Imagine – you are in a dead-end job, a loveless relationship or worse, you have neither a job or relationship. What do you do? You know you have the potential to do and be more, but you are unsure of yourself. You are the person everyone goes to for advice, a shoulder, and yet you can’t get your life sorted out.

You can’t find a job because you are shy and you can’t find love because you lack charm…

Guess what – there is a secret to solving your issues and it begins with the secret

Unleash the Secret

Universal Life Secrets by Chris D’Cruz is the guide for any normal Joe who hopes to attain success, wealth and have a charisma that makes you not only the center of attention but also unstoppable. When you buy and follow D’Cruz is guide you’ll be able to harness not only your hidden potential but unleash it as well.

This program reveals the truth in attaining your true potential – in a way that at the end of it all, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t unleash it before! The practices of Universal Life Secrets touches on effective and legendary practices once just for the rich and powerful. Reviews and users have raved that after buying his program – they felt their life change for the better!

What is Universal Life Secrets

In the plainest of terms – the Universal Life Secrets is a self-help and self-development program that focuses on you being the best that you can be! Reviews rave that D’Cruz is a guide is more than just unleashing life’s secrets but through practice and discipline, it becomes a way of life!

Who is Chris D’Cruz ?

Chris is an ordinary guy – he’s no celebrity, he’s your guy next door who happened to unearth the hidden and secrets tips to succeeding in life.

D’Cruz shares his struggle growing up and the sacrifices he had to make. After having hit rock bottom and frustrated with his own predicament, he shares that it was a phone call with a man he randomly met that changed his life. That single phone-call with this highly successful man not only impart some wise words of wisdom but it was these very lessons that D’Cruz has written down to share with everyone!

The Universal Life Secrets program came to fruition by D’Cruz keeping his word to the man and spreading the word so that everyone – no matter where they are in life, married or single, rich or poor, can benefit and truly reach their goals.

A 10-Step Breakdown

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D’Cruz breaks down the secrets in 10-steps. Each step focuses on a specific example of growth and gives strategies on how to attain them.

  1. Life Secrets – How To Get The Most Out Of Life
    • This section introduces you to how you can take advantage of everyday happenings in your life and make it not only memorable but worth it.
  2. Your Forces And How To Use Them
    • Sometimes we don’t realize how much more we can be till we look at what we want to achieve – this chapter, D’Cruz helps you realize your true potential.
  3. Networking Magic – The Secrets To becoming a Social Superstar
    • Thanks to technology – the thought of interacting can be daunting, any social engagement becomes a dreaded fear where your true skills and strength become overshadowed. In this module, you learn how to not only become confident in the social gathering but benefit from being an extrovert whilst an introvert.
  4. How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality
    • Is there something you secretly, or maybe openly desire but don’t know how to attain it? This section will show you how to turn your desires into a tangible reality.
  5. Hypnotic Influence
    • Believe it or not, hypnosis is a real thing and D’Cruz harnesses some hypnotic techniques to help you in influencing and being a leader.
  6. Power Of Will
    • This is the largest module and rightfully so – here, you learn about how your determination can essentially dictate your success. If you are weak, then your visions won’t be reached; however, if your will is strong and steadfast – you will succeed.
  7. The Kama Sutra   
    • Life is about a balance between work and play. Here, you learn some tips to enhance and ensure for not only a good sex life but a healthy one as well.
  8. Finding “The One” – Secrets To Finding True Love 
    • For any – one’s success on the job front takes precedence over one’s personal life. D’Cruz gives pointers for those who are waiting to find their better half but also how to accomplish this. One’s success is just as much dictated by their actions as it is those around them.
  9. Seduction Success Secrets – Guaranteed Techniques To Scoring With Women
    • Ever have that friend that just makes flirting look easy? Here you learn some tricks and methods to not only make you a suave seducer but you gain some insight into the art of seduction.
  10. The Shy Casanova – How To Flirt (And Seduce) With Confidence
    • There is no secret that D’Cruz balances out not only success in the workplace with life. From his section on Kama Sutra to Finding The One -he provides insight and tips for those who are shy and struggle with the opposite (or same) sex. Flirt with confidence!

Couple in Love

It all begins with YOU

If you don’t allow yourself to be open to the possibility of reaching a higher level than where you are – then you won’t be reaching your true potential. From understanding and allowing yourself to be open-minded to the idea of hypnotic influence or even the idea of turning your desires into reality, YOU are only holding yourself back. Successful people do not let fear, uncertainty or doubt rule them and D’Cruz has learned this lesson, amongst others first hand from those who are successful and wealthy.

Board Strong Man Drawing Chalk Muscles Weak

No matter what people may say – people who buy this guide and have reviewed it, have all shared the same consensus that Universal Life Secrets is a product that not only works but has changed their lives for the better. It has done more to make impactful changes and progress than any other product in the market.

What are you waiting for? Want to start with making you better? Then D’Cruz is guide will do that and more!

Life Secrets Pros and Cons

Just with anything, we pursue there will be pros and cons – and Universal Life Secrets is no exception.


  • You learn and gain valuable tips on how to not only succeed but better your life
  • The program offers a money back guarantee – so if after 60 days you aren’t satisfied you can get a refund
  • Hiring a life coach can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars – self-help books can also add up. When you buy D’Cruz is Universal Life Secrets, not only is it affordable but the lessons learned are invaluable!

