How would you like it if I told you that you can save time and even the time that you save can be saved? And all of that without becoming a clock freak as this review will show you. We have heard the time jokes and of people who are compelled by their nature into doing things in an organized manner. Not everyone is like that way.

Time For Saving

Saving time is tricky in this age where we have invented a gizmo to do everything. We fool ourselves into thinking that we can do it last minute and give ourselves the silliest of excuses, ‘am not a procrastinator, I just wait until the last minute to do my work because I will be older and therefore wiser’. It’s a hoot and a half until it is not. Saving time is very important especially when you have important things to do and you have the distraction that keeps on intruding into your personal space to ruin it all up.

Well, the action machine may just be the key to getting all this done in the simplest of ways without getting distracted. It is an old traditional system that Derek Franklin took and turned it into software for time management. You see, in the old days, we had to have a time table of sorts that would be divided into pieces of time that would optimize productivity and get more done in less time. Well, he took the same concept and made it better. This is one clear system that is no scam.


The Software Itself

This is a simple piece of software that was designed with the goal of compartmentalizing everything into neat little bundles of time that would allow you to get a lot done in a short time. The maker, Derek Franklin uses the ‘Pomodoro Technique’.

action-taking software

This one capitalizes on the compartmentalization of time to get things done quickly. This concept of the Pomodoro technique is called time-boxing. As the name suggests, it is basically a division of time into little pieces and allotting work to be done in that time.


How It Works

This machine helps you get more done by using the techniques of having time set aside for a certain task, developing the technique or content to get that job done and then doing it within the time that you have set for yourself. The program is not complex and will most certainly not give you a hard time when you start using it. This will continue on long enough until you reach a point where you will be like a programmed machine and will no longer need this program to help you full time.


The Main Purpose of the Action Machine

Everyone creates something with the goal in mind to solve a certain problem or make things easier for everyone on the planet. Internet maps are easily accessible to help you out of sticky situations. Necessity leads to invention or improvement of the invention.

Clarity Map

That’s philosophy speaking. My point is Derek created this program with the goal in mind to solve the problem that we have been facing for a long time. The problem of managing time without getting out and giving up at some point because things get a bit hard is solved. The only way to get the baby to take the medicine is to lace it with sugar and the interface on this software is awesome. It will not only alleviate the boredom that you felt with the older time management methods but also will help you have an easy time working with this program.


The Most Amazing Features of This Program 

  1. It Works

There is no greater joy than creating something and knowing that it works. This is the reason why this program has so many reviews commending it on a job well done. The purpose that it was created for is fulfilled and this becomes one of the best features if this program. Therefore, when you are forking out the $47 to buy it, be confident that you have bought a fully functional product that will serve its purpose properly. Therefore, buy one today and get a fully functional life.


  1. It Has An Amazing Interface

You would expect a program that is built for something as serious as saving time to have a boring and stark interface but on the contrary, this program has done the job quite well. The interface has all the little colors that make it lively.

businesswoman looks busy

The animated features and the designs are okay. You will actually have fun using this program because it looks as cool as it sounds. I am confident to say in my review that it has been a pleasure working with it.


  1. Time Spending is Optimized

When you are using this program, you will spend more time getting things done rather than spending more time planning how to do them. This is one of the things that make it so easy to let time go by wasted. We spend too much time planning rather than doing.

Businessman at work

That is the reason why people procrastinate and wait for too long to get stuff done. So, if you are interested in getting more done without wasting time on planning, then you are on the right track. Optimizing your schedule will allow you to have more free time to relax and watch Game of Thrones.


  1. The Price Tag

Considering the old adage that postulates the fact that ‘Time is Money’, you will be happy to know that this program will save you more money as you can cut back on expenses that are spawned from the habit of procrastinating. This ensures that you are covered on all fronts.

Businessman at work

At just $47, you can be confident knowing that the buy was worth it. The reviews that we have seen so far seem to reinforce that statement. Less time wasted equals to more money.

  1. It Is Easily Found Online

Whenever you want to get the program, you can just click on the buy button from the action machine site and get the instant download or order the CD that has the installation options. It is your choice really but getting it all online is easier.

  1. The Money Back Guarantee

 Like all the products that you buy from the internet, you will have the 60 days trial period where you will test the efficiency of this program. After that is done and you see no positive change in your life, you are allowed to get your money back. So, you have no loss. Because you are covered by this, it is risk-free. Get yourself and test for any signs of ‘scam’ then tell us what you find.

