Instant Switch…Getting what you want by using your desire to pull it towards you.

Sounds like Law of Attraction all over again. If you have never heard of Law of Attraction don’t worry I will make sure you’re in the loop by the end of this review. If you have you’re probably wondering why this is named something else. Just stick with me, it’ll all make sense in a few paragraphs.

Storytime: When I was in university I attended a pitch for Social Anthropology. I knew I probably wouldn’t major in it but it was such an impressive pitch I had to try it. The lectures were boring and dreadful. Even though I was sure it was a fascinating field, I dropped it faster than a hot potato.

Moral of the story is sometimes you find something that sounds amazing and it’s guaranteed to turn your life around but then you try to get deeper into it and somehow the delivery doesn’t connect with your soul and you give up.

Instant Switch is that life-changing opportunity. It is a chance to take your average life and turn it extraordinary using means that are beyond your imagination.

Maybe you took a chance a long time ago, and your faith in that was shattered when it didn’t work out. Maybe you’re still licking your wounds from that time. Whatever your situation is, Instant Switch might turn on the light at the end of the tunnel for you, or it might bring life to the lightbulb moment you’ve been waiting for.

But I started with the conclusion…Let’s rewind a bit.

Instant Switch

Developed by Sandy Gilad a Masters degree holder from the esteemed Harvard University, she is a child psychologist who has unlocked the key of miracle manifestation through her own life struggles. The average lady has taken the art of Law of Attraction to the regular person who cannot see past their deep-seated issues.

The Law of Attraction which states that positive thinking, visualization, and self-manifestation are the keys to unlocking amazing things in our lives. If you are new to this concept I suggest you take a crash course by watching the mind-blowing movie called The Secret (2006). While this is thought of as pseudoscience by many people, thousands testify to its power and many believe Christian practice strongly resembles it.

Flip the Instant Switch and complete your transformation.

Flip the Instant Switch and complete your transformation.

Flip the Instant Switch and complete your transformation.

However, she realized something greater was stopping many people from bathing in the rewards of this concept. When she was faced with her own issues she realized that unless people overcame their personal blockages all teachings would be useless.

In a package she designed, you will be able to change your mindset by flipping a switch and this will bring you the good health, wealth and lifestyle you have always desired.

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Sandy’s Techniques

In order to unlock this potential within you, you start by tearing down the blockages in your mind. There are three techniques outlined and explored in this package.

Number 1: Selfie filter

If you’re thinking about the filters that you go through when you take a picture and plan to show it to the world, keep that image in your head. Just like those filters, this technique aims to remove the self-sabotaging thoughts in your mind that you have about yourself. You are going to replace those thoughts with only thoughts that make you feel more confident and excited about your life.

Number 2: The Rubber Band Effect

Because of the first step, you are ready for the second technique which creates new pathways in your life. You start to see new thought patterns. This leads to things becoming easier in your life, you start drawing finances and people to help you move along and grow.

Number 3: The Destiny Unlock

The combination of the other two steps naturally builds a way for the third aspect. This is where all your negative thoughts and previous blockages melt away. You stop worrying about money and other things and focus on your destiny.

In the guide

The package comes with the following information to help you on your journey:

  •  How you can mold your brain for success and happiness.
  • A bizarre yet effective audio stimulation technique that would transform your brainwaves into a wealth-seeking machine.
  • How you can use the “Energy Circle” technique to mend your broken past relationships and inspire new ones to form.
  • Three simple and quick strategies for removing bad health habits, like emotional eating and smoking.
  • A “love experiment” that will kick out depression, overwhelming stress, and anxiety from your life.
  • Explanations about the simplest and fastest way to magnetize meaningful friendships and your soul mate.
  • A sixty-second technique that would reset your mind to free you of money worries, and much more…

To sweeten the deal it includes some bonus material. In the “Success Accelerator” you get:

  • Different mindset secrets that would accelerate your manifestation goals without exerting more effort.
  • One word that Richard Branson constantly says to guarantee his success.
  • Oprah’s success habit that would flood your life with so much joy and supportive people.
  • John Mackey’s mindset switch secret that catapulted him to success in the business world and allowed him to share his blessings to other people, and a lot more…


Different From Other LoA Guides

Unlike the other Law of Attraction programs, she places great value in the human psyche that many people write-off as an in-built flaw that makes close-minded people failures. She takes the time to open the otherwise closed-mind that is a result of bad experiences.

Easy To Follow and Implement

Because she has been a victim of her own circumstances and has managed to move from its shackles, this program is made to be easy to follow to gain success. All you need is a short set period where you can implement her instructions.

Reasonable Price

There are plenty of life coaches who probably use the ideas from Law of Attraction but having a personal trainer eats into your busy schedule and costs an arm and a leg. This program is below a reasonable price and, depending on your effort, will produce the same effects.

A Comprehensive Guide

It is an all-around system that covers all aspects of your life and all components to help you get out of your own way in order to step into your destiny. She takes the time to explore all the important parts to get you on track. I guess it’s the benefit of being a child psychologist.

