Zero Limits Live review


I am a young executive that has achieved quite a lot for being just 30. I have lived around the globe in Asia, Africa, and America.

My job is nice and I enjoy it. Granted, there are exhausting days, but for the most part I am happy with what is going on in my life.

The best part of it is that I know that it is just beginning and there is still a lot of growth to have.

But it wasn’t always like that. When I was 25, I was barely surviving, out of college, unhappy in a job that paid my bills, and terrified of having to be an adult and now taking care of myself.

I am writing this review on Zero Limits Live by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala because this approach to life changed mine and I am extremely grateful.

Starting to change


It all starts with being really tired and fed up with whatever you want to change. Much to my benefit, for the most part, I can endure hardship and adapt easily, this is something I had always had in me.

Because of this, if there is something “difficult” in my life, I just work with it. I may not be happy about it, but I do it. However, because at the end of the day I am not happy, this type of behavior starts taking its toll on me.

I accepted this office job after graduation because it was convenient, it would pay month by month, just enough, and I thought I couldn’t aspire to more.

My ideas about myself were quite limiting, and I would panic just thinking of finding another job or changing lifestyle.

I had learned that a friend from high-school had graduated, taking his luggage, and traveled to Asia while teaching English. I was so envious. I couldn’t believe someone had the courage to that, enjoy life so much, just follow his heart. I wanted to do something like that, something that would make me happy.

It takes time


I started learning about NLP and The Secret, this is where I connected with Dr. Joe Vitale. Sharing your aspirations with the universe does work, although it works differently than most people imagine.

As I researched Dr. Joe Vitale, I found out about his program with Dr. Hew Len and decided to research more about it. Some people regard the secret as a scam, but everywhere in literature and religion, you can see that wishful thinking, with its proper work, can give amazing results in life.

Some people call it determination, some just put it on their hard work, but how many people do you know that are actually talented and hardworking and they don’t get far in life. It takes an inner quality, some people call it luck, and that is the element that most of us disregard in life.

Knowing how to attract whatever you want in life, how to open space for it to fit in your life, or how to be prepared to take the opportunity or be considered for the opportunity, is great part of actually getting what you want, but if your mindset is negative, it’s just impossible you’ll get far.

I wish I knew before

One thing that makes Zero Limits Live different than The Secret is that Zero Limits Live is a guide to get to a place where there is zero expectation, zero judgments to yourself, so you can start over with yourself and allow yourself to be the person you always wanted to be and fulfill your potential.

Before watching the videos, I used to believe that the most important thing was to always have a positive inner dialogue, but we need to see where this dialogue is coming from. If you are constantly fighting negative thoughts about yourself, then it is coming from a place of stress or fear, and so those results come.

When you are in zero, there is nothing, so whatever you bring to your mind, comes naturally, free of pressure, and you can start healing your relationship with yourself.

Starting my journey

After I decided to buy Zero Limits Live, I also decided to open myself to follow all the advice and don’t judge until some months later. I mean, if it were that easy and fast, it would be a scam, period. I wouldn’t have any of that.

I decided to first watch all the videos, and after learning all the exercises and principles proposed by Dr. Joe and Dr. Ihaleakalam, I went again and followed step by step

As I became acquainted with the whole system, I started to follow everything by second nature. I stopped watching some of the videos, I had already understood the principles, and was taking them to action, and this is one of the main reasons I fell In love with the system. It doesn’t push you to be dependent to it, all the opposite.

Yes, you start with the videos, but as you go on, little by little you can follow everything by second nature. As time goes by, you can come back to the videos and you will find even more value, things that maybe you didn’t fully get before but now, because of you advancing on this, can make better.

Trusting is a good beginning

I remember at the beginning of my spiritual journey, when I came across things like this, my skeptical mind would always be alert and dismissive.

