Like Patrick Mony once said, “it’s not enough that officials cry every time a catastrophe happens. How many people need to die before they realize the problem.” Have you ever thought about it? Just how many people have to die while the experts do their assumptions? And how many are affected afterward?

No one can predict what the future holds. Anything could happen before we even realize, the least we could do is start preparing for the inevitable event. With that said, what will you choose to do if any natural catastrophe or turmoil happen?

natural catastrophe

You need to save yourself and your family from any possible dangers. That might work if the crisis isn’t persistent, however, in case if it lasts for days – what would you do?

You need a shelter for your family, you need food to feed them, and what about their security? Do you think they are safe from the intruders? The reality will hit you on the head, on the other hand, you’ll be too late to make a decision when it happens.

What are we talking about?

We are not making a prediction that this will happen tomorrow, and you need to be prepared for that. In fact, we are talking about the real events that are about to take place sooner than later. It might come as an economic collapse, or a food shortage, or a terrorist attack – in worst case scenario it might happen due to EMP strikes.

We are not talking about a short time crisis here, an EMP strike would make our earth an electronic graveyard. That means no more food transportation, no electricity, no water, and no facilities to store our medicines. In shorts, life on earth will become severe in every term.

economic collapse

Everyone alive will be switched to their survival instinct if any of these catastrophes happen. People will be on the roads and stores looting everything they could. They wouldn’t mind hurting you or your family for easy loot. How would you keep your family safe from those violent looters?

What are the safety measures that you need to make?

Well, an economic collapse or a terrorist attack seems too small in front of EMP strikes. In case if it is an EMP strike, you’ll have no electronics working. No electricity, no phones, no torchlights – unless you try to salvage some electronics. How would you do that?

You could safeguard your gadgets and electronics by keeping it inside a Faraday Cage. Now here comes the next question, how would I even make one?

You need a guide to learn these survival tricks. And if you’re reading this, you’re already looking for one. But this time, you’re at the right place and you don’t need to fall for those flimsy promises ever again. Today I’ll introduce you to a survival guide which will help you survive any catastrophes.


Be it an economic collapse or an EMP strike, this guide will help you take all the necessary precautions. From food, shelter, to medicines, it covers everything that you need to know. Before we talk any more, let me introduce the creator of this ultimate survival guide.

Scott Rogers

A well-renowned survival expert who have spent years researching on survival tricks. He put all his knowledge into producing an ultimate survival guide which would help you survive any catastrophes. With well-explained and demonstrated details, you’ll have no problems following his guide.

In here, I’ll introduce you to Scott Rogers Survival Master Plan, a complete guide that will help you and your family survive the hard times.

Survival Master Plan

It is an ultimate guide which will teach you different tips and techniques for surviving a collapse or a natural catastrophe. With thousands of copies sold around the world, the Survival Master Plan is a complete survival guide with great reviews from its customers.

a disaster struck world

It will not only give tips on how to survive an economic collapse, but it also gives tips on how to survive natural catastrophes like EMP strike. Like I said earlier, it is a complete survival guide which justifies its name Survival Master Plan.

What you’ll find inside the Survival Master Plan?

How to have a steady supply of food and water?

In these hard times, preserving enough food and water is the key to your survival. In this guide, Scott Rogers will teach you how to keep a steady supply of food and water, and how to keep it safe from intruders and looters.

How to keep your loved ones safe?

There will be violent looters looking for an easy meal. If you haven’t taken enough precautions to defend against them, you’ll be an easy victim during this ultimate survival. The author will help you make sure that you and your family are safe from any robberies and assaults.

How to communicate with your family?

Keeping in touch at all times would reduce the risk of dangers. However, in case if there’s an EMP strike, you won’t be able to communicate with others with your phone. The guide will teach you how to make reliable ways for communication in those circumstances.

How to see through dangers?

Humans won’t be your only enemy. There will be threats lurking all around you. Wild animals will roam your neighborhoods like as if they are in the wild. In such situations, it’ll be a better option to join forces with other survivalists.

your family isn't safe

However, you need to be careful while negotiating with anyone. Even if you know the person, people would still look to take advantage during these times. The guide will teach you how to negotiate with people, and this will help you gain a better deal each time.

These are only a glimpse of matters being discussed on the Survival Master Plan. There’s even a section which discusses EMP strikes.