Bonus Material

In addition, the “Success Accelerator” bonus report is a great addition to the main guide and it adds real value to the Instant Switch system.

Comes With a Risk-Free Refund Guarantee

It comes with a money back guarantee. That means if you find it difficult to implement her ideas in your own life, you can get a full refund. This guarantee from Sandy allows you to give The Instant Switch program a risk-free try.


Not a “Work-Overnight” System

In a world that is seeking quick fixes and the fastest ways to get a result, Instant Switch is a progression system. It requires time and continued application of the techniques to manifest successfully whatever it is you want. I guess you learn patience from it too. Kind of makes the name misleading.

May or May Not Produce Results

Because it takes personal development and effort this program might not produce the results you expect. For many people that would be a fail.

Not Available In Physical Format

The Instant Switch is only available for purchase in digital format for now. If you prefer a printed edition this might be a con for you. You’ll have to spend extra for printing the guide by yourself.


One of my favorite principles that Sandy uses is a phrase she uses for the children she counsels. The phrase is about changing the channel when you don’t like what you’re seeing in your life. And this is exactly what most people need to have in their lives.

Realize that you’re not a tree if you don’t like where you are in your life move. Sometimes you think you are stuck but listening to how Sandy and many others manage to change their positions from being pitiful shows that it is possible.

Sure the name is misleading and you want instant change but change is instant in the smallest things. If you stop focusing on all the big wrongs and start focusing on the small wins you will see that the change is there.

If you are impatient and think that change comes from any other place that’s not within then you will not be happy. Not just with this program but with a lot of things in your life. I recommend you buy this and give it a real shot.

What do you really have to lose? If it doesn’t work for you there is the money back guarantee. You can get it and give it the best you can and if you see results don’t forget to review and let us know.

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  1. I am so in love with this program. The best part of owning it is that I can go over it as much as I want to.

  2. David B. Quintana

    I am that person who has been on the grind just to make sure that success becomes part of my journey. However, I have failed many times and was almost quitting. Then came this wonderful post linking me to awesome opportunities. I have learned a lot from the article. Time to master success.

  3. This remind me of the Iceberg Theory; wherein you show 10% of yourself and the remaining, hidden. If you want to be successful, you have to keep in mind what would make people say “we want you.” Once you decoded the tricks to that, it will easy to set your milestones and build success the way you want it to be!

  4. I did not know that the law of attraction actually works until I read this guide and started applying it to my life. Now, I have a very peaceful life!

  5. Willard Westfield

    There were so many things I dreamed of having, but I never knew what to do to get them. This feeling brought me tons of anxiety and even depression. I was ready to quit and just let things as they are. Luckily, a friend recommended this program and it changed my life so much that now I feel ashamed that once I wanted to quit everything. Get this program, and you will understand how unique it is!

  6. Anthony Acosta

    Quiet unusual but it is very beneficial now a days on espcially that commodity prices seems hiking every now and then.

  7. The cost of The Instant Switch is still within the average price range, and it’s definitely a cheaper option than going to actual seminars. For example, the cost of each Law of Attraction workshop conducted by a certified facilitator could cost up to thousands of dollars. If you’re not ready to make that kind of investment, The Instant Switch is definitely a good option for you to consider.

  8. Vernon Ibarra

    The Instant Switch, you really will attract health, wealth and
    happiness. And it will help you write your fairytale ending… like it
    did for me.
    Oh did I forget to mention Prince Charming? I’ll get to him in a minute.
    But, right now I’m sure you’re wondering how the Switch works, and how to flip yours.
    Compared to the power it contains, flipping your Instant Switch is sooooo darned easy. It’s also
    the only method of its kind guaranteed to get you results lightning fast.

  9. Pamela Steele

    The Instant Switch is a program that teaches practically anybody how to change their life with just a simple switch. The lessons within the program draw on Sandy’s own life experience, and she shows readers how they too can use these lessons to craft the life and lifestyle they deserve.

  10. Tracy A. Glover

    It is a life changing program. My happiness is that it has transformed my life. I have a better life because this program has given me purpose and changed the way i live.

  11. Anthony Reese

    The Instant Switch offers limitless possibilities and trains you how to get out of fears, doubts and stresses. The above are negative thoughts which are embedded in your subconscious and act as emotional and mental hindrances that deter happiness and success. It helps you to reach a point of power whereby you experience life, become unstoppable and are happy. This great program discussed in the book guarantees to teach your brain as well as renew your entire life.

  12. Jesse Haynes

    It is a switch that is easy to go around with. The system has worked very well and i think it is the best that i can ever think of when it comes to getting full control of my life. I feel so good that i decided to get this system.

  13. Paul Crawford

    To be completely honest with you, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that there was really nothing complicated involved in transforming myself, in transforming my brain. I’ve read in other books recommended such stark changes that no one would really be able to immediately apply to their lives.

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