A large portion of the human population drinks coffee or tea as soon as they wake up. Indeed, caffeine is a legal “drug”, a substance that increases your awareness physiologically and mentally.

But we don’t really consider coffee or tea as drugs. The same can be said for colas or energy drinks. I personally like coffee and drink 4-5 cups a day; I enjoy it and it keeps me sharp and awake.

However, it is not about the awakeness or some chemical boosting; coffee makes me happy. Now I’m sure that you can go into physiological and chemical processes of how coffee impacts my body, but it is not about that. It is my own ritual, it fulfills me on a level that transcends mere chemistry.

In any case, coffee is my smart drug. But what about the real smart drugs?

“Smart drugs”

“Smart drugs” are becoming more and more popular these days. There are rumors that the world’s elite, the Top 1% “cheat” by using some kind of smart drugs. Much like the ultimate pill from the movie “Limitless”, these pills apparently increase cognitive ability, memory, awareness…

Here’s the catch; the ultimate pill doesn’t exist. In fact, it was never about smart drugs. It is a good marketing trick and a great way for the pharmaceutical industry to earn extra money (like they don’t already have extra money!), but these smart drugs rarely work.

You have to look at this from a strictly logical perspective: how probable it is that you just take a pill and suddenly your brain rewires, you speak 12 languages and solve Einstein’s problems? Highly improbable.

However, there must be something that distinguishes the Top 1% from the general population, otherwise, they wouldn’t be the Top 1%. Unfortunately, I have no clue how they are the way they are. But I stumbled upon someone who actually works with these people, knows their habits and the way they think.

The top psychologist

Marion lectures

Marion Neubronner is a Harvard-trained psychologist interested in bringing things out of the darkness into the light. I guess you can call her an Edward Snowden of psychology because she indeed is exposing the secret of this growing brain gap between the 1% and 99%; a psychological whistleblower.

But I wouldn’t even hear about her if it weren’t for Alvin Huang, a successful entrepreneur from Singapore. As a successful entrepreneur, he obviously knew a lot of successful and rich people. But, as Alving said it himself, he never really felt like he was part of the “inner circle”.

Now I’m far from being a part of some rich club, but I can relate to him. You can be part of some group, but that group can have an inner group, a group within a group. Alvin met Marion at one of the high-level parties, and after a long and pleasant conversation, she offered him to lesson him and his employees for an entire day, free of charge.

And she did an incredible job. Alvin’s business has grown up to 6 times because of her coaching and her lessons.

So what is Marion’s secret?

Alvin did a little research and discovered that she wasn’t your average psychologists. She has big connections with Fortune 500 corporations like Oracle, who regularly recruit her to work with their top executives.

The thing is, she is not selling anything. Her secrets to success don’t include some secret supplements or drugs. Her training sessions also don’t rely on scientific breakthroughs or anything like that.

Not, what her clients spent millions of dollars on was one simple thing: happiness. You see, mainstream psychologists and their personal growth journals focus on how to move up the ladder. But their programs aspire towards mediocrity because their ideas are mediocre.

Here is a plot twist of this review: an average person will tell you that you will be happy once you are successful. So you struggle to be successful, work hard, sweat and bleed (sometimes literally). But the opposite is true: you will be successful once you are happy.

And that is the secret: rewiring your brain for happiness. Once the happiness is not a distant goal waiting for you at the end of the tunnel, but your everyday reality, success will come on its own.

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The Amazing You: a road to success

the amazing you package

The Amazing You is a unique system based on newly founded psychological theories. It discards the old-fashioned psychology and personal growth premises, much like the Copernicus proved that the Sun is in the center, not the Earth. The center of The Amazing You is happiness.

The great thing about this system is its “happiness hacks”, the ones you can apply in every aspect of your life, from your career to your personal relationships. And even if you think you really tried everything, the reviews about this product will surprise you because this is not your regular self-help, personal growth system.

There is nothing generic about it.

What is this system about?

