A tactical flashlight is a must-have in any pocket, bag, or glove compartment. You will never know when you’d be in an emergency situation where you’d need a light source. There are thousands of tactical flashlights on the market, from the smallest keychain light to the big, high output searchlights.

If you are looking for one that fits in your pockets or can be hung from your belt loop, you need to check out the Torch tactical flashlight.

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

Torch Tactical Flashlight Most Durable Compact Flashlight

If you are like most people, you probably think that a flashlight is something that you store in a drawer and bring out when the electricity goes out. But, having an EDC (everyday carry) flashlight with you at all times is a must.

Your car can break down in a dark street, you may need to do a task requiring light, or you may lose your keys. Having a flashlight at the ready will save you from floundering in the dark.

It can be crucial if your phone was running out of charge, and you’d need to call someone. You don’t want to use up the remaining charge in lighting up your surroundings.

A good EDC tactical flashlight is something more durable and reliable than a regular one that you can buy from the supermarket. It is better to buy the best tactical flashlight like this featured one.

It is a light source and more.

You often see tactical flashlights on the market. But what does “tactical” actually mean? A tactical tool is something one can use in combat.

There is a wide variety of tactical flashlights on the market today. Shooters mount these flashlights onto their firearms. It is useful when shooting in low-light situations.

Smaller, brighter, and more durable

Tactical flashlights are small enough to fit in one’s pocket, but the LED lights provide better optics and higher lumen outputs than standard EDC lights. They have a higher rating when it comes to efficiency and versatility.

They are often smaller than regular flashlights, have higher lumen output, and are more durable. That is why members of law enforcement or the military often use tactical tools.

However, this doesn’t mean that a civilian cannot buy one. The term only means that the tactical flashlight has more functions other than being a light source.

What can you do with this type of tactical flashlights?

Torch Tactical Flashlight Dissuade Potential Attacker

Of course, its primary use is to provide light to help you see things and identify threats nearby. Besides illuminating your surroundings, a tactical flashlight can also be a tool for personal defense and other purposes.

Dissuade potential attackers

Some robbers use the darkness to their advantage. They can catch you with your guard down. When that happens, it will be hard to defend yourself because the danger is already there.

With a good LED flashlight, potential attackers will think twice about preying on you. If they want to rob you or hurt you, they have to make an extra effort to do so.

Regular thieves don’t want that kind of hassle, so they’d likely leave you be and move on to another target. Plus, if the threat is more persistent, you’d still be able to prepare if you see any potential attacker coming your way. The light may earn you a few seconds.

Temporarily disorient an assailant or attacker

Directing a bright tactical light at the face of an attacker will blind that person temporarily. This momentary disorientation will give you enough time to plan your next action.

The few seconds that you are able to blind your attacker allows you to either bring out your defense weapon or run away. An effective model for this type of use is the strobe. With this, you can point the flashlight at your assailant’s face and choose strobe mode. A quickly flashing light will hit the eyes of anybody approaching you.

Sometimes a strobe light is more effective in disorienting than a uniform one because it is not something anybody expects. It will take the attacker a few seconds to realize what is happening. By then, you should’ve either run away or taken counterattack or self-defense measures.

The strobe mode is also helpful in scaring away wild animals. Wild animals are not used to seeing flashing lights, so when they see it, they tend to run away from them. That is why it is good that most EDC tactical flashlights have different output modes. This strobe mode is helpful if you regularly go camping or hiking.

Strike an attacker with the blunt end

The best tactical flashlights have a reinforced bezel end or tail cap that can break the glass. While it can be hard to break a window with this particular flashlight, you can use it to strike an attacker in the face.

Instead of using your fist and injuring yourself, use the blunt end of your tactical flashlight to hit your assailant.

Signal for attention or help

Most tactical flashlights have an SOS light output mode. It is a slower strobe mode where the LED lights flash.

The SOS output mode is a flashing light you can activate by pressing the push button several times. It is for signaling for attention. When you are injured or trapped in a dark field, it is easy for you to signal for help because your rescuers will need to look for a light.