Once, I was talking to a friend on how I had been practicing different spiritual practices for up to 6 months each and, even though my life did improve, I was not getting the results I wanted. He pointed out that:

  • One should stick to one practice to get the best out of it
  • 6 months is not enough
  • This is all gradual
  • If you begin skeptically, you might end up skeptical
  • Being open to success is important

Basically, since we are talking about changing your mindset to a more positive one, if you begin with a pessimistic mindset, well…

It is vital to be open and allow whichever practice you follow, to work and give it a chance, even mentally.

The things we don’t see

Going into being more in touch with oneself and improving your life, takes you to depths and places inside yourself that maybe you didn’t know about, and could be that you are not so comfortable visiting, but you have to do it if you want to improve.

One of the things I had to deal with was feeling like a loser, and acting on that. As I started following Zero Limits Live, little by little the perception of myself started to change. Because I was working with myself to understand that I had hit a rough spot because I was afraid I didn’t deserve anything better, I was able to start noticing things.

Because I felt like a loser, I acted like one and allowed people to take advantage of me. When someone would demand something from me, or make a mean remark about me, I would act like someone who deserved to be mistreated, and so my inner thoughts were reinforced, and I didn’t notice because I thought it was the way it was supposed to be.

As I started noticing, I made conscious efforts to change the situation. It was not easy changing since people follow the dynamics established, and keep on repeating behaviors, but when I knew that I didn’t deserve to be treated badly, I then put an end to it.

People in my office started treating differently. They were more respectful, but it was not them changing, it was me obtaining what I deserved. I was still nice and polite with them, I never had to be rude, I just didn’t allow people to come for me.

There were many things I couldn’t notice, but getting my mind to zero allowed to start understanding how my mental patterns affected my behavior, I was able to notice this by interrupting for just one second the continuous flow of dialogue in my head, by getting to zero.

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Noticing mental limits


The next thing that started to happen is that I was able to stop before reacting and notice whenever my mind would reject itself

This happened in different situations:

  • When getting angry
  • Before getting engaged in debate
  • When getting sad
  • When I wouldn’t do something good for me

Many times, in my life, I didn’t apply for “that” position or talked to “that” person because, in my mind, everything was better than I was. I am not good enough to access good things so I wouldn’t even try.

Just ask yourself this: Have you ever not done something because you are sure you will be rejected?

If you answered yes, there’s is an inner dialogue that needs to be noticed and changed, Zero helps you get there.

Limitations and getting what you want

What happens when people feel like they can’t go on? They give up. When you give up, you are renouncing to a whole bunch of experiences that come right after you master whatever is bothering you right now.

One thing is that you accept whatever is going on in your life now, but always strive to go on, and a different thing is that you accept whatever is going on in your life now and decide to dwell in that and not move on.

If you believe your head in the negative thoughts, you will act accordingly, and so everything will seem negative. This is why it is very important to always check your thoughts and know when to correct them.

Zero, creating what you want to be


Through the program and the videos, we are taken through a series of exercises and deep knowledge that will help us get to a mental state that here is known as Zero.

Zero is not about stopping your thoughts, or about accessing enlightenment, it is nothing like that. Rather, a mental state, much like being the focus, or being happy, that allows your thoughts to happen and you observe, not act on them.

In this mind state, nothing is affected, and you can notice things and change them, through the power of behavior and law of attraction.

With these 2 tools, and under the guidance of these 2 great doctors, I found a way to attract what I wanted and start creating space for it to happen.

The first flower maybe lived only seconds


Eckhart Tolle mentions in his book “A new earth”, an analogy to creating good habits and making positive thoughts flourish.

He says that, maybe, in the beginning of life as we know it, the first flower ever, being so new, it might have bloomed, but the environment was still not ready, and so it died.

Little by little, through the ages, and persistence of plants that had flowers, the environment, and the flowers, became adjusted to each other, and there were tens of them, then hundreds, then it was just a good environment for flowers to bloom.

The same thing with your thoughts and this is something I highly appreciate about Zero Limits Live, it’s not setting anyone for failure, rather giving you tools to be practiced daily, sometimes you might fail on following a daily ritual, but it doesn’t matter, you can get rick back to it anytime.

