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The millionaire switch is a downloadable program that has primarily been created for men who have the desire to become wealthy.  The program is developed by Jason Capital.

According to Jason, All men in the world fall into two categories: 99% or the 1%. The one percent refers to the few people that are billionaires; they are self-made billionaires. 99% refers to the rest of the men.  Average, mediocre that will never see a billion in their lifetime.

The few billionaires start with a brain switch.  They stopped seeing themselves at 99% and started seeing themselves in the 1%. This is the switch that Jason talks about.  You must visualize yourself as one of those millionaires; feel that is where you belong.  Only then can you start your journey to being a millionaire.

Jason Capital

Jason is an influential part of the dating industry.  He has been a dating coach for almost five years.  He has authored several seduction books namely:

  • Make women want you
  • How to make women want to fuck you

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Since he developed his “honest” style of picking women, Jason has gone on to harness this expertise and has created an impressive social and business life.

He has founded the Jason Capital dating business and also the popular newsletter.  He calls himself “America’s honest dating coach.”  This is because; his style of hooking up with women revolves around honest principles as opposed to acting all fake.

Jason asserts that the methods he has incorporated in his pdf have been tested and applied by other billionaires like:

  • Bill Gates
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Richard Branson

The following are some of the lessons that James hopes you will walk away with after you buy his pdf:

  • The actualization of the opportunities and all the other things that you need in your life.
  • You will learn how to take things in your stride whenever you are faced with any kind of challenges in your life.
  • You will learn to appreciate life, irrespective of how much you are making and you will reignite the same passion that has driven other men to greatness.
  • You will stop watching life pass you by and start to create the kind of life that you desire.
  • You will start to get used to the idea of searching for the next big thing in your life.
  • Your introverted life will end on your way to the VIP life.

The program comes with a bonus. The bonus is the opportunity for you to join Jason’s elite action taken academy. Here, you will mingle with other successful men and learn from them.

The switch

The switch takes place through the following steps:



The switch starts with you defining your vision and your purpose. You must define your own vision, move from the vision of the people around you for good and move on to yours. Be conscious about choosing your destiny.


Be sure of where you are going.  Have a vivid picture in your mind. You must be sure that you indeed want to be a millionaire and that you really want to generate more wealth than you have dreamed of in the past.


You must believe in your vision.  See it in your mind and believe with all your heart that you will achieve it. See yourself owning all that you have wanted to own. Visualize yourself mingling with the rich and influential men around you.

Pull yourself

You must inspire yourself to go where you want to go.  Look within yourself and draw your inner strength.  It is not the factors around that hinder you, but your beliefs and attitudes. Jason believes that you can become a millionaire no matter what your environment is because opportunities to make wealth can be found everywhere.

Ask yourself fundamental questions

  • How will I become a millionaire?
  • What resources are within my rich?
  • What could I do today?

Have good people believe in you and follow your vision.  You will achieve your vision faster than you envisioned.

Action steps

Jason indicates that the following steps are fundamental in your quest to become a millionaire.

  1. Jot down every single thing that you want to achieve in the next four years.
  2. Write down your vision every day and every night.
  3. Talk about parts of your vision to your friends
  4. Think of the specific skills that you need to develop to achieve your vision. Get down to acquiring those skills.


Once you flip the switch, you will:

  • Get out of your comfort zone and desire more opportunities to come your way.
  • You will stop hassling too much to get what you want.
  • You will learn and embrace wildly unconventional strategies and throw slow conventional approaches through the window.
  • You will learn how to recover from any form of loss. Money, houses.  This is because nobody can take away your intellect.
  • You have heard of the creed “That which does not kill you, you use to your advantage” you will learn how to live that principle.
  • You will never have to go for a job interview for a job that you do not really love. This is because you will learn to see opportunities whichever way you look.
  • The program will teach you to turn life’s challenges into opportunities. You can take anything that is happening in your life and turn it into a fortune.

About the ebook

The program is a 75 minutes video from a wealth sermon. The program is centered on the individual as opposed to the environment around him.  Jason believes that the transformation that needs to happen will happen within the individuals.

The eBook is inspired by billionaires that have built their wealth by themselves.  The program aims at harnessing the positive energy within you and focusing it on generating prosperity and wealth.  The following are some of the points that stand out.

  • From the guide, you will be taught some principle’s that will automate your wealth generating opportunities. You just have to be aware of them and reach for them.
  • You will be saved from years of tolling to become a millionaire. You will reduce that time to under a year.
  • You will lose the timidity that comes with being broke. You will gain your confidence as you continue to make your wealth.
  • You will become more conscious of the opportunities around you to make that extra buck. Never again will opportunities pass you by. You will be neck to neck with your competitors.
  • You will learn to be aggressive. You will learn the art of grabbing opportunities.
  • As you make money, your social, family and love lives will blossom. Your relationship with the people around you will improve tremendously.
  • The program will teach you how to make a lot of money doing the things that you love.

Some of the topics covered in the eBook are:

  • Always being motivated.
  • On being a genius.
  • How to always brim with positive energy.
  • You will be guided on how to attract good people to follow your lead.
  • You will learn leadership skills.
  • You will be taught how to be paid more for any of the work that you do.

What will you take away from the program?

