A recent study done in the United States estimates that the self-help industry is worth $11 billion. So, it is understandable then, that you might be suffering from information overload and would not want to hear about, let alone read a review about another personal improvement product.

I hear from you. However, just as the effects of taking a bath or shower are not permanent, hence the strong recommendation you do it routinely, so too are the effects of inspiration. When you read inspirational material that sets your soul on fire, it only lasts sadly, for a short period of time.

This is a result of something you have no control over. Life. Our lives come with a set of demands that must be attended to. And, in the course of doing that, one may find themselves so far removed from their source of inspiration. The only solution to this is to return to the inspirational material for another ‘hit.’

If your source for inspiration was the Law of Attraction and you bought into the concept wholeheartedly, you were on the right track. The Law of Attraction absolutely works. This review will not attempt in any way shape or form to discredit its merits.

This review will address what has come to light in pursuit of the Law of Attraction and provide a simple and straightforward remedy.

If you are not familiar with the Law of Attraction, here is a quick reminder of what it is.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is built around the premise that if you can believe it, you can achieve it. That regardless of age, nationality, religious belief or current locale or situation, you can harness the power of your mind and your thoughts and use them to bring to life all that you desire.

So, are you one of those people who signed up for the Law of Attraction and has been religiously practicing the teachings only to come up empty? You are not alone. A few years ago, Laura King also found herself in the same boat. Here is her story.

Laura’s Story

Laura’s father was a paramedic. He inspired her to want to be part of something bigger than herself. To give back to her community in some way. So when she was deciding on a career, she chose to become a nurse. She loved to help people so this was a perfect fit in her book.

However, her life took an unfortunate turn. Her husband suffered a stroke and they went from a two income to a one income household. With two children and a husband now on disability to support, she did her best to hold her family together. It was not an easy task.

The bills began to mount. She turned to credit cards to ease the weight and soon found herself mired in credit card debt. Eventually, all the credit cards were maxed out. Adding to this was the sad fact that the relationships with her family and close friends were severely strained. She hit rock bottom.

One day, finding herself at her wits’ end, she cracked open a copy of the Law of Attraction. The book was given to her by a friend. A friend who passionately swore by its teachings.

She read it from cover to cover and agreed wholeheartedly with its inspirational message. She began to practice the instructions therein faithfully. Months went by with no positive results. She was frustrated and chose to stop focusing on its principles. A few months later she got an early Christmas gift.

An Early Christmas Gift

On a Christmas Eve night, she received what later turned out to be the best gift ever. The gift came by way of a quiet and wise elderly gentleman. His name was Paul Godfrey. He was admitted to the hospital she worked at after a fall. He also just happened to be a millionaire.

She took care of him for two days. In that time they talked. She talked about the Law of Attraction and how it had failed her. He said she was on the right track. He then filled in what was missing that was preventing her from reaching the level of abundance she so desired.

She heeded his advice and got to work putting into practice everything that he had shared with her. The results blew her away. She got her life back and then some and in the spirit of her commitment to serving others, now want to share it with you.

Why the Law of Attraction Has Not Worked For You Yet


After talking with Paul, Laura realized that phony self-help gurus have been keeping information away from you. She says it’s because they had adopted a scarcity mentality. This mentality makes them believe that once they give you all the information, you will no longer be in need of their services.

This may be true. Laura, however, prefers to operate with an abundance mentality and share with you what she has learned. These teachings have taken her from debt, stress, and depression to success, wealth and abundance, to living with peace, happiness and total fulfillment.

Laura has found what she calls the missing key. The secret behind the secret. The key that unlocks the full power of the Law of Attraction. It is Harmonic Flowing and she has incorporated what she learned on that fateful Christmas Eve night into a blueprint called The Awakened Source Program.

The Awakened Source Program

The Awakened Source program is your passport to unlocking a truly abundant life. It is built around the understanding of what Laura calls Harmonic flowing. A process that involves getting the brain to flow in positivity that is geared only towards creating abundance.

The brain has a negative default so making it switch to a positive thinking default will require persistent and consistent effort on your part. You will need help. This program provides you with a step-by-step blueprint to do just that.

The missing key that Laura has incorporated into The Awakened Source program is what makes the Law of Attraction work for each and everybody who has tried it. So if you already love the Law of Attraction, reviews of this product confirm that you will love this too.