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  • For any program or progress to happen one has to be dedicated and they must be willing to step out of their comfort zone to accomplish what D’Cruz wants. You can’t expect success to happen with the snap of a finger – success comes from hard work!

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Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the more successful and well equipped you are in life. At times it’s not even about the number of degrees you have or the money in your bank – your success sometimes comes from within, and it is this hidden potential that D’Cruz is trying to tap into with his program.

He makes no promises that this earth-shattering or that results are instantaneous, as a matter-of-fact he points out that this is a program that requires hard work, dedication and patience. It requires you to step out of your safe-zones and take risks. Without risks – how will you know you’re a true potential? How will you determine if you’ve peaked in your career if you don’t take a risk and go for it?

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Simple and Understandable

His modules are broken down in a clear and understandable manner. His tips, especially in the section of hypnosis can prove to be a powerful tool when mastered and he also provides helpful tips on improving your state of mind. How one sees themselves is just as important as how others perceive them.

No matter what stage you are in your life – maybe you are re-evaluating your personal life or your career, this program will help you uncover many aspects that go untapped. It’s simple but comprehensive – and it’s a great platform for self-improvement and development.

Sometimes all it takes is to understand and uncover your true goals and passions to fully see your true potential in life!

Anything complicated, hard to understand or even grasp, is something you should really evaluate. In life – things that work with you, rather than against you are the things that are worth it in the end.

Start living the life you deserve NOW

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If you are content with living an ordinary, regulatory life then this product isn’t for you; however, if you are itching to get more in life then THIS is best $37 investment you’ll make it yourself.

Step out of the shadows of everyday men and become the leader you want to be! Gain the confidence you did not know you had or the charisma and charm you thought you lost. This program will revolutionize what you know and see as success and take it to the next level.

And what does it take to accomplish this?


It just takes you making an investment to your future, dedication to follow through on each and every module and finally – it takes being open-minded to be successful.

Why wait – start now and be a leader!

Don’t just take it from me

It’s easy to think that this is a scam – too good to be true, but when you start reading and taking in his teachings you’ll realize all the reviews are right! This is as valid and true as any other self-help, the motivational seminar is.

Every piece of advice, every word of wisdom provided opens up doors that you didn’t think were there for you, but guess what! D’Cruz sees the potential and opportunity that everyone is entitled to, you just have to believe and uncover them.

Learn The Universal Life Secrets That You Can Use To Achieve Anything Your Mind Wishes To Achieve, By Clicking Here To Get Access To Universal Life Secrets Today!


  1. Life is really a mystery. However, what I learned from this review is that i should really try this out. We have a fair amount of money, at least enough to support everyone, and a normal strife-filled life. Maybe this is what i need to gain a better life for myself.

  2. Ann P. Michael

    We are all Energy. That needs to be understood literally. And not just intellectually: you have to think it, feel it and sense it. Only then you will realize the truth. Great review btw, will definitely try and check this program out.

  3. This article actually taught to look at life from a new perspective. It narrates to live a life that e deserve and not that we wish to live.

  4. David S. Wiggins

    It is definitely worth checking out. I bought it and didn’t regret it. Also, I believe most people will like it because it contains a lot of practical suggestions that you can actually apply to your life.

  5. wow this ebook actually revealed lots of mysteries to me. I think we should all take time to ponder about the mysteries of the universe. Then, we should apply the knowledge to improve our lives!

  6. Christopher Scheuerman

    Being able to know these secrets for sure helps a lot. I am so happy to have come across this amazing post. I am hoping that things will go well and that I will get to use these tips from today going forward.

  7. Jim Thompson

    This e-book contains secrets that will help the reader achieve personal power.

  8. Robert Williams

    This is a bold claim that will need the author of this book to really get in a lot of work to make sure that he has delivered. It my reek of scam in some parts and some claims which sound more fiction than anything else will deter you but there is something that you can learn here.
    This is a self help book that has everything that you will need to develop a positive life and out outlook. You will need this one if you are to make anything of yourself.
    The review that I have written is one that is designed to help you know what you need to do when you need to have a fulfilled life that is full of promise and also success. You will notice that there are changes. The claims may be bold and unbelievable but the principles are firm.

  9. When you are buying a book like this one, you will need to know how it works in order to get all that you need in order so that it will be of help to you. Here, in this part f the review, I am going to tell you how this works and how it will help you get the life that is good.
    You will start off by learning the important changes that you need to make. As much as people want to believe that time changes and heals things, it doesn’t. What changes things; is doing something about the things that piss you off and or hinder you.

  10. This is a legit product to start with. The second thing is that it is easy to use. Third thing is it affordable and works very well.

  11. Martin McDaniel

    This all-inclusive self-development digital program is perfectly designed for any individual that is seeking to not only learn more about themselves, but also interested in shaping and creating their reality.

  12. Contains comprehensive information on how the reader can acquire great personal power as well as sexual prowess. This is a self-help book that will show a person how they can become more confident in social gatherings and in any social endeavor.

  13. pee pee poo poo i shit my pants and your book is a scam how could it be published in 2019 when there is comments from 2017 i fucked shrek following THESE 3 simple STEPS
    1) DO
    2) NOT

  14. The entire course is filled with a wealth of information addressing manifestations, visualization, hypnosis, and so much more.

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