“It’s all in the mind”, most people say but they do not know it is literally the answer to everything. Our mind has two parts; the conscious and unconscious. The conscious mind is our awareness of our surroundings, the knowledge we input is stored in our conscious mind. Meanwhile, the unconscious is obviously the part where the hidden memories or the senses we are not normally able to comprehend. It is the things we do not notice.

So, why am I discussing this? Because our unconscious mind can help reprogram our thoughts and body. It depends on what we absorb in our mind. Most people use a program to activate their unconscious mind, In order to aid them in their decision-making. This has been seen to help people be successful in life. How? Through the use of MindZoom.

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What Is MindZoom?

The MindZoom was created because of a study conducted by psychology researchers on how subliminal messages can influence a person’s decision-making. In a study by Radboud University in the Netherlands, the participants watched a series of videos which have subliminal messages of a specific brand of beverage.

The results showed a significant increase in the participant’s decision on the type of beverage they want. More than half of the participants decided to buy a specific brand of beverage in the videos. Take note, the name or picture of the brand would be shown in a split second so the naked eye cannot decipher this immediately.

This just means that the subconscious mind in the back of our brain has the power on aiding the person to decide later in life. Even if we think we have not seen it, somehow our mind is more aware than the person, himself.

Website of MindZoom

More studies have influenced the program into making software to aid people who want to be successful, with the use of different types of techniques. There are three techniques which are:

Affirmation Delivering Engine
In this software, you will have to watch a series of videos (freely at the confines of your home). You will obtain thousands of positive thoughts at the speeds which your eye cannot comprehend but your subliminal mind will notice.

It is recommendable to use this once or as many times as you want a day. In fact, you can use this when you are out at home, and anywhere you prefer.

Silent Subliminal Messaging System
There is another technique to aid your subconscious mind to be active, this is through the use of music. There are certain songs which we do not realize possesses a low tone that sends out messages, this can be called a frequency envelope. This extracts the information which our ear cannot decipher as well but instead, it will pass this and receive in our brain.

Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer
If you want to input something different, you are allowed to do so. This system helps you insert the messages you do want to hear or see. You have the freedom to input these on your favorite songs or movies. And let it naturally flow into your mind.

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What Do You Get?

Audio Subliminal Programs
It is a forty-minute audiobook in order to help you change your outlook on life, this consists of certain mind waves to help you relax. The program has been studied by a lot of scientists and psychologists, to see if it works well with people. They found, the audio is some kind of hypnosis and aids them to make the right decisions. The outcome has made the participants twice as successful and happy than back then.

Brain Elevation Success Kit
Through years of research, the developers have compiled the top four secrets to happiness, wealth, and success. These are connected to a persons’ mindset and the power of technology. This is also in order to be mentally prepared for the changes you need to make to attain wealth, happiness, and success.

Mind Reality – The Universe is Mental
This book consists of 70 pages which talk about the power your mind possesses. In the book, you will have an overview of how the knowledge you have in your mind becomes a reality in certain aspects. People have the power to make something happen if only they know how.

Power of thought

Meditation MP3 Audio Tracks
Meditating can take time for people to practice. But with the help of the audio tracks, you will have an easier time to enhance your ability to the said activity. If you do start to learn how meditation is, you will never regret it because it makes your mind freshen up and make the right decisions.

E-book: 101 Powerful Affirmations
We can never avoid being down on situations in our life, sometimes fear and anger will be the only emotions in a part of our day and that is what the book wants you to get rid of. It focuses on seeing the better parts in life even if you feel you are at the bottom of it.

Over 1150 Affirmations
Affirmations is a technique on looking at certain situations in a new way by eliminating negative thoughts and replacing it with a positive mental attitude. This will help you get back on track, regain your self-confidence and start great relationships with other people.

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How To Make Your Unconscious Mind Conscious

Positivism is key
Negativity can override you with emotional instability. When you have negative thoughts, it will influence your actions in your day to day life. When you think “I will fail”, you will never achieve the dream you want. So, to be able to be successful you need to replace it with “I will never fail” because this will motivate you to do everything you can to succeed.

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Think of a Mantra
Most people who feel stress and anxiety cope with it by repeating a mantra. Telling yourself over and over again will help you push yourself to do the things you need to attain it. This mantra will spread all over your body, the positive vibration will replace the negative.

An example is repeating “I can do this” before you come up on stage to present your performance. Or maybe, when you have to give your proposal in front of the company, this will help you.

Start Visualizing
Imagining the events which will happen in the future can aid you to concentrate and engage more. The ability to focus on attaining the event you visualize will help you achieve what you want in life. Even if it takes a long time to achieve it.

Buddhists use meditation in order to calm one’s mind and aids them to think clearly. But only some can meditate, this is through relaxation to the point of feeling half asleep. It is the time where you feel your body is light. Many Buddhists can meditate for a whole day and when they do wake up, they clearly think of a solution to a problem.


MindZoom has significantly changed a lot of lives. Every single day, the developers receive positive reviews from customers.

A particular review from Mark N. stated how his life revolves on negativity, the type where he felt his life breaking apart completely. Mark’s emotions were uncontrollable, he would have nervous breakdowns at night and burst his anger towards his co-workers. Worse comes to worst, his romantic relationship ended and got fired from his job. Life felt bitter until his mother pushed him to purchase MindZoom because her mutual friends have bought it too. Mark did, and for the next few days, he felt he can control his life again.

Now, at forty years old, he has a stable job as a Vice President in a Trust Fund Company. Mark has also made a family of his own and can never ask for more. And this is all thanks to the program.

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Reviews from other clients were ecstatic, people did not believe that the simple trick of activating more of your subconscious mind can influence your life in a whole new level. In my opinion, I agree with their claims of the product because I have used it too.

Actually, I’m still using this. It has shed a light on the easiest way to attain all you want. You only need to watch a video or listen to audio, for less than five minutes. I prefer to do it before I go out for work and it gave amazing results. No more do I feel the need to resign at work or think I am less important than most. It has regained my confidence and self-love.

I highly recommend this to people who notice how their thoughts are full of negativity. Who feels as if they do not have anyone who can comfort them or maybe, the feeling of self-loath and anger is present. I believe whatever problem or issue you have, you will solve it through the program.

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  1. The mindzoom program is not just good, it’s the best! It is highly user-friendly and interactive. Users literally enjoy using the program.

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  4. Subliminal affirmation software alone will not make you achieve every goal you have overnight but it will aid and support your internal dialogue in helping you achieve what you want from life. We have found that there is a clear benefit in aiding self development and over riding some negative thought patterns you may have with positive patterns, helping you create new intelligent habits. Also it requires zero effort.

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