However, if you are in a city where bright lights are common, it can be difficult to attract the attention of anybody. You’d need a different way of calling the attention of your rescuer. That is why flashlight manufacturers included the strobe and SOS modes in their products. Flashing LED lights are easier to spot when there are so many other lights in the area.

What is the Torch flashlight?

Torch Tactical Flashlight Power of Floodlight

This featured tactical flashlight is the brightest, easy-to-carry, high output flashlight in the entire world. Its light output level is unparalleled.

Its light output is so high that the beam can illuminate an area more than five miles away. That is the distance of several football fields. You can light up any dark space with this gadget.

Plus, if you ever find yourself in a situation where your attacker is trying to corner you in the dark, you can use this light to safely but effectively blind that assailant by pointing the light at his face and blasting it with a blinding white light.

And should you need to signal for help or attention, this tactical flashlight will help you do that by simply clicking on the tail switch. This one has a built-in flashing mode.

And the best feature of this tactical flashlight is that it is free! You only have to cover the delivery fee.

Read on to find out how to get your hands on these free items. You don’t have to pay for the product, but you will need to shoulder the small shipping fee to your home or office.

You need to act fast because there is a limited number of tactical flashlights up for grabs, so you need to order them as soon as possible.

What are the best features of the Torch flashlight?

As mentioned, there are hundreds of available options online for the best tactical flashlights. So, how do you choose?

Personally, it would depend on your needs and budget. However, some things make this tactical flashlight the best option.

Read below the features that should affect your decision in choosing the right flashlight and how this particular LED light fits it.

Small in size

Torch Tactical Flashlight Small in Size

For you to be able to access a flashlight whenever you need it, it should be on your body at all times. It is going to be difficult to bring a huge searchlight with you all the time. So, being small is a plus.

Ideally, the tactical flashlight should fit in your pockets or the palm of your hand. Any bigger than that, and you’d probably store it in your bag or drawer. You will have a hard time getting it when the light is not on you.

This featured tactical flashlight is a perfect size. It is only 5.31 inches long, so you won’t have any trouble carrying it in your pocket. And if it is on you, you’ll be able to use it quickly when the need arises.

The tactical flashlight can also be extended up to 6.18 inches when you focus the light. While that is an inch longer, it is still smaller than many of the regular flashlights that you can find out there.

Besides the size, this light source is also lightweight. You won’t feel it weighing you down. It is so light that you’d forget it is in your pocket.

With a light output of at least 120 lumens

Torch Tactical Flashlight 120 Lumens


For a light source to be effective, it should have output levels of at least 120 lumens. If you plan on using the light for self-defense, it should be much higher than that.

This tactical flashlight produces over nine times what you need to see in the dark. Its LED bulb has a lumen output of 1000 lumens. The super bright light beam is designed to illuminate a pitch-black area that measures over 300 yards.

Its manufacturer warns against shining this light on anybody’s eyes unless you mean to because it can damage them. However, it is exactly this brightness that makes the flashlight a good tactical tool. The higher the lumen output levels, the harsher it is going to be on your assailant’s eyes.

Simple to use

Regular flashlights are super simple to operate. You just click the switch to turn it on, then click the push button again to turn it off.

The best tactical flashlights have more light modes. But, operating it shouldn’t be harder than clicking a few buttons on its tail switch to make it an effective choice.

This featured tactical flashlight has five different light modes to vary the output. These are three light levels: low, high medium. There are also the strobe and SOS modes. You can cycle through these output levels with a few clicks of the tail switch.

The telescoping beam focus is also pretty easy to use. You just need to twist the top of the flashlight and take a firm hold of the tail cap part. Allow the tactical flashlight to extend until you reach the desired zoom setting. The beam distance can go from 1x to 2000x.

The brightness levels will go down as you try to light up a farther distance. You can keep it at the high, medium brightness settings if needed. The light output will still be significant to light up the area you want to see.