First and foremost, you get a guidebook which basically explains the fundamental ideas behind The Amazing You program. It is based on Marion’s client’s stories. It is very important to follow through this guide because you will be lost without it.

The system contains all the techniques required to rewire your brain, to literally manufacture happiness. And that is possible if you know how to do it. Later, you will be using that happiness to achieve whatever goals you want.

Putting aside the guidebook, you also get:

  • The Strengths Inventory Sorting game that maps your way to success using the Six virtues that lead to happiness and fullness
  • The REBT system that allows you to gain a deep and profound understanding of your own subconscious beliefs (and how to change them)
  • Furthermore, you will get the two-step “Gratitude Letter ” awareness practice based on groundbreaking studies of the world’s best performers
  • An easy Mindfulness hack on how to turn even the most boring jobs into an enjoyable work
  • A transformative Meaning, Pleasure, and Strengths technique that precisely reveal how to instantly find your Prime Spot of Happiness

Why The Amazing You system?

These guides come in both PDF and audio (mp3) format and you can listen and read them anywhere you want. The reason why this system is made public is simple; reducing the gap between 1% and 99%.

Everyone should have access to these techniques, no matter their social status. Furthermore, this package includes 3 bonuses.

Bonus #1: Minimal Effort, Maximum Gains

This bonus gives you a close look at Michael Neill’s thoughts. Michael is the founder of Supercoach Academy and the author of several bestselling books. He is the one who will give you the details on enlightened self-esteem and deeper self.

Applying this knowledge will allow you to transform your life, to live it peacefully, in harmony. It is about realizing the force that drives your life, letting it all go; all you have to do is set the course. You are riding on a giant, and all you have to do is whisper into his ear…

Bonus #2: Success Multiplier With Yanik

Yanik Silver is a personal growth expert. He revolutionized business with his assertive “more profits, more fun and more impact” philosophy. He is indeed one of the greatest innovative minds of the 21st century.

His emphasis on “letting things go” is crucial to his philosophy. Realizing that ultimately leads to being more courageous and trusting your intuition. Most of us rely on our rational brain, completely neglecting the intuitive side. This knowledge can also be applied to anything you want, whether you want more money, happiness… It is universal knowledge.

Bonus #3: Ultimate Restoration Secrets

This bonus comes from Matt Reimann, the accredited lecturer at international universities. Matt puts all his effort into researching and figuring out the “emotional space”, that is, how different emotions affect our lives on a daily basis.

You will learn how your emotions affect both your thoughts and behavior. Being aware of your emotional state is the first step to changing them, thus changing your everyday life.

Who should buy The Amazing You system?

According to all the positive reviews and comments from various people, everyone can benefit from it. There are so many positive things in it, lessons, tips, and knowledge that can help different people in a different way.

Whether you want to move up the ladder, be more successful or just live a harmonious and happy life, this system is for you. Furthermore, the bonus content is pretty valuable.

Personally, I like the emphasis on “happiness before success” mindset. I think it really separates this system from all the other out there, giving you a new perspective on the things that have troubled mankind for centuries.

Realizing that and rewiring your brain to literally make happiness out of nothing is incredible; no other system can teach you that.


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  1. Billy K. Strickland

    I like the “happiness before sucess” idea, sounds very intriguing. It is true that we are trying to “get” happiness through our success, but achieving happiness is already a success. Will try this out and see how it goes.

  2. Verna Schwartz

    This product is a system that was designed specially to be of help to you if finding mental shortcuts is what you have been trying.You may wonder of what essence these shortcuts will be given your situation. Right? Wonder no more. The mental shortcuts will enable you to embrace your happiness and get to new success levels.

  3. Cynthia Jennings

    The uniqueness of this system comes in that it is backed by studies and research unlike other product that can offer only unproven promises at best.

  4. It is not something you apply or drink but The Amazing You is actually a book that helps you to control your mind to go to the next level and stop getting stuck on a rut.

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