Principles of Zero


  • Help yourself first, not others
  • Focus on gratitude

Think of it as in an airplane. When it comes to the oxygen masks that come down in case of a loss of pressure within the cabin, the flight attendants ask you to make sure your mask is secured and set up correctly on you first, and after that, you can help children or anyone around.

Based on this principle, Zero mind state can help you re-assess your outlook in life and start building from there.

As we focus on gratitude, our perspective changes. Many people complain about being grateful but being broke, or how can you be grateful if you are undergoing pressure, or disease.

My life situation hasn’t ever been desperate, I must say, but it has gone so many positive changes, I just can’t believe it won’t work on you.

If you are reading this or other reviews out there, it is because you are ready to let life help you.

Allow yourself to live by these principles, and start living a better life.

180 degrees shift of mindset

This change of mindset, based on the law of attraction, helps you to be open and ready to receive the good around you.

If we have lived a life of mistrust, it never surprises us whenever someone betrays us, because that’s exactly what we were waiting for. The same thing happens with a positive mindset. You will never be surprised again if good things happen to you, better yet, you will be expecting them.

Just remember:

  • Follow Zero Limits Live
  • Allow the good things to happen
  • Create a space to receive them
  • Work for them

These are very important points also mentioned by Dr. Joe. Wishing and mental state are all good, but if you don’t work for them, or you are not ready for them to get into your life, you will not get many benefits.

I remember, as I started a little skeptic because I didn’t prepare in the past, I missed on some opportunities that came my way.

The decision was made to never let this happen to me again, and I was able to prepare and be ready to take on the good opportunities coming into my life, and now I am sharing this experience with you because I believe we all have the right to be happy and fulfilled.

Claim it! Good luck.

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  1. OK, I’ve followed your advice for some weeks now, and I can’t believe how right you were! Granted, it hasn’t been easy, especially leaving my comfort zone, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all this with everyone, it is really useful!

  2. Alan M. Thomas

    This is something I never expected, the result that I had experienced was beyond words. I am now happy with the mindset that I have, looking back I was not contented.Now I have a better perception with things and I am now open to better chances that would happen to me! You are very helpful! Thank you!

  3. Alan M. Thomas

    Something in me changed after I read your book, I was grateful for the chance that this has given me to change the mindset I had, into something better. Now I have a happier way to face the life I have every day and thank you for sharing a miracle to me.

  4. If you want to change your life, I mean literally want to change your life, I recommend that you invest this course. This is amazing as it helped me to change my life to live it to the fullest.

  5. Getting out of my comfort zone never felt so good and so worth. No more tiring and un-productive days. This book has helped me be more positive and more energetic than ever before. I have been suggesting my friends who have lost hope and been living in monotony. Thanks for sharing it with world. Regards R. Delgado

  6. As much as I don’t like the name (zero, even though it is followed by the word ‘problem’), but this thing really does make your life improve. I mean, I made my life improve. Hurray!

  7. Breaking the limitations is necessary at times when you need to be advancing at some rapid pace. Have done it after reading the review and now am thinking that things are really turning in my favor. This has helped me and so it can help you!

  8. I have used it. Its all about success and you reaching the highest points possible in life. This is a guide that helps you understand that there are no limits in anything in life. You have the ability to do anything that you want. Simple language used and a very encouraging guide.

  9. It is always amazing when I come across the posts that help me do things in a better way. I am hoping that things will work out. So I will keep reading from the same script all through and see how things go by. It is time to do this my good people.

  10. Della Sands

    This book is different from most of the “me too” books that teach about how to change your life.

  11. Read this book. Do what is says. Apply this simple approach to clearing stuff that is in your way. It couldn’t be easier and, I can say with confidence, it has worked for me. Maybe not giant miracles so far, but definitely good things.

  12. I deeply appreciated the message and honesty of this book .Truly mind expanding. Clean and let go of the rest and trust the inherent goodness of the innerverse/outerverse – Simple and elegant – i like it

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