The following is included in the program.

What You Get

  • Practical techniques for tapping into your inner power and wisdom that puts you in direct connect with Harmonic Flowing.
  • Simple, straightforward exercises for erasing all your mental blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.
  • Learn how to manage stress and other negatives that prevent you from accessing abundance.
  • Three great gifts designed to complement and enhance your abundance manifestation experience. These gifts are detailed below.

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Bonus Offering

Included in The Awakened Source program are the following three bonus gifts.

1. Eight Pillars of Prosperity – an audio program by James Allen. This gift lists what he considers to be the exact eight qualities one must meditate and build upon in order achieve lasting success.

2. Miracles of Your Mind – a book by Dr. Joseph Murphy, a pioneering leader in the self-help industry. This gift teaches you how to tap into your mind’s miracle-working power and spreads it to every aspect of your life.

3. Love Yourself – a book that shows you how to reconnect to your inner world with an overwhelming sense of self-love, happiness, and peace of mind.

In a nutshell, the above three bonus gifts will get you to abundance sooner rather than later. Would you turn that opportunity down?

Money Back Guarantee

Laura is confident this program will work for you. If you buy it and disagree, you will not find yourself out of pocket.
The program comes with an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. It takes only 24 hours to get a refund from the moment of cancellation.

In addition, you also get to keep everything you had received in your original purchase.



Do you believe in the basic tenements of the Law of Attraction? Do you agree that abundance is your birthright and is not a reserve for a select few? Does overflowing happiness, great love and unending prosperity appeal to you?

Are you thinking of doing any of the following in the near future?

  • Firing your boss.
  • Leaving your 9 to 5 job.
  • Making more money in a month than you did in the whole year.
  • Becoming debt free.
  • Being able to afford your dream car or house at first sight you desire.

Buy the key. Unlock the life of your dreams.

This program can be used by anyone regardless of where they are today in comparison to where they wish they could be. It worked for Laura. Customer reviews indicate that it has worked for many others as well. Why not add yourself to the list.

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  1. Kenneth B. Decker

    I am one person who believes in dreaming and making sure that the dreams come true. So coming across this amazing post enabled me do alot of things. I have learned more about myself and the way forward if I have to keep adding value to myself.

  2. I’ve researched a lot of things regarding Law of Attraction, watched a lot of documentaries and read a lot of books. But until you start actually applying these things to your life, you won’t fully understand the magnitude of it. Anyhow, I love this program, and it is a great way for anyone to start seeing the world as it is and benefit from it.

  3. This program appears to be designed in a way where people can see and compare where there life is and where they want to be. Most importantly it tells how to reach the desired level.

  4. Travis Smith

    Helpful tips on how to achieve the desire for peace, wealth, health and happiness in life by invoking a positive mindset. Loving yourself first is vital to truly live your life happily with an abundance of peace, love, and happiness.

  5. Trust me you will accomplish a lot from this guide. Have you found yourself in a situation where you do not know what to do with your life? Then that will nit happen anymore if only you will use this book. I have been able to achieve my dreams in my career after reading the guide. The tips helped me deal with some obstacles that hindered me from making the most important steps in life. It is also easy to follow.

  6. Patricia B. Higgins

    This has been like my eye opener. The guide has helped me change a lot of things in my life. It is a system that is well-created, easy to understand addressing the real life issues that you are going through. I have also found the results really impressive which makes me recommend the program to as many people as possible.

  7. Some times what we need might be demanding so much sacrifice that we may be discouraged. In other times we end up forgetting what our goals and targets were. Not if you are following this guide. It is like fuel that you can use to get to your dreams. After buying this product and reading its content, i now feel my life is where i wanted it to be. The program has provided me with enough support to propel me until i achieve what i have always wanted.

  8. The awakened source has given me new hope and purpose in life. It has opened my eyes and enabled me to focus my life to a different but better direction. Thank to the informative and helpful information in this system.

  9. The concept of Harmonic Flowing is analyzed in details for the program users to understand and start applying it in their day-to-day activities as a way of polishing their minds for easy achievement of their life desires.

  10. The program also contains detailed step-by-step guide on how to keep your mind relaxed with the help of Harmonic Flowing. This is described as a giant step towards reaching and tapping the source of abundance you greatly desire.

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