The Obstacles That Make You Lazy

There are many but the ones that are major include

  • Lack of Clarity– This is the mental state of having so many fuzzy days that just sail by you and you get things done on impulse with no plan. This leads to less things done in a say. You will need to have a better system than thins to get more done.
  • Lack of Motivation– Motivation is what drives you to wake up in the morning, go to work, get things done and achieve a little each day. People who lack motivation are the one who have no plan. A time box strategy would be a start.
  • A Soft Life With no Pressure– If you want to get things done quickly and efficiently, you need to have in you, the pressure that will push you to get the things done. A deadline is one such example. If you can throw in a loss or consequence, you have the perfect recipe for pressure.
  • Being Stuck– When your life gets stuck in a rut doing the same things every day; you develop a certain resistance to pressure, morale and motivation. That is one of the reasons that make people reluctant to take action.
  • Lack of Activity– This is one of the most common things that make people lazy. They only have one thing to do. So, they get into a certain comfort zone where they spend their days doing basically nothing.

Woman Relaxing

The Three Step Time-Boxing Technique

  1. Make A List

That is the first step that will help you create the perfect time-box. A list of the things that you want to do or hope to get done will help you with the allocation of time frames to get that particular thing done in time.


  1. Allocate Time For Each

A little obvious but yeah, allocate time for everything that you want to do. That way, you can get everything in its place and execution will be easy. The problem with taking action is when one doesn’t know what to do and when to do it. This here is the solution.


  1. Start a Task and Focus

Still very obvious but it’s not like the rules of time management have changed, just improved. Well, you will start a timer; let’s say that you are an assassin and your first task is ‘get in the compound and kill the mob boss’. You start the timer and focus on nothing but making sure the target is neutralized. That my friend is the three-step time boxing technique which promises to save you time while saving time. If it works for you, you are bound to get a whole lot more done in less time.

3 Steps To Get Things Done


The Pros 

These are some of the things that make this program work so great;

  1. The system is so to speak, systematic. It’s a system after all and a lack of a step-by-step order would only serve to make it unsuccessful and it would crumble down to the ground. In this way, you have an efficient suite of systems that work to make your day better.
  2. It works and that is saying something. When it comes to internet bought stuff, you will find that the things you buy are not very legit as they would have you believe. This means that if this one works, it’s worth the buy.
  3. It is easy to access and use. It is a very easily found program that is only a search engine away. You just search for the name and you’ll get the site where they allow you to download it to your device directly. That makes for time-saving too and you don’t have to go through a hard time to get it.
  4. The program is created with the goal of making life simple and efficient in mid and it does that very well. What, with the interface and the allocation of accurately measured time. You cannot complain about this one.


The Con 

  • The program has a very simple method that has people asking, ‘why don’t I just get a stopwatch, pen, and paper?’ Well, I don’t know, because it’s so old school and you can’t have a cool interface that counts down time as a bomb timer?


The Conclusion

The simplest ideas are most often the ones with a very big impact on the lives of people. The passage of time is elusive and most people have a hard time keeping track of it. The action machine has offered a scam free solution as postulated by Derek.

After reading the reviews that I used to base my review research on, I have seen the way people talk about this program and I can vouch for its legitimacy. So, get your copy now and get saving because we have no time to waste, the apocalypse is here.

Get The Action Machine today, start taking actions to improve your life, and start turning your life around to where you’ve always wanted it to be


  1. A perfect guide to know what makes you perfect. Give it a try. I did and I love it.

  2. I won’t say I’m lazy, but I still want to increase my productivity, so I could work efficiently. However, there are times when you try different things and it seems to do the opposite, which left me distraught. And then one day, this came to me like a miracle and I can’t thank you enough for it because I was able to get what I was aiming for. Businessmen and businesswomen, this is what you lack.

  3. The Action Machine has been a success because people from all walks of life, from business people to parents, from teachers to students, are actively searching for both strategies and tools to help them accomplish more in their lives.

  4. Brandon Barton

    The action machine is really a serious motivational tool. It is a serious system that one would like to use. I have been using it for sometime now and i really believe it is a system worth going for. I have recommended it to many of my friends.

  5. Melvin Vance

    The action machine has actually changed me. It is a system that has really transformed me. The author makes use of some of the most important and secrets in life that i never knew about and they really work.

  6. The support for this software SUCKS ass! It was working on my pc until Windows 10 had an update and then it no longer worked and the owner told me there is nothing he can do and that he would not refund my money even though on this website reads that it is compatible with Windows 10. I love the software and I have been getting the runaround from the company for months. It really sucks because when the software worked, it was great. If the company fixes it, I will be happy to amend my review.

  7. Clifford Paz

    There is not other system that i can think of better than this one. It is worth to buy and use for its simplicity. And that is because the author understands what is going and recommends the best tips to follow for each case.

  8. Times are tough in this crappy economy … so stop reading right now and bust out some paper, a pen, and the stopwatch on your mobile phone … if you have a spare to spend on The Action Machine.

  9. Josephine Blair

    The clearer we can see something, the more we feel like we can control it. When it comes to planning your day, the clearer you can visualize what you need to do, and how much time it’s going to take, the more easily you can manage it and believe that it can be done!

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