the basics of packing for emergency and how to get out of an adverse situation with your life intact.

It covers a plethora of important factors. Learn them in order to survive in the wild or in the open.

Some of the topics you find in this guide are about shelter, food, water, fire, and of course, self-defense.

This survival guide tells you the importance of always carrying a go-to bag and what all should the bag consist. The 30-Day Survival guide also enlists some cool tips and tricks. How to pack light and quite a few travel hacks.

Wile Scavenger Training Guide:

Are you planning on chasing the unknown? Do you wish to pursue the footsteps of Alexander Supertramp and live off the grid and into the wild?

No matter what your plan is, the Wile Scavenger Training Guide is a must-have. It contains almost all the important things-to-know and do’s and don’ts of living off the land.

The book tells you about the plants and fruits you should eat to stay alive. And the ones to avoid in order to keep yourself protected from poisoning.

Personally, I consider this as a gift to me. For it helps me learn all these tips and tricks. Then be a rock star amongst my camping buddies!


There are all types of danger as soon as you step out of your home. In fact, with increased robberies and home invasion, even your home is not as safe as it used to be. And, truth be told. Not all of us have the means and finances to ensure a tight-security alarm installation to protect the entire house. Even if we did that, who is to protect us out in the wild?

Possessing the Strikelight Tactical Torch is not just necessary. Because of the benefits it has, it is also the complementary survival guides. Without which it is just not ideal to leave on an adventure.

Accidents do not knock on the door. And this kit prepares us for all that can happen. Some that we can tackle with the torch light, others which need our spontaneity and survival instincts.

So, buy this one-of-a-kind product and assure your safety along with your loved ones.

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  1. Wallace Garza

    Most of the times we fail to get through some of the worst happens in life. Getting prepared for such like occasions is always a good thing for sure. So let me hope that all goes on well.

  2. Martin McDaniel

    I know for a lot of people it is a hard thing to even talk about. But the truth is that we all have to be ready for extreme situations. And with this guide – you will be.

  3. We never know when how danger can come for us. That’s why we should be prepared for any kind of danger at any time, especially at night. Most of the attacks generally come at night. But no more tension. Strike-light can help us to protect ourselves, even in the midnight.

  4. Strike Light is a tactical flashlight that you can use to hit an attacker. It is made of solid aluminum which is light but strong.

  5. Donald Littlejohn

    This light is the most vital thing that I should convey uniquely around evening time. It can spare me from both the murkiness and the assault from people and in addition creatures.

  6. Extremely decent! I keep it in my car for security!

  7. Christopher

    This is one thing we always under look btw. Yes, lighting in case of the eventualities. Like yesterday, we had no light for almost 12 hours. I am glad I had the tips already and thus managed through the season.

  8. Made of most elevated materials, I give this Strikelight my most noteworthy expression! True serenity!

  9. Jeffrey Wertz

    I had read through a lot of similar programs, but I loved the approach of this one. I surely do need this strikelight!

  10. It is good to be ready for any eventuality including the extremes. Strike light is a must-have tactical weapon whether I am driving or taking a walk. No more taking of chances. You should also have one for your own use.

  11. Christine Ballard

    Keeping ourselves and our loved ones’ safe is the most significant thing to all of us. No matter what we do and where we are, we want to ensure the safety of ourselves as well as the ones we love, especially in the dark.
    In that retrospect, Strikelight is one of the best innovations of the recent times as it not only helps protect yourself and your family from dangerous intruders but also provides powerful light to navigate in the dark.

  12. Maggie Frampton

    Awesome! Strong light.The light is very bright for seeing at night and is blinding in the dark. The stun function is very painful, light getting shocked by a light socket.

  13. Very rugged tool definitely put some hurt on a bad guy awesome taser maybe for future models if you can do something with the intensity of the lumens and possibly a strobe option but other than that excellent product

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