What happens when you set you set your goals but you are not able to follow them to the end? I was reading the research done on what is otherwise known as the Hawthorne effect. It explains that people can modify aspects of their behavior when they are aware that someone is watching them. You might be wondering why am relating this research to the GoalsOnTrack Review. My experience with the software has helped me understand how I could become more productive when I put my entire mind on something. There were important aspects of the GoalsOnTrack software which motivated me to try it.

GoalsOnTrack Keep Goals on Track and Achieve more Everyday

  • It is an online system of helping one to set goals
  • It helped me to  keep track of my goals
  • Helped me handle various tasks
  • Helped me track progress
  • Helped in time management

My journey with the software started when I was working online. I needed to constantly glance at the calendar in Google. It proved to be tedious to keep shuttling between my current assignments and the calendar. If only I could have the calendar on the same page. The GoalsOnTrack was the answer to this inconveniencing arrangement. I was able to focus on what I was doing. You might ask why the calendar was important in relation to the task I was undertaking. For one, I would be able to plan what lies ahead of the day and as such, I would be able to plan for it. Self-organization is important to me as I don’t want to leave it anything.

As long as I can glance and see what is pending, am able to stay focus. Adding a task should be easy.if I have a task I had not assigned on any day, all I would need to do is to click on that day and make the necessary task. If you are like me and like planning ahead of time, this is the software that you need. Are there specific goals a to-do-list that you want to keep to memory? The calendar in the software in the software will help you to remember them even without assigning them to memory. The instance the task is added in the calendar, the software will make a reminder for you and when that time comes, you will be reminded automatically

Vision board

GoalsOnTrack Vision Board

Does your goal-setting software have a vision board? From the reviews I made, there are few of them that have the vision board yet this feature plays a crucial role in helping get ahead with the goals that you have. Let’s say that you have set a goal. It will be assigned a certain picture from your desktop or you can search online for any other image that closely relates to the goal. From there, you just add it through the goals tab. For effect, you can add music and a slideshow before finally saving it. When played, the vision that you have for the day will play on your screen, giving you all the motivation that you need to remain focused.


We forget to journalize the things that are important, only to regret later after forgetting vital details. Whether it is an idea, a goal, or a plan that you have for the future, it is important to make notes. Once you have written, leave it to the editor on the screen to help you make an impressive entry. There are so many ways in which you can put down things in writing in your journal.


GoalsOnTrack Time Tracking

I used to work like a donkey without keeping track of how many hours I was working. A timer comes handy because it not only helps you plan ahead of schedule, you can actually decide how long you would want that particular task to do.

The review helped me realize that I could actually save a lot of time by just assigning some time to a task. My typical day would entail having the hours as follows:

  • Scheduled
  • Worked
  • Progressed
  • Worked
  • Completed

Visible progress

Sometimes we plan for things without knowing what we want to accomplish at the end of the day. With visible progress, you will know what you want to achieve. For instance, you could have a 30-day plan to lose weight or earn a certain amount of money.

By having this GoalsOnTrack, you will know how far you are from the goal and the progress that you will have made. If you have achieved something, it will be ticked and expressed in terms of percentage. The ones that are ahead, on track or lagging behind will also be shown. I found this, in particular, to be one of the best features out of so many other reviews.

Adding new tasks

One of the most interesting features of this program is the fact that you can add at will any tasks, assign it some time and schedule it and decide when you want to do it. If you have a full tank, you will be able to write it down what it is and. There is so much that you can add in relation to the task such as the level of priority, the frequency, expected date of completion and reminder if you like.

Sharing the goals

GoalsOnTrack Sharing the Goals

You will find that we inherently like keeping our goals o ourselves. However; it comes that time when you want to share it with others. The software makes it so easy for you to share with others because all that you need to do is to select the goal and send it to a selected number of people. Please remember to include:

  • Password for protection
  • Picture in the sharing page
  • The feature that allows others to comment or stop them from doing so

Stand-alone habits

Generating healthy working habits as espoused by the program is helpful in creating a healthy working environment such that when you are able to keep track of them. The feature will help you set a habit for a given period of time. For instance, you can set it for a week. The habit need not necessarily be attached to a goal. You can decide how frequent this habit is to be repeated.

Unlimited goals

One thing you will love about the software is that it allows you to create as many tasks as you wish. When creating these goals, you need to first identify the kind of goal it is, what you want to achieve with a goal and when you intend to achieve it.

As you can see, there is so much that can be achieved when you use the GoalsOnTrack software. The above are just but the main ones but of course the possibilities are endless.


GoalsOnTrack Features of the System

The following are the salient features of the software

  • Calendar for date reminders
  • Vision board for assigning a picture to a goal
  • Journal and timer
  • Progress of the goal
  • Ability to add a new task
  • Sharing of the goal
  • Habit setting
  • Goal creation

 The pros of the GoalsOnTrack software

GoalsOnTrack Pros of the Product

All the above features are actually advantages in the sense that they make things far much easier for you to accomplish tasks and goals. Based on this review, you will find every reason to work on your goals and follow them to fruition.