Can withstand the elements

Torch Tactical Flashlight Water Resistant

If you plan on bringing the tactical flashlight wherever you go as an EDC device, make sure that you choose one that is reliable enough to withstand any conditions that you encounter. Choose one with a 5-star rating from real users.

Whether you plan on bringing the tactical flashlight to a camping trip or want to have it with you daily, it needs to be durable and reliable.


Rain is a normal occurrence. Having a water-resistant flashlight will mean that you won’t have to worry about bringing it out in a downpour.

What’s great is that this tactical flashlight is sealed well and with a high waterproof rating that it can be dropped in a puddle, and water will not get into the case. This is one downfall of flashlights with USB ports for charging.

There are video reviews of this tactical flashlight being submerged in water for a very long time, and it still worked perfectly afterward. Now, that is commendable quality for EDC flashlights.


The seal is also great for keeping our dust. These tiny dirt particles can get into your flashlight’s wiring and affects its performance. That is why it is a good thing that the flashlight is resistant to dust.

Pressure resistant

Besides water and dust, the flashlight is also built to withstand pressures reaching 2,200 pounds. Harsh conditions are what law enforcement members face all the time. So, if you are in law enforcement, you know that you can bring this bright light anywhere with the harshest conditions and still expect it to work properly.

You can go to the top of the mountain or inside a cave, and it will not be a problem with your flashlight. It is perfect for rescue searches in extreme locations.

Durable build and material

An everyday carry tool sees a lot of action. This equipment is used almost every day. So, it is necessary to buy a tactical flashlight that can withstand not just harsh elements but rough use.

That is why you will want to look for tactical flashlights that are built using good materials. The best tactical flashlights are made of hard-anodized aluminum. It is a great material.

High-grade aluminum is lightweight yet extremely durable. You can drop this flashlight from a considerable height, and it will still work perfectly. This is great since you’d probably bring it would you everywhere.

If the tactical flashlight is in your pocket, it is not unusual for it to get sat on or bumped into. You will need a flashlight that can withstand impact and not get dinged easily. That is why it is ideal to look for one with a high-grade aluminum casing.

Uses LED bulbs

Torch Tactical Flashlight Led Bulbs

There is an ongoing debate whether one should go for a tactical flashlight that uses an LED bulb or an incandescent one.

While both produce the same light intensity or light output, the standard incandescent bulbs tend to break easily. If you drop it, it might not survive. LEDs are tougher to break. So, not only does this option produce high-intensity lights, but it is also more durable.

Another consideration to factor is energy consumption. Incandescent bulbs tend to eat up battery life. It has a shorter run time, too so it has a lower efficiency rating. You will go through battery after battery if you choose an incandescent bulb tactical flashlight.

Additionally, bulbs burn out faster with incandescent models. Therefore, it is more economical to choose a flashlight that has high output LED bulbs. They are longer-lasting and energy-efficient.

Can use rechargeable batteries

The best tactical flashlights in the market today are USB rechargeable. You just need to attach a USB cable to a port in its tail cap and it will start charging the built-in Lithium-ion batteries.

This featured flashlight is not USB rechargeable but runs on one rechargeable 18650 battery. You can also use three AAA batteries. The standard AA battery will give the EDC LED light hours of run time.

However, the batteries are not included in the package. It’s not a problem because the AA batteries and the rechargeable battery are not hard to find. You can buy these batteries at any convenience store.

Personally, it is better to go for the rechargeable battery, especially one with a USB charger that can be plugged into any power source, like a power bank or a laptop.

If you use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, you won’t have to throw away the used up units once they lose power. You need to get the USB rechargeable battery, pop it in the charger and plug the USB cable into a power source. Then, put the battery back into the flashlight when it is fully charged.

If you are sticking with the AA batteries, it is best to carry spares. It will be awful to run out of charge the moment you need the light source. However, this will not occur very often since the tactical light is highly energy efficient.

Potential drawbacks of this featured product

The review has itemized all the best features of this wonderful tactical flashlight. Now, let’s go to the potential drawbacks.