  • The program will equip you with techniques to locate money creating channels. You will be empowered to make money within a very short time.
  • You will learn the things you have been that have been sabotaging your dreams for a wealthy life. Your eyes will be opened to all the mistakes you have been making in your pursuit of wealth.
  • You will discover the secrets of successful men. You will clearly see the difference between you and them, and you will learn what it is you need to do to bridge the gap.
  • Through the program, you will discover the opportunities that you have not been exploiting. You will be able to seal loopholes that have been eating into your investment.
  • The program will enable you to learn about the lifestyle of rich men that you could be looking forward to becoming. This will motivate you even further.
  • You will be made to love the work that you do and treasure it as all successful people do.
  • You will be moved from your world to a world of many possibilities.
  • You will be taught to think beyond common sense.
  • You will be reprogrammed to choosing a different set of risks and rewards.
  • You will be taught to trust in the power of being hungry for what you want, being certain in your body and soul that you will achieve it.

The program comes with the following upsells:

The millionaire DNA switch:

This upsell is meant to activate your DNA.  By the time you are through with the program, you will have mastered the art of persuasion and sale finalizing tips.

The bonus will sharpen your communication skills, especially those that are necessary for closing market deals. It will eventually help you to create wealth in the shortest time possible.

The online millionaire program (Digital Millionaire program)

The program objective is to develop your online marketing skills even further.  The program is slightly expensive, but it will teach you all the primary methods of creating wealth through the internet.

The pdf is ideal for those people who are keen on having online careers and making their millions through the same.

Millionaire X-files

The program goes for $37 and offers invaluable lessons about how to become a young millionaire. The program gives you a millionaire switch membership package that puts you in a community of many self-made millionaires.

On this platform, you will find all the support and guidance that you need on your way to becoming a millionaire.  You will have access to unlimited tools that you need to become a millionaire.

If you’re ready to make the millionaire switch, and start thinking the right thoughts, and to start thinking like a millionaire, you can click this link to get The Millionaire Switch today!


  • Legit author

Jason has rallied a millionaire.  He, therefore, is confident about what he is talking about.  Also, all his previous programs have centered on honesty.

  • Straightforward

Jason does not exaggerate information.  He will only tell you what you need to know.

  • Authentic

Jason achieved his millionaire status in his mid-20 by doing the exact thing that he is asking you to do today, switching his mind.  It is therefore tried and tested.

  • For all men

The program that Jason has created is not for some particular men.  It is designed to work for every single person.

  • Sixty days refund policy

Your money is secure.  If at the end of the guarantee you feel the program did not work for you, you only need to demand your money back.

  • You will be taught how to become wealthier and acquire the right mindset.
  • You have full access to the product for just $10. This is such a bargain.
  • The program is user-friendly and easy to download. You do not require any particular skills to download, just some basic computer skills.
  • Easily accessible. You can access the program on the internet at any time.  You can also access it via any gadget.

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  • The program will help you to gain self-confidence. The program will renew your belief in yourself.
  • The program will teach you more about your potential. You will, in turn, be able to create more opportunities to express yourself.
  • Through the program, you will learn more about stress management. You will be able to deal with all the stress that you might have been going through due to financial issues.
  • The results of the program are instant. Your attitude towards your life and finances will improve immediately.
  • You will regain control of your life as you find your way to wealth. You will be able to afford anything that you want to buy.  You will also be in a position to undertake the activities that make you happy and visit places that you have desired to visit.
  • Unlimited support. If you have a question, you only need to send it to Jason, and he will respond instantly.

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It is expressly for men

Some of the languages that Jason uses may be uncomfortable for women.  This is quite understandable considering that the majority of his fans are men

Not for skeptics

The only way one gets the benefits of this program is if they are open minded, are ready to unlearn their financial beliefs and embrace new views so that they do self-sabotage.

No hard copy

The product is only helpful to individuals that have a reliable internet connection. It is not for book lovers. It will not be attractive to you if you love to have a book that you will read from cover to cover.

It is not a miracle switch

You must put in all the effort to have the strategies in the book work for you. After you mastered the program, you have to motivate yourself to figure out how to get to the top.
Top of the mountain


The course can only teach you some strategies.  Following through those strategies must be a person’s initiative.  You need the drive and self-discipline to follow through.


  • One review said that of all the books they had read on success, it was the only product that offered them something fresh. Another review indicated that the program helped him to recommit his effort and his goals and in his words, “get down to business.”
  • Many reviews felt that the program could be useful to all men who wanted to achieve financial success and live happily.
  • Many reviews considered that the $9 charged for the course was too cheap as compared to the value of the content inside.
  • Another review felt that the program was ideal for anyone who was tired of being broke.

Man lying on the street

Is the program a scam?

There was no indication that the pdf could be a scam. Many users had only positive things to say about the program.

Make the switch today, and start by clicking this link to learn more about The Millionaire Switch For Men!


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    This one works and works very well.

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    The system is designed to change a man’s brain so that one can realize financial channels that can help him achieve financial prowess.
    It provides you with the techniques to help you find cash creating channels. Equips you with the knowledge that can help create a lot of money within a short period of time.

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    The program provides you with the techniques to help you find cash creating channels. Equips you with the knowledge that can help create a lot of money within a short period of time.

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