Affordability-There are many such software programs but it is tricky to know if it is a scam or legit. Before you buy suggest that you ensure that you are committing yourself to software that will make things easier.

Offers more-Unlike other similar products, you will find that this one offers more as long as you keep creating new goals.

Easy to operate-The graphics are easy to navigate and you can easily interact with them. Even first-time users will find it user-friendly.

The software makes things convenient and especially because everything is on screen for you to use. You do not have to keep on opening and closing new t pages.

Helps you to achieve your goals faster

Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve your goals if you can’t plan and see how this is going to be achieved. The use of the software enables you to accelerate your goals and can actualize them when you schedule tasks, add time among others.

All-in-one app-This is actually an app that enables you to work on your goals without losing track.

 The quick response-One thing I like about the software is that the response is quick from the creator Harry Che. Should you have any concerns or make an inquiry, he is very helpful hence making use of the software a memorable experience.

Money back guarantee-Should the software not work well with you, there is a risk-free, 30 –day money back guarantee. However, the creator of the program assures you that it is secure when it comes to the purchase.

 Encryption-To preserves the privacy of some of the features like the journal, the data is encrypted such that only you alone can gain access to it.

Back up-The data needs to be backed up so that in case of loss, you will still have access to the backup. It also includes the ability to upgrade as well as add anything necessary later.

Bonus-Should you want to learn more about the software, there is a bonus e-Book that will be availed to you. You will learn about the success you will make through motivation.


There are a few complaints that I found from the reviews. Some of them include the following:

Goals are not always measurable. You can’ quantify a goal and give it a rigid time frame. If one has set the wrong goals, the software will still keep track of them without suggestions to modify them. It is hard to come up with actionable plans unlike what the software envisages. This means that it is not automatic that you will enjoy wild success. The goals of people are different; hence it is difficult to achieve a standard measure of success It is not easy to follow up on the goals even if you have a system. There are factors outside the system which play an important role in helping you achieve the goals. If one lacks the drive or motivation, the software will do little to help see you through with all your plans. The software is only available in the form of software. Those who are not skilled in software use may not benefit from it. There are no other versions which will help you to enhance your goal-seeking objectives.


Many people who used it found a lot of pouf satisfaction. They said that they were more productive, save time, exercise more, and generally speaking, they were happier. Others liked the positive effect the software had on their brains. For instance, the software enabled them to plan things by prioritizing and having hierarchical thinking.


The software is the right tool that you need to be better at managing task, save time and be a better person. It improves your habit, ability to schedule and organize your work. The GoalsOnTrack is the ultimate tool that you need to help you plan and know what is in the future and organize accordingly. It is the best system for people who are too busy and hence likely to forget assignments. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

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  1. I have a lot of goals, ranging from short to long term goals. It may be confusing on what you should try to accomplish first and I have been there as well. But when I bouoght goals on track, it taught me methods and strategies to accomplish them.
    -Date and Time
    You should jot down when you’re starting and wish to finish it. In my case, it took me a year and a half to be in my job position today.
    Make a list of your goals. Sometimes, when you have too many, you forget the old ones.

  2. This software takes into consideration that persons may not be able to be stuck behind a computer desk all the time. This feature allows you to access this software from any digital device. Instructions given are clear enough for the regular man to read an benefit. Unlike similar products of its kind which use sophisticated complicated language that will only benefit experts.

  3. Jessica Lockhart

    Can be utilized whenever due to the versatile application include. The maker of this product thinks about that people will be unable to be stuck behind a PC work area constantly. This element enables you to get to this product from any computerized gadget. I would definitely recommend this software.

  4. It is true that girls we do set our goals all the time. The bigger challenge here is that we never ever manage to achieve a bigger portion of it. Now here is an a amazing posts to help us become better at this.

  5. Whether great or small, long or short term we all are to some degree driven by goals. Although we might not even realize it, almost every aspect of our lives are driven by some form of a goal or another.

  6. Goals on Track work by helping you to achieve your goals through its software program. The program makes use of some best practices in behavioral and psychological sciences of achieving personal and professional goals. It uses the following steps to help you achieve you goals.

  7. Goals on Track work by helping you to achieve your goals through its software program. The program makes use of some best practices in behavioral and psychological sciences of achieving personal and professional goals. It uses the following steps to help you achieve you goals.

  8. Great advertisement! I wish it was a real review.

  9. Gary Groves

    There is a creation goal form available so that the goals you create are specific, attainable, realistic, measureable and timely.

  10. Sharon Morin

    It’s easy to view the goals you are currently working on and see your goal progress. I love to see how productive I actually am.

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