Here’s what you can find inside EMP strike survival tips;

A detailed discussion on EMP

What is EMP? Most people don’t even know what is an EMP strike. Even if they do, they never believe that it would happen in the near future. According to scientific research, it is said that our sun will have large coronal blasts which will result in electromagnetic pulse within 2020.

The electromagnetic pulse will fry all electronics, and the after-effects would last for months or years to repair. To make it short, the earth will become an electronic graveyard. The guide will discuss almost all the possible threats.

How to make your own radio?

There’ll be no TV, even if you manage to salvage one – there won’t be any telecasts or updates aired. So, how would you communicate with the world? How would you know the updates?

You need a radio in that case, and Scott Rogers will teach you how to make one.

How to make a Faraday Cage?

If you want to salvage any electronics from an EMP strike, you’ll need a Faraday cage to keep your electronics safe. Survival Master Plan will teach you how to make a Faraday’s Cage. And it will help you keep your gadgets and electronics safe and working even after EMP strikes.

Different ways to cook food

You’ll need to adjust to every situation. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find a stove or kitchen appliances to cook your meal. The E-book will give you tips on how to cook food without using modern kitchen appliances. You’ll even a learn how to make a wooden stove at home.

storing food

How to gather water?

Water plays an important role in our daily life. What will you do when your loved ones crave for water? Even if you’re able to find a water source – how would you make sure that it is not contaminated?

You don’t need to worry about such situations anymore. You’ll find out how to decontaminate any source of water, therefore, you’ll have a steady amount of fresh water to drink at all times.

How to generate electricity?

How to make electricity with the items you have salvaged? The guide also has a section where it explains how to make solar panel system, wind turbine, and human-powered generators. With these many options to choose from, you’ll have no problems generating electricity for your needs.


  • It covers everything that you need to know in order to be prepared for a survival journey.
  • The author explains everything in a step-by-step manner, hence, you’ll have no problems understanding it.
  • 60 days money back guarantee available in case if you are not satisfied with the techniques and tips.
  • The guide has great reviews from its customers.
  • Free membership to the member’s area where you could chat with thousands of other members.


  • There are no negative sides since this is a complete survival guide, although, it’d have been better if there were videos to accompany the text guide.

looting from stores


From my personal experience, I’m totally satisfied with the techniques and tips I found inside this guide. Plus, the price you pay makes this buy an absolute steal if you ask me. Making up my decision was easier with the reviews I found online. I’d definitely recommend you buy it, if you do, you’ll be in my place to give a review next time.

Click this link to get your own Survival Master Plan today – prepare for the inevitable emergencies that will happen, and be ready!


  1. Mary Chambers

    I think that it is imperative that anyone out there gets this guide. I’ve learned a lot from it. This guide is not some fictional novel; it teaches you to survive in situations that many don’t speak about.

  2. Survival Master Plan is a book that has been written by Scott Rodgers who has nailed down the thing that you will need to do so that when this disaster strikes, you will have safety, food and other essential things that will help you be at the top of everything that you need to be doing.

  3. Survival Master Plan is a book that has been written by Scott Rodgers who has nailed down the thing that you will need to do so that when this disaster strikes, you will have safety, food and other essential things that will help you be at the top of everything that you need to be doing.
    This is a PDF eBook that is all about the things that you can do to survive such an attack. That is the reason why you need to read this book and see what can be gained from everything that has been included in here.

  4. Michael Goodin

    Surviving for sure. This is a master plan and the work done by the author of this system is amazing. I have been able understand so much information from this program that has helped me a lot.

  5. Richard Snyder

    It’s safe to say that even a teenager could implement the tips without any problems. It contains lots of useful information that you could use in different disasters, not just an EMP attack.

  6. Tracy Mundt

    This guide covers how to deal with heat by the holocaust and can survive using survival tips. It will show you how to find and store water, food, medicines and other things to survive in any type of crisis.

  7. Michael Johnson

    You will get to know about the techniques through which healthy food can be preserved for feeding your dependents. Very simple and precise language that can be followed by anyone without much problems and obstacles.

  8. Dustin Thornhill

    I think this one is the best one to start. In essence, because once you dominate it, you can dominate any other survivalist guides. Also, you can come up with your own ways.

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