Ever since I was in school, I had one habit that follows me everywhere.

I was a master at procrastinating.

My mother tried her best to drag me out of my lazy habits, but I was a stubborn procrastinator.

My teachers were tired of my never-changing ways.

Be it cleaning my room or preparing for my tests, the habit of putting things off until the last moment never left my side.

My adult life


Old habits die hard. This was very true in my case.

This stubborn habit followed me well into my adult years and has ever since been an inherent part of me.

I became known among my group of friends as the person who was consistently late, the one who lacked good planning, putting off things for the last moment.

I was notoriously famous for being late, and no amount of advice or embarrassment helped change my ways.

Lack of planning and putting things off until the last moment caused me a great deal of shame and lowered self-esteem.

Wallowing in that sense of poor self-confidence, I felt powerless. I did not have the energy or time to figure out how I could better organize myself.

Endless lists of things to do would constantly overwhelm me.

This went on for a while until the day life shook me back into reality.

I lost my job.

I had been continuing the same trend of procrastination, leaving things unattended until the last moment and staying long hours trying to complete insurmountable workloads.

I skipped deadlines, missed important action items and made a lot of mistakes.

Every single day, I constantly felt like more and more work was piling up on me.

This continued for a long time.

My superiors noticed this trend in me and decided I had to leave.

One day, my boss called me for a discussion in his office. He had a look of genuine concern and sympathy on his face as he asked me why I was not able to cope.

My boss had been my biggest mentor and guide throughout my work history in that organization. He wanted to know what bothered me so much, and if there was something difficult going on in my life.

I told him the deadlines were way too strict and if they relaxed it a bit, I would be able to cope.

My boss wasn’t able to save my job, but he gave me a piece of advice I’ll never forget.

Everyone gets the same amount of time every single day. Look where you might be losing yours.


This piece of advice struck something deep within me. I knew he was right.

What approach was I missing that my colleagues at work could so easily and effortlessly follow?

I wasn’t incompetent; there was something inherently wrong with my approach to the work at hand.

As I pondered, I realized that this was true not only for the workplace, but for everything I did in life.

I could not complete the task at hand, though I was well informed and competent to do it.

I desperately needed help in figuring out how successful people spent their time and what I was doing wrong.

I needed to know the secret to getting things done quickly and effectively, leaving me plenty of time to relax, rejuvenate and spend quality time with my family.

I had no idea why I was so ‘stuck’ at life while everyone else seemed to be moving fast ahead.

It felt as though everyone else around me was having a great time.

All my friends were moving ahead, getting great jobs, starting families and I was just stuck behind, miserably.

I had to do something to reset my life. I had to reboot my life so that I could start living once and for all.

I was tired of being called ‘lazy’.

I knew I was not lazy. I worked hard, stretched beyond normal working hours to accomplish tasks, but still missed deadlines. I was just not able to finish what I had started.

There was some kind of invisible power that had its clutch on me, preventing me from accomplishing or completing things I had planned to.

I needed freedom, the kind of freedom I had never experienced in life.

Freedom from things that burdened me- like unattended chores, tasks that weighed me down and played the guilt game with me each time I wanted to do something enjoyable.

My first brush with the ‘Mind Hacking’ method


I constantly felt as though I was drained of my physical and mental energy, and had no motivation to work or take things forward.

This I suspected was the major cause of my chronic procrastination.

I dreamt of being at the top of my game, being better than everyone else because I was.

It deeply saddened me that my ability and talent were going to a waste because of this one failure.

I had no savings, and I could not afford to go to a psychologist. Good psychologists were expensive and charged no more than $200 per hour, and I knew it wasn’t an option for me.

One day, as I was on talking to my cousin on Facebook, she casually mentioned something about this excellent mind hacking method that was getting wildly famous in her social circle.

I asked her more about it, and she sent me the link to Steve’s ‘Mind hacking’ program AKA the Halo method.

As I watched the introductory video, I was amazed at how at home I felt.

This program felt so right for me. Everything said in the video resonated deep in me, and it felt as though this program had been designed especially for me.

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My experience with this program


I was a little skeptical of feeling too hopeful, but something deep inside me pushed me to buy this program, and I am glad I did.

As I read through the reviews of the program, I felt more and more compelled to buy it.

The idea of enjoying and accomplishing huge chunks of work at the same time was too much for me to resist. I had a beautiful family to take care of, and I knew I had to relish my time with them.

I had to resolve my issues as soon as possible, work-issues, personal issues and anything else that ever bothered me, so I could embrace life fully.

I made up my mind and resolved to beat this awful habit of procrastination and turn my life around.

I decided to immerse myself in this program and take whatever it offered.

As I began this program, things started slowly making sense.

Simple concepts were clearly explained, and I wondered why I had not thought this way before.

Magic of the Halo method

The Halo Method is a brilliant mind hack technique consisting of three halos, each containing powerful, unique mind hacks to save you at any moment of procrastination.

When I started applying the Halo method to my daily activities, I started seeing amazing results.

These results were truly shocking, and I was in disbelief of how things started changing suddenly.

As a person who left things until the last moment, and never really enjoyed working, I was amazed at the kind of joy each task gave me as I applied these mind hacks.

Tasks started getting completed well ahead of time, and I was left with large amounts of free time after work.

My life had improved beyond anything I could ever imagine.

Life for me has taken a U-Turn and I now feel happy in the mornings when I see tasks ahead of me. I know exactly how much time I will spend on them, and with the utmost confidence of being able to see them through.

You know what I love most? Checking things off my awful to-do list.

I am sure you will agree with me.

Benefits of this program


By choosing to apply the principles in this program, you will be able to radically increase the level of success in your life.

You will be able to accomplish real work and get more things done than you had always believed you were capable of, all with a clear, ultra-focused mind.

This program shows you how you can step up your game without complex ideas like willpower and hard work.

Simple, yet effective techniques if sincerely followed can get you accomplishing anything you set your mind to, quickly and effectively.

This program can help you effectively boost your productivity and success in as little as one week.

When you accomplish more work in less time, you will finally be able to spend your precious time with loved ones, and not feel guilty about it.

You will finally be able to enjoy your leisure time doing things you’ve loved doing, give more time to your hobbies, your passions and live in the moment while you do this. Not worrying about some unattended task at the back of your mind, robbing you of the pleasure you need to feel this moment.

My life now…


Ever since I have gotten rid of my procrastination, my confidence levels have surged up indefinitely.

I am able to truly live life in the present without having to worry about things that need attention in the back of my mind.

For the first time, I am truly happy spending time with family and friends because I am truly in the moment.

My relationship with my family has blossomed. My wife and I are expecting our second baby this summer.

My belief that procrastination only affected my work life was so wrong. I utterly had no idea procrastination had an ugly hold on so many areas of my life.

I have a great job, paying thrice as much as my earlier job did, and I couldn’t be happier.

Life has been kind to me, and I still think to this day what would have been if I would not have discovered this wonderful program.

I am thankful to my cousin for introducing me to this brilliant program and Steve the author of the Halo method.

I don’t write a lot of reviews, but I write this one as a tribute to the amazing research helping millions of people, lost souls like me trying to find a way to get unstuck in life.

I hope this review helps people and inspires them to try the Halo method for themselves.

Nothing can be better than taking life back into your hands and discovering the magic of a free, guilt-free and empowering life.

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  1. Wow, this article made me feel as procrastinating was just a childish phase which comes and goes like a glimpse of eye.

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