It can be too small for hitting

One of the things that might turn you off is the size. While it is the perfect everyday carry device, it is also pretty small to be used as a weapon. If you are looking for a flashlight that you can use to bash your attacker, this is not it.

It does not generate heat

Some tactical flashlights are powerful enough to generate heat. These double as fire starters for when you are stranded somewhere cold, and you need to start a fire.

While this EDC tactical flashlight has a high brightness output, it does not have enough juice to start a fire. The issue can easily be addressed by adding an everyday carry lighter to your survival kit.

It does not have a stand

Another drawback is that it has to be held in your hand. Bigger tactical flashlights and searchlights come with a wide base that will keep the light source stable so you can set it down on the ground. This way, you have a light and work with both hands. This is extra helpful if you are making repairs in the dark.

Other large light sources also come with a tripod. You can point these LED flashlights to wherever you need them and keep them pointed there using the accessory.

With this small tactical flashlight, you will have to use either one hand or your mouth and teeth to keep it pointed at your desired location. The drawback in this scenario is that you’d be putting an object in your mouth.

It uses separate batteries as its power source

Another setback to choosing this tactical flashlight is that it does not have a built-in power supply. Those tactical flashlights can be directly recharged using their USB port.

It runs out quickly

Finally, the last drawback to choosing this product is that the supply runs out quickly. If you don’t act fast enough, others will be able to order ahead of you. Then you’d have to wait for stocks to become available again to get your hands on this helpful gadget.

Should you get this flashlight?

Torch Tactical Flashlight Risk Free

The short answer is yes. It is free. While EDC flashlights are not that expensive, getting one for free is still a good deal. And getting one with such a high rating is a great offer.

Even if you need to spend a few extra dollars getting it delivered to your address, it is still worth those few dollars because you are going to get the best tactical flashlight.

Plus, it is an awesome product. It is durable, reliable, and very versatile. It has multiple output modes that regular flashlights do not offer. You can use it as a light source in emergencies. The flashlight can also be used for your protection against the unknown. And, in a pinch, it can serve as a beacon so that rescuers can find you should you need assistance.

Get this once-in-a-lifetime offer and order your free flashlight today if you:

  • regularly go camping or hiking
  • spend a lot of time outside at night
  • are worried about being attacked in the dark
  • live by yourself
  • need a good light source
  • want to be prepared for any eventuality that might require high output lights

How do you get this free tactical light?

To get the best tactical flashlight with an extremely high rating for free, go to the official website of the original tactical flashlight. On the form, you will be asked to provide your name, address, and your credit card details.

Only pay for the shipping fee

You don’t have to worry about being charged, it is only required for the shipping cost. Once you’ve paid the delivery fee, you just need to wait for the product to arrive. That’s it.

What’s great about this deal is that the ClickBank guarantee has your back. This means if you are not happy with your purchase, you can simply notify ClickBank, and you can return or replace the item.

On top of that, you will also be able to enjoy the benefit of Torch’s Unparalleled Guarantee. If the flashlight stops working or fails to live up to your standards, you can get it replaced at no additional cost. Again, you just need to cover the shipping fee.

Make sure that you have an AAA battery at home to immediately check if the flashlight works. Also, don’t forget to give this a 5-star rating on your social media accounts so that others can also get their free flashlight.

Final thoughts on this content about this EDC flashlight

After seeing the 5-star rating, testimonies, and other content left by the countless people who availed of this product, you will know that ordering this pocket-sized tactical flashlight is an awesome deal. Not only will you receive a “seriously bright” EDC flashlight with a light output that can cover several football fields, but you will also receive a product that is so durable, it can be dropped from the 2nd floor and receive no scratch according to one user’s report.

It is reliable, compact, and easy to use. And You can use it for everyday illumination or self-defense. Ordering these EDC items is super easy too. Fill out the order form, pay the shipping fee, and wait for the item to get to your home. You can now work safely in the dark.

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