No doubt, life is full of ups and downs. While some people know how to cope with disappointment in life, others struggle and tend to give up too easily. Do you wish for good lucks and divine protection throughout your life? Well, some people have found out a solution on how to attract good lucks and stay protected from evil. Could this solution be real? You need to find out by reading through my Cosmic Angel Bracelet reviews to see if it has the magical powers most people talk about.

We will be looking at the features/content of the Cosmic Bracelet and some customer reviews. I will also share my honest thoughts at the end of this article content. The sellers of this product made it for a reason. Whenever you wear the bracelet, it sends your guardian angels to watch over you wherever you go. Could there be anything in the Cosmic Bracelets that make them in any way special from the common bracelets we see or wear every day for fashion? Keep reading to find out.

Who Is The Founder of The Cosmic Bracelet?

Before I share the details of my reviews, it is necessary that I go back a bit to talk about the founders of this “spiritual” bracelet. The names of the founders are Liz and Ric Thompson, from the United States. They also sell other items like wristwatches and necklaces, which you can gift to your mother, friends, siblings, etc.

For those who don’t know Liz and Ric Thompson, they are the founders of the Cosmic Energy Profile website. The website helps people understand how cosmic energy may influence their destiny.

According to Liz and Ric on their website, everyone is uniquely made. There are special talents you have that you have never given thoughts in your heart. Liz and Ric help people discover their inner strength and how to live a happy life.

Buyers Ratings For The Product

Cosmic Angel Bracelet Ratings

Even though there is a little scepticism from customer reviews about the work of Liz and Ric, a lot of people have testified of how authentic the product is. Liz and Ric have helped people from the United States, the United Kingdom and all over the world to rediscover what life is all about and to see the hidden talents embedded in them.

Liz and Ric decided to take it a step further by creating physical tools. In the process, they thought of creating the Cosmic angel bracelets. The bracelet connects with divinity and has the power to watch over you and protect you from evil.

Now, let’s see the features/content of this bracelet and what are the divine powers connected with it.

What Are The physical content/features of this bracelet?

Cosmic Angel Bracelet Crafted

The Cosmic Bracelets are made of glamorous silver alloy with angel wings, hence, they go

t the name “Angel” bracelets. There is also some beautiful beads and small bells that act as subtle reminders to let you know you are not alone. The bell is a device that reminds you of your guardian angels. Your Angels watch over you and constantly lookout to protect you from all forms of evil.

The strap of the bracelet is made of red colour, which has a special significance in different traditions and cultures. For instance, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity have a preference they place on red colour. They consider it holy. So, if a wearer puts on a bracelet that has a red strap, it means that communication with the divine realm is possible.

Even in Pagan traditions, red has been a symbolic colour because it is the colour of blood, and there is a force in the colour that aids to protect lives.

Therefore, because red has great significance in most traditions and cultures, the maker of the Cosmic Angels Bracelet chose to use the colour for the strap of the cosmic bracelet. This is to bring out the magical effect of the bracelet. Could all these be real, or it’s another fairy tale to put fear in your mind? Keep reading this content as you discover more about this piece and get first-hand information from a person that has used this bracelet.

Cosmic Angel Bracelet Digital product

The cosmic bracelet act as a talisman that can be charged with the energies of your guardian angel through advanced technologies. This results in good fortune and offers you divine protection against any form of evil.

Reactions On Facebook And Other Social Media Platform About This Product?

Cosmic Angel Bracelet Reviews

There has been a lot of reactions on Facebook and other social media platforms about the cosmic bracelet. I believe my review content will help you make a choice about this magical product.

Because of the troubles that befall us from time to time, it became expedient for us to search for ways to protect ourselves from evils. In the quest of finding how to protect ourselves from evil and look for happiness, people were able to find items like the cosmic angel bracelet.

From the information gathered, I found out that those people who bought the bracelet always have one or two positive things to say about the piece. Everyone who bought the product talked about their initial skepticism about it and how they didn’t want to believe a bracelet could have an effect on their lives. However, they decide to give it a try, and it was a deserved move.


Few people still believe there is nothing magical about this bracelet. However, more than 75% of the people who bought it gave positive reviews.


  • Has beautiful beads that make it look nice on your wrist
  • aids to discover your hidden talents
  • Watch and protect you from the challenges of life
  • Provides you with direction to the path of life
  • Gives you the best experience in life
  • Can be presented as a gift to your mother, friends, etc.
  • Offers a customer money-back guarantee
  • Reasonable price and free shipping


  • Some set of people are still sceptical about the bracelet.

Would I Get The Best Experience From This Bracelet?

Cosmic Angel Bracelet How to wear your bracelet

The truth is, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t want to be free from the troubles of life. Everyone is looking for ways to make his or her life better.

While a few people are still sceptical about the cosmic bracelet, many people have to take the bold step to try it and see if it works or not. From the information I gathered, a good number of people have positive things to say about the bracelet. Just a few people have a slightly different view from others.

My Final Opinion About this Item

In my opinion, if you have your heart fixed on getting this item, it wouldn’t be a bad idea considering the fact that it has a low price, comes with a money-back guarantee and free shipping when you order yours.

The customer reviews so far have more than 75% positive feedback, which makes it worthy of giving it a trial. Thanks for taking out time to read this content to the end. Feel free to share with us what you think about this item.

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